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In order for someone to hit the ‘like’ button on your post, or share what you’ve written in a tweet you need good content. Of course, you cannot rely on good content alone.

You have to grab someone’s attention from the very beginning.

Beyond writing an awesome post, it’s mostly about captivating your audience and making it easy to share your content. If you can’t do both of those things then engagement suffers.

Your post needs to be structured in a way that makes sharing so easy it is almost inevitable. Naturally there is only one place to start, and that is your title. You have to begin with a title that screams “tweet me!”.

Most Of What You Write Won’t Be Read (Well… Almost)

Interestingly enough, most people will never read your entire article. Studies show most engagement occurs somewhere in the middle. The time spent viewing a page before it is shared illustrates that sharing is happening before the article has been read in its entirety. Go figure.

Most visitors read about 60% of an article.
Most visitors read about 60% of an article.

In fact, companies like Chartbeat record and analyze this data in real-time. Farhad Manjoo wrote an epic post on Slate that broke down the numbers of how people read online. The case study even used data that was gathered from the site. The study was able to conclude that only 50% of people that clicked on the post actually read it halfway through.

I’d recommend you read the post, but statistically speaking half of you won’t give a shit about reading past the halfway mark anyway.

That is why you must make your content easy to share. Most readers won’t make it all the way through, so you want to give them plenty of reasons to share your content before they end up leaving your site.

Make Your Titles Sizzle

Have you ever heard of phantom exclusivity? Check it out:

While I’m uncertain how long the term has been around (pretty sure the guy in the video coined it), the strategy is timeless.

The object is to craft a post that can communicate a message that appears to only focus on a very small segment, while at the same time appealing to many.

Use ‘phantom exclusivity’ when crafting your blog titles to get more clicks and shares – Tweet this

Use Brevity

Keep it short and sweet. If you want people to share your content you have to make it easy to read. What you have to consider is that most people only scan the page when they’re reading. For this reason you’re better off keeping your paragraphs short and to the point.

Brevity works. It’s worked for statesmen. It will work for you.

Be Sneaky

You’ve see it above and you no doubt see it laid out before your eyes below, politely waiting to be tweeted. In fact, I’ve went the extra mile and packaged it up quite nicely for you if I don’t say so myself.

Sometimes you just have to put everything out there in the open (or smack dab in the middle of your article). A well placed call-to-action will increase engagement. It can do miracles for social shares, subscribers, downloads – and let’s not forget sales. You just have to do a bit of testing to find the sweet spot.

Talk With Authority

You don’t have to be considered an authority to talk like one. When you know your industry, understand your market, and know what you’re doing: you are an expert.

Write Epic Shit

Excuse me for borrowing a phrase from Corbett Barr, but well… that’s what it comes down to — you have to write epic shit, mandatory. Who wants to read the same regurgitated tips and advice all day? Stand out. Be proud. Strut your knowledge. If you want to see success in business stop being a chicken shit. It’s time to make it happen.

Social media is certainly one of the most effective and easiest ways to promote your business online, get more traffic and increase the conversion rate of potentials into loyal customers. Having a strong presence on social media is a necessity nowadays. With your competitors so busy on all the other networks — like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest — you have a lot to keep up with.

As social networks continue to expand and multiply, keeping track of your personal profiles and managing your data has become quite a daunting task. In fact, many companies prefer to outsource their social media marketing efforts in order to save time and keep their business ahead of the pack.

Luckily, you can save both money and time by using social media management tools. While some tools can be used to manage multiple accounts across different social networks, others can help you consolidate data and analyze your marketing efforts.

Here are 8 social media tools that can make your life easier.

1. SocialOomph


This tool helps you enhance your productivity on most social platforms by integrating a wide variety of functions and features. If you are a Twitter fan, →SocialOomph is the most useful social media tool you have at your disposal. Enjoy many features like scheduling tweets, retweets, tracking keywords and view mentions

2. Engage 121


Engage 121 is one of the most useful marketing tools for local franchises and small companies that want to get a competitive advantage in their niches. This unique management and monitoring tool is extremely customizable, allowing you to create company-wide promotional messages, respond to your follower’s messages, start new conversations with social media influencers or analyze your position online.

3. Spredfast


Spredfast has everything you need, especially if you run a big corporation or several large companies. The strong point of Spredfast is analytics. With this social media tool, you can see in real time how your company is doing, what campaigns were successful and what can you do to improve your presence online. While other first class analytics tools and programs come at huge price of over $15,000, Spredfast is much cheaper.

4. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is one of the most complex social management tools available in the market. Featuring an easy to use dashboard, Hootsuite allows you to analyze social media traffic, manage all your social profiles, schedule messages and tweets, track all your brand mentions and measure the results of your marketing campaigns, both online and on mobile. Due to the Facebook Insights integration and Google Analytics, Hootsuite is considered by far the most useful social media tool online.

5. Tweepi


This is one of the most advanced SMM tools for any business or Internet user with a Twitter account. With Tweepi, you can flush any unwanted followers, clean up your profile, find new interesting tweets and follow more users at once. According to those who have used Tweepi, this Twitter management tool is extremely powerful and worth all its money.

6. Sprout Social

sprout social

Most of us have already heard about this tool or even used it. Sprout Social is a very powerful engagement and management platform for small and large businesses. You can use it to monitor your brand image, manage all conversations with potential customers, publish updates on all your profiles, manage tasks, measure your efforts and analyze the results.

7. Argyle Social


This is the best social media tool for savvy B2B marketers who want to easily identify new prospects, qualify more leads and create better engagement in the competitive business world. Argyle Social allows you to merge your social media data with your marketing and sales department in order to become more powerful than ever in your niche.

8. Crowd Booster


With this easy to use social media tool you will learn how to improve your social media presence using a few powerful tools and metrics. Crowd Booster gives your recommendations based on your clientele, niche, products, prices and delivery system used. The guys behind this tool certainly did a great job, making Crowd Booster extremely effective for businesses in all niches. This groundbreaking tool is trusted by famous companies like Los Angeles Times and jetBlue.

Final Words

Each of the above social media management tools could prove extremely useful in your case, so don’t hesitate to try them all. Most of them come with an advanced paid version, so if you really love a certain program, you can upgrade to the plan that works for you.

iPhone Custom ROM for Sony Xperia LSony Xperia L comes with very good specifications, it gives high performance and ultimate graphics which playing games on it. The 4.3 inches capacitive touchscreen, 8 GB internal, 1GB RM, 8 MP camera, etc., are some other key specifications of Xperia L. As described above, the phone has really very appreciable configuration which makes it a perfect project for Android developers. Many thanks to XDA developer Xenodrome_, who bring this iPhone looking Custom ROM for Sony Xperia L.

This Custom ROM is designed to to look alike iOS, features includes iOS 7 icons, iPhone Lock Screen, Pure Home Screen, iPhone Control panel, Crystal View, Retina display for 2D games, some live wallpapers, iOS 7 styled music player, etc. For internet browsing, Safari browser has been added to it, 4G LTE+ Icons also added on notification bar. Installing this  Rom to Xperia L brings many improvements such as performance and improved batter life.

Completely, it does not look alike iOS but we can say, almost 72% it is. This ROM is not in the form of flash able zip file, instead of that it is a backup done by a developer which will be used under CWM. The ROM works best with “ThunderZap 3.0” kernel, so first we install this kernel and then install this ROM. If you’re wanting to read more about this ROM you must consider to visit the actual thread here.

Before proceeding to installation guide, make sure you read all the pre-requisites listed below,


#This custom ROM is only made for Sony Xperia L C2104 model only, so before going further, make sure to check your device model. Don’t try to install this ROM on any other device, it could lead you to some serious problems.

#Nandroid Backup – Backup your current ROM, if you didn’t like or anything went wrong after installing this ROM then you can revert back to old one. To make backup, reboot recovery mode, the look for “backup and restore” and then “backup”.

#In order to install this ROM, your phone should have CWM installed. If you haven’t installed it then you first visit here and then come back to this guide.

#If you have saved your data in internal memory of the device then make sure to place it save place before proceeding any further. The installation process will erase your all data stored under phone’s memory.

#Enable USB debugging, go to settings-> developers options-> check the USB debugging box there. Enabling USB debugging allows your phones to connect to PC as USB storage device, so you can transfers files to it.

#Make sure that your phone have at least 50% charging. The process may takes up to several minutes, your phone phone must be able to stay on until you done with all steps.

Screen Shots

Iphone ROM Xperia L Screen Shot 8Iphone ROM Xperia L Screen Shot 6

Iphone ROM Xperia L Screen Shot 2 Iphone ROM Xperia L Screen Shot 1

Iphone ROM Xperia L Screen Shot 3 Iphone ROM Xperia L Screen Shot 5

Iphone ROM Xperia L Screen Shot 7 Iphone ROM Xperia L Screen Shot 4

Note: – If in any case your phone gets damaged or bricked then we will not be responsible for that. This tutorial is only meant for education purpose.


  • Download iOS 7 Style Custom ROM here. (iOS 7 Style ROM for XL
  • Download ThunderZap 3.0 kernel zip file here. (

How to install iPhone Custom ROM on Sony Xperia L

  1. Firstly download iOS 7 Style Custom ROM file (iOS 7 Style ROM for XL and extract it to folder using 7Zip or Winzip extractor. After that, copy the extracted folder “iOS 7 Style ROM for XL 4.2.2” to SD card of your phone. Remember, just copy it Sd card, don’t put it under any directory.
  2. Now download the ThunderZzp 3.0 kernel zip file “” and put it to SD card of your device.
  3. Now turn off the device and wait for 5-7 seconds.
  4. Now boot to recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume Down button until purple light glows on Sony Logo. I hope you’ve entered to CWM recovery mode.
  5. Under recovery option, select “install zip from sd card” then “Choose zip from sdcard”. Browse and locate the downloaded “” file.
  6. Now go to “Mounts and Storage“, mount the following: mount system, mount cache and mount data.
  7. Go back main menu of recovery and then go to “Mounts and Storage“-> Format System and select “Yes” on the next screen to confirm.
  8. Nowselect “Backup and restore” then “Restore” and then select “1970-01-” backup to restore. Wait until it restore this backup.
  9. Then after, perform followings:
    1. Select “Wipe data/Factory reset”, then select “Yes” on the next screen to confirm it.
    2. Select “wipe cache partition“, then select “Yes” on next screen to confirm your selection.
    3. Go back main menu of recovery, again, and go to “Advanced“-> “Wipe Dalvik Cache” and select Yes from the next screen to confirm it.
  10. Now from main menu select “reboot system now”.

All done! You have successfully updated your phone with Custom ROM. If you any problem in install this ROM then let us know.


Finally after very long waiting, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is available for Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5630. The phone which is one of the most sold device from Samsung, popularity of device makes it perfect piece for Android Developers to show their creativity and piece of mind. We all know that Cyanogen Mod is one of best Custom ROMs available for Samsung devices and finally Cyanogen Mod(CyanoCream) based custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y is revamped to version 3 with taste of Android 4.3 and tons to improvements including superb themes, revamped UI, Holo Launcher, Android 4.3 status bar, it’s simply what you ever wanted.

The real thread over XDA Developer forum (view it here) was closed in earlier time. I don’t know why the thread was stopped. May be it is because of proper credits was not given to source ROM developers. The links to this ROM has been removed from the real thread but some how we have manage to find them and thus with perfect tutorial we presenting it to our blog readers.

Apart from powerful features and improvements, this ROM is most stable and smoothest too. I have tried tons of Custom ROM on my Galaxy Y but this ROM is definitely best I would say. From last year, I was using JellyBlast v3 ROM on my device and now this, the performance and stability is increased in all aspects and battery life too.

The  CyanoCream version 3 is the most smoothest yet powerful Rom, basically its an hybrid of JellyBlast with tons of improvements and cool new features. So using this Custom ROM we can have taste of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, so here is guide on how to install this Rom.

Screen shots

What best about this Custom ROM

  • Beat Audio Engine – Hear the most clear and loudest sound ever with CyanoCream Sound Manager.
  • Bravia Engine 3 – It let you click the best life like picture using CyanoCream Camera App.
  • Special built-in Features – Many features including complete CPU controls, chainfire 3-d, terminal emulator , Kernel Free and all apps are modified to look like Android 4.3

Features of Andorid 4.3 Jelly Bean custom ROM.

  • Sleek and Smooth CyanoCream Framework in jellybean flavour.
  • All new transition animations
  • Lovely and sleek Jelly Bean Tabbed Settings.
  • Settings with in built features like : Cpu Frequency Control,Gallery Lock,BenchMark,System app Installer, etc..
  • Cyanogenmod 10 10 File Manager.
  • Android 4.3 Status Bar With Some CyanoCream Touch Ups.
  • Stylish Android 4.3 Icons.
  • Beautiful Android 4.3 Transition Animations.
  • Android 4.3 Desk Clock and Clock Widgets.
  • CyanoCream Transparent Dialer with HD Caller screen Images support.
  • CyanoCream Transparent Ui Contacts with HD Contacts Images.
  • Android 4.3 Calender with Agenda options too.
  • Cool Transparent Android 4.3 Memo.
  • Awesome looking Android 4.3 FM Radio.
  • Fast, Simple Sleek Presenting CyanoCream Camera.
  • All Google Apps updated to Latest Version.
  • Modified Gapps to look like JellyBean Apps
  • Transparent Messaging app with multiple theme support.
  • Jelly Bean Themed Calculator, Task Manager, Google Search, GMail and Email apps.
  • All new CyanoWallpapers app with more than all new 50 wallpapers.

Tweaked and SuperCharged

  • Loopy Smoothness.
  • SysInit.
  • Journaling.
  • Journalism Off.
  • Kick Ass Kernelised
  • Dis_Norm_Sleeper.
  • V6 Super cahrger Script
  • Sqlite_Optimizer.
  • 3g Turbo Boost
  • Wifi After Burner
  • Mobile Bravia Engine 3
  • CyanoCream Sound Manager with Dobly Sound
  • 18 Local.prop Tweaks
  • 20 Build.prop Tweaks(Quick 3G, AdBlocker, Image Clarity Tweaks etc.)

Note: We have personally tried it on our devices and it worked perfectly. No bugs and issues have been found till now. It is completely safe to install it on your device. But if in any case, you’re device get damaged or bricked then we will not be responsible for that. This tutorial is only for knowledge and education purpose.

To install it properly and avoiding any bugs and issues, you must follow the exact procedure and step listed in our guide. It is highly recommended that you read all the pre-requisites listed below very carefully and make sure that your device compile with them.


This Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Custom ROM is only made for Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 model, it meant nothing for any other device. Don’t try to install it on any other model of Galaxy Y, it could damage it to root level.

This ROM will root your phone, that means your device warranty will void. So be sure to install this ROM. You can un-root your device by install stock ROM using Odin or following the un-rooting guide.

It is recommended to backup your current ROM. If anything goes wrong, then you can easily switch back to your old ROM using this backup. To backup current ROM,  you need to enter into the recovery mode (look in installation steps) , then look for “backup & restore” option. Using these option, you can easily backup your ROM.

The installation process will erase phone’s memory completely. So, if you have any important data on phone’s memory then save it safe place and then move to further guide.

Make sure your phone have at least 50% charging, it is recommended that you charge you phone good battery level. The entire process will take some time, so your phone must be not turned off.

It helps to reduce chances to brick the device while we perform such actions on our devices.


  1. Download the Android 4.3 CyanoCream V3 custom ROM zip file here. (CyanoCream V3
  2. Download the White Xp kernel Zip file here. (
  3. Download the Temp CWM recovery here. (
  4. Download the Wifi drivers for White XP kernel here. (dhd1.0 White

Note :- If you’ve tried this ROM with this guide and followed the exact steps, but still you’re facing problems then you must first install the Base-ROM on it and then flash this. To flash the Base ROM visit here.

How to install Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to Samsung Galaxy Y

The whole procedure is very simple to understand and apply. But still if have any problem then ask us via commenting.

  1. Firstly download all the four zip files listed in download section and put them to SD card of your device. Don’t put them under any directory or folder, just open SD card and copy them there.
  2. Now turn off the device and wait for 5-7 seconds.
  3. Now hold and press Volume UP + Home + Power button at same time until Samsung logo appears on screen. Now release the buttons and you’ll be entering to recovery mode very soon.
  4. Note: – This step is only for stock recovery users. If you’re already on CWM recovery then skip this step. From recovery mode, select “apply update from sdcard” and then “choose zip from SD card”. Find and locate TempCWM. zip file and select “Yes” on next screen to confirm your selection. Now you’ll be at new recovery mode.
  5. Now go to select “mounts and storage” and then mount the followings: mount mount system,mount data and mount cache.
  6. Now select “install zip from sd card” then “Choose zip from sdcard”. Find and locate the “” file. On next screen select “Yes” to confirm the installation process. This is the kernel file and this is required by this ROM.
  7. Now select “install zip from sd card” then “Choose zip from sdcard”. Find and locate the “dhd1.0 White” file. On next screen select “Yes” to confirm the installation process.
  8. Now go to “advance” and then select “Reboot Recovery”.
  9. Now go to “mounts and storage” and “format” followings: format system, format data and format cache.
  10. Now go to select “mounts and storage” and then mount the followings: mount mount system,mount data and mount cache.
  11. Go back main menu of recovery, again, and go to Advanced-> Wipe Dalvik Cache and select Yes from the next screen to confirm it.
  12. Now its time to flash the ROM file . Select “install zip from sd card” then “Choose zip from sdcard”. Find and locate the “CyanoCream V3” file. On next screen select “Yes” to confirm the installation process.
  13. After it completes, from menu select “Wipe data/Factory reset”, then select “Yes” on the next screen to confirm it.
  14. Go back to main menu and select “reboot system now”. You’re don with installation process.

So you have installed Android 4.3 Jelly Bean custom ROM on your Galaxy Y. For the first time it will take several minutes, which is normal. Fill your Google Account details to get started with phone and for the high performance, follow the below final touch steps.

Troubleshoot WiFi bug

After installing the Rom if you face the WiFi problem then to solve it follow the below steps:

  1. Reboot to recovery mode, again mount data, system, and cache.
  2. Flash the “dhd1.0 White” file using “install zip from sd card” followed by “choose zip from sd card”.
  3. Then reboot your device.

Final Touch up for Galaxy Y Running Android 4.3

CPU settings

When you done with installing the ROM and configuring the Google Account, you’ll notice that performance is not high, it is average. To make high performance, you need to perform following configuration setting to your device.

Firstly, we will configure the CPU settings. Go to settings then on top of the screen you’ll see multiple tabs, Settings, Parts, Core and About. Select the “Core” tab and then “Performance“. Now you’ll be at Performance control, there select CPU Control then, tap on “Governor” option and select the “performance” radio button.

After it, Tap on I/O scheduler and then select “sio” radio button. Now check the Apply on button box and then tap the apply button placed at down left side. Now you’ve done with CPU setting, you’ll see a huge difference in performance just applying settings.

Now, from your menu look for the “Seeder” named app. Launch it turned it on and check all boxes listed there. From “RNG services performance profile” select “Light“.  This app will help your phone to launch, switch and run apps as quick as possible, it over all play good roll in improving phone performance.

For more Android Jelly Bean features and apps on your Galaxy Y or any other Android device visit here.

Gift for Samsung Galaxy Y users Running Android 4.3 ROM

If you like games, then I guess you also like the Subway surfers too. After installing this custom ROM, to check its gaming capability download and install Subway surfers from here. Many thanks to Xback (XDA developer), who modded and distributed this game. The game overall runs good and on any other ROM, this game runs very slow and with many lags. This simply governs how good is this ROM. I hope you like my small gift. Show your appreciation by sharing this post to your friends and family.

So, you have done with the recommended setting. If you have problem or trouble while applying this update then let us know.

Webp, It is new image format which is developed by google and being used in chrome and Google play store. It supports both lossy and lossless impression of images as conserving the transparency of image and also compressing image as well.

Without going in detail lets get to the point. Converting “.webp” image to format like .jpg .png is possible with online converters as well image converter tool.

Converting  .Webp to other (Without Software)

.webp is new web images format which is currently supported by chrome and opera. This are the steps for converting it to your desired format.You can convert webp image to any image format.

  • Double click on ,webp image (It will open in chrome)
  • Right click and click Copy image
  • Open Paint paste and save !

Converitng .Webp to other (Using Software)

Download and install Xnconvert form this link (link)

  • Open or drag image into xnconvert
  • Click on output tab
  • Click on Format and select your format
  • Click on convert button

Converting .Webp to other (Online)

Webp to any :  link (jpg,png,bmp,eps,gif,ico,odd,pdf,ps,psd,svg,tiff)

  • Click and select .webp file
  • select output format
  • click on start conversion
  • Download

Converting other to .Webp (Online)

Now when you want to convert other images to .webp images

Check this link

  • Choose file or enter URL
  • Do setting (optional)
  • Convert and Save.

This was tutorial for converting .webp image to any image format (supported image formats ) and vice versa . This is new image format which is claiming to lossy and lossless impression with compression.Lets see what happens next !

While making an personal blog or professional website, when it comes to turn visitors into leads the most important factor which always be on first priority is Contact Form. It is place where the users or visitor can ask their queries or further assistance via filling and submitting a simple form. But we mainly face many problem while choosing a perfect Contact Form plugin or script for our site, even for me it took more than 2 days to figure out the appropriate most plugin.

Even WordPress CMS is the most simple to use interface for building websites and blog quickly and tons of plugins are available for free to use and customize it, but having tons options to choose will make little different to select the desire plugin, as it make your mind divert.

CodeCanyon is one most famous source for premium WordPress plugins, even for very low budget (around $15-30) you can get the most effective and perfect plugin for your blow for life time. They also provide you updates on your purchased products. To make you more clear about deciding the best contact from plugins for WordPress, i’m presenting this post, best CodeCanyon Contact Form Plugins For WordPress which are cost effective and prior best for business uses like converting visitor into leads.

List of Best CodeCanyon Contact Form WordPress Plugins

1. Quform – WordPress Form Builder

Quform wordpress contact plugin

I used to prefer this plugin first among my other collection because it let me create an eye catching contact form with in minutes. With easy to use drag and drop interface, it becomes every easy to create awesome contact form. Apart from drag and drop, Quform also give many advance features like File uploading tab, reCAPTCHA for avoiding bot submission, entries and data can be easily exported to Excel or OpenOffice files, lightbox support, flash upload progress and many more. It comes with 15 elements types to choose from and build the perfect contact form for your website. This CodeCanyon contact form plugin is at top when we see how many sales it has made.

2.  AJAX Contact Forms

ajax contact wordpress

It is my one of favorite plugin, no need for reloading after when user click on submit button. Well the interface is not so easy as QuForm offers but it best suited for static and personal blog to save your hosting bandwidth and it is available for very low price of $10. It is a jQuery based on AJAX wit Twitter Direct Messaging API integration for instant notification and also via Email. It comes with integrated Animated sliding thank you and success pages or you can customize then in your way too.

3. Form Generator – WordPress Contact Form Builder

Form Generator – WordPress Contact Form Builder (1)

If you’re looking for WordPress Contact Form Builder Plugin which let you create more than a contact form, then Form Generator is a good choice, apart from contact from it let you create Online Surveys, Booking Forms Or Event Registrations. This Code Canyon let you customize your contact form according to your theme of website, with more than 600 fonts, unlimited color palette, awesome buttons with hover effects, widgets availability, popup mode support and many other features you can create ultimate form according to your needs. Almost everything can be customize like font color, size, family, weight, background color, border color, width, height, padding, button effects, button background weight, color and more.

4. FormCraft – Premium WordPress Form Builder

FormCraft - Premium WordPress Form Builder (1)

If you’re not looking for simple form builder which limit you to some extent like inserting videos, pictures etc., into the contact form, the FormCraft will help you to create them. It offer more than an contact from, using it you can insert many objects in to the form like smiley ratings, sliders, date, Embed maps, videos and other widgets. With over 23 fields, you’re completely free to create almost any from like Contact forms, event registration forms, online surveys and questionnaires, file upload forms, reservation forms, online applications, feedback forms and much more.
Apart from these features, you can also integrate MailChimp, Aweber, Camopaign Monitor and MyMail account for processing data and auto reply. Confusing while create first form, no problem there are lots of from templates to choose and customizing them in your own way.

5. NEX-Forms Lite – WordPress Form Builder Plugin

NEX-Forms Lite - WordPress Form Builder Plugin (1)

Its one of highest rated WordPress Contact form plugin on CodeCanyon, using it you can create simple to complex contact form without any headache. With clever admin panel layout, everything is there you’re needed to create awesome form, with over 25 themes to choose its become very easy to start building any type of contact form. Using their visual editor you can customize and control all aspects like font, dimensions, background, padding, margin and border. You can export submitted data every esily to .csv or simply excel file for further use. It sends you instant message afer getting any submission from users, also you can feature multiple forms on single page.

6. Daisy – Fancy Popup Contact Forms

daisy wodpress plugin

The plugin help you to create fancy and impressive popup contact from with easy to use interface. Well this it is Jquery UI form builder which offer Fanoy Modal interface with 6 pre-loaded Modal themes to choose from and start creating your own. What makes it apart from other?, it allows you to create Popup contact from without using plugins like lightbox or any other, just create your contact form then after place your code to particular area and your done. Highly flexible and custom forms with color-picker integration and several modal transition effects.

7. WP Feedback, Survey & Quiz Manager – Pro

WordPress Form Builder (1)

This CodeCanyon plugin let you create creative and mind blowing quizzes form with just few clicks. Best suited for those who are looking to creating quizzes,polls and surveys pages for collecting specific information. Weather you’re running online education program or conducting survey for your company or organization this plugin is what you needed. No matter whether your visitors or users visit your site through any devices (mobile, tablet or PC), the plugin if fully responsive and can work on almost any devices. It provide full submission analytic reports to examine your results after conducting quizzes and surveys.

8. Ultimate Contact Page

Ultimate Contact Page

If you’re looking for plugin that help you to create awesome contact forms and contact page too, then Ultimate Contact Page is a good and relatively affordable alternative. Using plugin you can create AJAX based contact form with multiple element and easy to use interface. The plugin is best suited to create professional contact pages, you can feature your company or organization address by displaying interactive Google maps to that page with ability for visitor to get direction to your office location, sporting your social networks like Facebook and Twitter pages and offering multi-lingual support. It support MailChip integration you can manage your subscriber and serve auto generated mails to them.

9. Creative Unified Forms

With powerful wysiwyg constructor you can almost design any kind form using Creative Unified Forms CodeCanyon WordPress plugin. It comes with 4 pre-designed templates to choose from, 6 color themes to customize templates, background layer customization, full control over label buttons, control over the visibility of contact form, instant email notification of submission, captcha protection with 10 templates to select one which matches your site perfectly and AJAX powered. It includes some widgets for some more productivity like Google map widget to show your location, Text controls and Standard controls.

Here are list ends. The list is featured with filtered plugins which are cost effective and work best. We hope you like our list of  Best CodeCanyon Contact Form Plugin For WordPress. If you’re have your own favorite plugin then let us know via commenting below.