We’ve all been there. Meal time rolls around and you have no idea what you want to eat. Do you go for the burger joint down the street, the mexican restaurant that has supplied 4 out of your last 5 meals, or maybe treat yourself to a big steak and a glass of red wine?

Whether you are looking for a restaurant to satisfy your craving or somewhere to impress your date, these restaurant finding apps have you covered.

5 Restaurant Finder Apps

1. Yelp (Free)

Arguably one of the most popular ‘find what you are looking for apps’ Yelp offers search options for everything from gas stations to coffee shops. Their restaurant search allows you to filter out restaurants based on distance from you, price, online reservations accepted, delivery available, and many more. Users are able to enter a variety of search terms in order to find a restaurant fitting your needs. Craving Panang Curry? Yelp can help you with that.

2. OpenTable (Free)

What started as an easy way to make reservations online has quickly transformed into a reliable restaurant finding service as well. By partnering with Yelp, Open Table not only allows users to reserve a table but they can search restaurants based off cuisine, price point, availability, and user reviews. The app also features a map to search for nearby restaurants for those who have reached the point of “I don’t care what we eat, I just need food.”

3. LocalEats (Free)

Following the trend of supporting local business, this app does just that. You can search for a restaurant in a similar manner to most apps but the results only show the best locally owned restaurants. This is great for foodie cities such as Denver, San Francisco, New York, and Washington DC where local chefs such as Jose Andreas truly dominate the scene. You can search for a restaurant based off of awards won, amenities offered, cuisine, and price. Don’t feel like driving? You can even schedule a taxi to get you there and back through the app.

4. Zagat to Go ($9.99US)

Covering 45 cities internationally, Zagat is the go to restaurant guide for major cities. While it will cost you, the service provides a years worth of ratings and reviews for every Zagat rated restaurant. One of the more useful features is the ability to browse without an internet connection, which comes in handy while searching abroad. The app also features foursquare integration, nearby restaurant listings, and reservation functionality.

5. Gogobot (Free)

Gogobot is a reliable and easy to use international travel guide app that has a great restaurant finding service as well. While it does recommend big name restaurants in every city, it features a number of restaurants that you might not come across otherwise. Users are able to see reviews, photos, and more based off of their location. Each restaurant is rated based off of whether it’s popular for tourists, locals, foodies, big spenders, and more. Gogobot is an all-in-one app that not only recommends food but places to stay and attractions worth seeing in the city of your choice.

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