5 Apps to Increase Productivity and Improve Team Collaboration

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Now that so much of business has migrated to the cloud, you can find people working just about everywhere. There are the consummate telecommuters who spend their days in home offices – or sprawled out on the couch. Then there are the java-fueled crowds doing business on laptops in coffee shops. Work is getting done on trains, in planes, in town and on vacation thanks to tablet computers and omnipresent Wi-Fi. Employees no longer have to cram into cubicles to get the job done.

But consider this: In today’s connected world, collaboration is more important than ever to fuel productivity and growth. It’s ironic that employees are working farther and farther apart, yet they are working closely with one another. Success requires teamwork and teamwork requires the kind of connectivity that used to require pure old-fashioned facetime. Nowadays, though, we have apps.

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Forget trying to get everyone on site for weekly meetings, where interruptions and small talk mean everything takes twice as long. With these five apps designed to boost productivity and enhance the collaborative experience you’ll feel like all the members of your team are brainstorming in the same room without anyone having to leave the couch.

1. Evernote Business

You’ll crush through communication barriers between departments with this Evernote upgrade that facilitates sharing and collaborative problem solving. Exchange knowledge, ideas, and notes within your own team and between teams for quick access to all of your resources.

Because Evernote Business integrates smoothly with existing Evernote accounts, getting your colleagues on board will be a breeze. You can create a smarter remote workplace in no time. Evernote Business is available for $10.00 per user each month.

2. Producteev

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best and this app is proof. With Producteev’s easy to use project management and task management solutions, you’ll never be left wondering if things are getting done. Create a project folder, break the project down into lists and then assign tasks for each list. Delegate tasks directly via Producteev, then set deadlines and reminders. It’s that simple! No more endless email chains. No more confusion. Your team is finally in synch. The app is available for free.

3. Trello

This whiteboard on steroids is so flexible that you might never need to have an on-site meeting again. Create a board for your business, your department, or a single project, and then invite as many colleagues as you want to get in on the action.

You can keep track of deliverables, share comments and ideas with coworkers, post photos and videos, and assign tasks – in other words, your entire team suddenly has a bird’s eye view of your workflow so no one is left behind. Trello is available for free.

4. Workshare

Colleagues thousands of miles apart can work together effortlessly with Workshare thanks to the app’s ability to keep information silos from forming. Whole teams can create editable or read-only folders and files, and then share those files with other teams. A unique tracking system means everyone knows when a file has been reviewed or edited and by whom.

The best part about this free app is that it’s as secure as it is simple – no more downloading and emailing documents, no more worrying about firewalls. Files are right where you need them, wherever you are.

5. Collaborate

Collaborate by Kibits puts collateral materials at your fingertips whenever two (or five) heads are better than one. Real time sharing makes brainstorming with remote colleagues a snap because you can post files from Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and your email. Chat about what you’ve already shared, grab the files you need for an offsite meeting, or start posting inspiration for your next big project. Now no one on your team will ever be without the resources they need in the office or on the fly. Collaborate is free for up to five users.

Now that the workforce is slowly moving out of the office, keep your team together with these great collaborative apps.

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