10 Must Have Apps and Games for Apple iOS 10

There is one thing that makes Apple’s devices stand out from the crowd, their operating system. Apple’s iOS is a very sleek, beautiful, and powerful operating system that offers an intuitive interface between users, and the device. Especially, it is best known for its stable performance. Being successor to iOS 9, it consolidates many changes to 3D touch, supports widgets, lock screen, and additional apps that make iMessage more productive, and fun. Here in this post, we’ve gathered some of the best apps for Apple iOS 10 to get most of it.

As per the report, almost 60%, Apple’s devices have been updated to iOS 10, and soon this figure will jump to another level. This major version has brought many changes, and improvements to existing idevices, and brought opportunity to use more applications over them. The major changes have been implemented on lockscreen, and now it supports widgets, and now they are everywhere. Over the lockscreen, under the notification area, home screen, etc., you can add useful widgets to make your experience even better.

We have gathered some of the best apps, and games that you must have on your Apple iOS 10 powered devices, whether you’re having an iPhone or iPad, they work well, and help you use your phone more efficiently, and have fun over it. And we hope that our readers would get benefit from this list, and would share their favourite apps, and games with comments. Let’s start the countdown,

Best Apps and Games for Apple iOS 10

Waze maps

1. Waze

It’s all about navigating. When it comes to travelling, it becomes very important to carry a navigation application. Waze comes first on our mind for that purpose. Basically, Waze brings real-time traffic updates from real drivers (app users) that ultimately saves a good amount of time, and makes day-to-day travel even easier.

As soon as you open the application, and drive, it shares traffic details to other users, and does the same work for you. Besides, it offers additional information such as alerts about accidents, hazards, weather, road closures, and more reported by the community.

Simply, the more you contribute to this community, more you get.

Get this app from here.

Spotify ios

2. Spotify

Get your favorite music albums in your pocket with Spotify. This application is completely free to use, or you can get it’s a premium version for premium features.

The music keeps our mood good all the time. It does not matter whether you’re going for a walk, doing maths or cooking food, music lets your mind stay calm, and keep you away from restlessness. Just search, or locate your favourite song, and hit the play button to enjoy music.

Under premium version of it, you get ad-free music experience, keep’s offline, and better sound quality. You can play any artist or create your own playlist.

Get stirred with ready-made playlists, and personal recommendations.

Get this app from here.


3. Swiftkey

We type every day, and each of us has a different way of typing. We create our own abbreviations, and use them.  Swiftkey is one of best keyboard applications for Apple’s iOS, and Android operating systems. It captures your writing pattern, and makes typing better, and faster.

Simply, it learns from you (your typing style) to predict further writings. Swiftkey comes with many features such as multilingual typing, swipe to type, and support for over 800 emoji (emoticons).

It replaces the default keyboard as more reliable, and functional manner. No doubt that it would bring great improvement in typing experience.

Have a good typing with Swiftkey!

Get this app from here.

BigOven ios apps

4. BigOven

Let’s cook something awesome.

Do you love cooking, and always look for new recipes then BigOven application should be your choice. This tiny application has over 350,000 recipes and grocery list. It also includes a menu planner that helps to create awesome menu in no time.

Whether you’re vegetarian or non-veg lover, it has everything to get your kitchen organized in well manner.

Also, there you get sharing options, let you share your favourite recipes with your friends, and family, and others can share the same with you.

Very intelligently, it helps you to cook from available groceries. You’ll just need to put three ingredients, and app will do the rest of the work for you.

You can switch to the paid version to avoid ads, and get access advance features.

Get this app from here.

Online Casino

5. Online Casino

When it comes to online gaming, casino games are best to play. For the such games, casino.com is best online casino website and also have a great app that you can download for your ios10. Play with real money, having good skill can multiply your money. The application is built exclusively for Apple’s iPhone and iPad and there you get over 120 new games to play.

This online casino offers a wide range of games, from feature-packed slots for typical casino games such as blackjack, poker, and roulette. That means, no matter what your favorite genre, you get it within the application.

The user-interface of application is very simple, and intuitive. You can practice your skill in demo mode and then go for real games.

Also, they offer 24 x 7 customer support services as well. If you get stuck anywhere, just contact them, and they will sort that issue for you.

Get this app from here.

Yelp for ios

6. Yelp

Find restaurants, bars, and local services near you. It is always good to carry a such an application that helps to locate foods, drinks, local business, services, etc., within the city or outside.

Yelp is one of the best application for iOS powered devices. The application works all around the world, so if you’re out of your country, the app still let you find local services for you.

Now it has more than 100 million reviews over it, that means you can narrow your search with them, and make good selections.

Get this app from here.

Epic Skater

7. Epic Skater

Get into the free skating game that offers joyful gaming experience. The game is all about skating on the streets of Los Angeles, make unique combos, breaking our own records, and getting on the long way as possible.

With unique 25 tricks, you can create as many unique combinations, get more score to jump higher, chore faster, manual longer, and do much more in this game.

There is a leader board that shows best scores. You can compete with your friends, and family to dominate the first place over it.

The game is very attractive, and full of vivid colors. This is must have game, very light-hearted, and has something for everyone.

Get this game from here.

Cut the Rope Magic for apple ios

8. Cut the Rope: Magic

It is simple yet very joyful game that you would love to play for long hours. Cut the Rope: Magic is a sequel to the original Cut the Rope, which came out in the year 2010. The game remains the same as original one, but now it has new features, and completely new graphics, sounds, and gameplay that makes it even better.

The character, Om Nom now turns to different animals such as a bird, a mouse, baby Om Nom and a fish magically. You get a completely new environment to board adventure with Om Nom.

How to play this game? Well, that’s very easy, just collect the candies, crossing unanticipated obstacles. It has completely new set of tricky missions, and that’s quite delightful, and of course, it’s a good way to pass the time.

Get this game from here.

Badland iPhone Game


Badland, a game that has won many awards thus far. The game has been one of the best games that shows awesome creativity, and vision of game developers. It is a beatific atmospheric  sidescrolling game full of adventure, and fun.

The games has more 30 Million players all around the world, and featured on top in many countries. You play as one of the dwellers in the forest, who crosses various ways, avoids obstacles, and whether to go through stages one by one.

The game has both, single and multiplayer mode. Up to 4 players can play this game in multiplayer mode. Have a blissful experience with this pity game.

Get this game from here.

Invisible, Inc.

10. Invisible, Inc.

Last but not the least, Invisible, Inc. is turn-based game where you complete missions, keeping yourself hidden, or get in position to lose a life if detected by others. The game is designed very beautifully, the character, and environment looks very intuitive.

The game combines your observation skills, and timing to execute each step further, take as much time to think and move further.

You need to make a perfect strategy to win oversight of every guard and camera, and complete the mission. The game is enriched with tense situations, complex roads, and needs better focus. Each step you take, raises alarms that make further path full of guards, and eyesight of cameras. Complication increase afterward as you move forward.

You make this game yours, and once you play it, you’ll love it.

Get this game from here.

That ends our list of best apps and games for Apple’s latest sensation, iOS 10. Many of these are exclusively for iPhones and iPads, so make sure that you try them.

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