Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro seemed to be best alternate for Samsung users who seek smartphone like OnePlus 3 or 3T. This pretty handsome comes with 6 GB RAM that keeps it running smoothly all day long. With adorable specs, there is one more thing that makes it a perfect contender. It is that it has 4000 mAh battery to keep it alive all the day. To make more use of it, we have this list of best apps for Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro. Do more with your handset, make it more productive, useful to get most out of it.

Android applications make possible to put phone’s actual power into right direction to get best output. One can say, they impact the productivity directly. We hope that this list of applications should help Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro users to use it even more efficiently.

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The list is no particular order. We gather some of best Android apps those handy to carry-out tasks easier.  Let’s put the limit to words, and get into the list of applications.

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

1# Android Pay

Android-pay-samsung-galaxy-c9-pro “Your very own wallet for all your cards”. Our phones are already equipped with lots of amazing functionalities, and with Android Pay, you can add a very useful feature to your phone. By using this application, you will be able to directly use your Credit/Debit cards in stores, online purchasing, in-app purchase etc. For that, you would just need to add your card(s) to your phone, using Android Pay application.

Yo can use this application in anywhere around the World, and is supported  and accepted on various stores worldwide. Its a completely reliable and secure application. Here, your card number is not shared, while making payments, instead, payment is made via a virtual account number generated for you..

Further, you can also earn loyalty/Reward points for each payment made by you, using Android Pay.

2# Swift Key

“Let your hands do the talking.” SwiftKey understands your writing style, and it makes it a lot easier for you to share your thoughts. This application uses Artificial Intelligence to understand your typing or writing style as well as the emojis you like to use. This enables you to write much faster as compared to the normal keyboard you use. And this also means, auto-correct will suit you as it is adapt to  your writing styles. This app even fill missing space in your sentence as well.

There are lots of themes and designs available with this application, which you can choose according to your taste. And now, there are around 30+ free themes which you can try to add some colors and fun to your phone. SwiftKey is available in more than 300 languages with lots of colors.

3# Android Device Manager

Android-Device-Manager-samsung-galaxy-c9-pro“Precaution is better than cure.” This is also applicable for your phone as well. Its always better to plan for the worst scenario like if you lost your phone. With this application, you can easily track and locate your lost phone. And even keep your sensitive information store in your phone, safe.

It doesn’t work like any other of your applications. It only has one sole purpose, and other then that, there is nothing for this app to manage on your phone. However, this application save you from the worst.

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4# Blendle

Blendle-appBlendle is a new and refreshing news or article-based application. For downloading your favorite articles, you just need to login via Facebook or Blendle account. You can look for various articles published, as per your interest. And you just need to pay for what you like. You can search for various articles based on the subjects you are interested in or can even go through articles recommended by your friends.

This application opens the door for a rich variety of articles published on various newspapers from USA, Germany, and Netherlands. Amazingly charming!

5# Duolingo

Duolingo-Learn-Languages-Free“Learn a Language free with Duolingo.”  Using this brilliant application, one can learn any language very easily without any extra effort from their end. You can start to learn anytime, or from anywhere around the world. Duolingo helps you with learning languages like German, Italian, Portuguese, Irish, Polish and many more! And its absolutely free as well, there are no hidden charges, in-app purchases or annoying ads.

We can all agree that a bit of gamification while learning enhances our ability to learn something quicker. And the same concept is applied here. You will feel like you are playing some interesting game but you will be learning something worth-full!

Duolingo is already available and being used by teachers around the world in teaching languages to school kids. It is one of the best available option to start learning a new language. And its simple yet fun to use.

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6# Flamingo

Flamingo-twitter-app-galaxy-c9-proFlamingo is a beautifully-designed twitter client which is available with tons of material-design options. With Flamingo, you can manage number of accounts and easily switch between them. There is also an option to individual theme your various accounts that will help you with managing those accounts.

As mentioned earlier, there is lots of customization available that lets you customize every aspect of this application like themes, colors, modes etc. Its user interface is also very simple and anyone can use it without much of a hassle, and it is considered as one of the best available twitter client, even when its currently in its beta version.

7# YouCam Perfect

YouCam-PerfectYouCam Perfect is a photo editing application which provides lots of filters and tools. With YouCam perfect, you can either directly click a picture using your chosen filter, or you can also edit any of your stored images using various available tools and filters.

This app also provides some interesting tools, that will make you look like a supermodel. You can increase your height by stretching your full length image. But to make a complete and perfect use of this application, you would need some pre-attempts to make yourself look more beautiful.

Further, there are lots of fun filters and tools available with this application, You can adjust your skin tone, make yourself look younger, and there are various collage themes and frames available to make that perfect portrait of yours. One can also remove any object or person you want to discard from that perfect image, you can do so by using this application. There are tons of more options and feature available!

8# Weather Timeline

Weather Timeline, as you can guess, is a weather-based application with which you can get information about weather condition in the next 2 hours, 24-48 hours or even for the next year. Just for fun, you can also check-out weather condition last decade.

It has a simple design and its easy to use as well. You will be updated automatically regarding current weather condition in your city and nearby cities as well.. And an hourly temperature update will be available for you as well. This application is also supported by various Android Wears. It shows weather stats in graphical or chart format, that’s much more easier to understand.

All in all, its a multi-lingual, simple, and beautifully designed application.

9# MoreCast

Morecast-Weather-Meteo-RadarMoreCast is another weather based application that is able to alert you regarding any upcoming storm or heavy rainfall. With this application, you can get the most accurate details regarding weather condition by pinpointing on concerned location. This also allows you to compare weather condition on two locations simultaneously.

It also offers live webcam feeds with which you can look the exact weather status by choosing from thousands of available webcams. You can also opt to get notifications regarding daily, hourly weather details.

10# OmniSwipe

omniswipe-app“Easy, Compact, Fast and Convenient”.  A larger screen is always an important feature for a phone, but sometimes its difficult to swiftly move you hand on your screen. Its not always easier for everybody to use your phone with one hand only. Here, you can give a try to OmniSwipe. It provides you with a widget which will be available on the lower left and right corners of your phone.

There is a default theme available with this application, but you can also download various themes exhibited along with this application. OmniSwipe also allows you to customize phone’s widget according to your requirement. By default, it has three sections, Favorites, toolbox, and recent. You can add or delete anything from that widget by just long-pressing on widget.  it also lets you apply some settings by going to Quick settings from widget.

Here come to an end of this catalog of these useful applications, and we’ll try to update with even more apps soon. Don’t forget to share your favorite apps with us, share, and follow us!

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