3 Magical Ways To Grow An Online Business With Little Funds

Business online is nothing different from business in the real life. If you own a business online, you have to invest a lot before you become a multi-million dollar company – if you’re going to become one. Many companies that were created in haste or without a clear goal in mind have faced foreclosure and have broken the heart of their many aspiring employees by leaving them jobless. You don’t want to start your own online business and end up just like the many other online businesses that have closed down prematurely.

This blog post will be offering tips and guides on how to run a business on little funds and save your big cash for future purposes.

1)Do Cheap Marketing

If you haven’t known by now, no business survives without a good dose of marketing. If you’re going to run a business online and you don’t have plans for marketing, then you should think again! A business that does not get a good dose of the marketing hype it deserves will make no prospects and ultimately no one will do business with it.

But you can run your online marketing without using the big cash the traditional business models will normally need. You can target your site for search engine visitors and gain popularity and reputation on the internet by building backlinks naturally.

Guest posting is one of the many ways to cheaply and easily build backlinks on the internet and if you’re a busy company – you may then hire professionals to do this for you. Other options are blog commenting and posting on online forums.

2)Use Social Media

Being active on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter has its own benefits. With the power social media wields on the internet – leveraging on this tool will not only help you reach your potential customers and clients on the internet but it will also help you to do so at no cost.

Create a Facebook fan page for your business and run a little ad promoting it and offer incentives in return for users who liked your page. This works well and a lot of popular companies on the internet today started by using this method.

But remember, having high numbers of fans on Facebook is not just all you need to make it go well. User engagement is also a very important thing to take into consideration. Within a very short time space, study your fans and know what they respond to most – then solve this on your Facebook page and you’ll be getting positive response from them all.

3)Instead of Hiring Look for Interns

The world is littered with talents, and while a lot of them are too expensive to lay your hands on – the focused ones are yet to be exposed to money and are simply looking for experience. You should not let go of such opportunity but you should embrace free staffs that you’re going to make use of to take your business to a greater level.

After your business must have been popular and become rich, you can reward these people by making them your first paying staffs!


Running a business online is not quite different from doing the same offline but the approach you apply to it will determine how far you’re going to go with your business. But one important thing you should note is how you hire staffs.

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