Combat Chaos: Best Apps for Keeping Your Life Organized

Sometimes we tend to shoot ourselves in the foot when it comes to staying organized. We have more organizational tools available to us than ever before, yet we tend to allow those tools to become more of a distraction than a help when it comes to getting things done. The smartphone is a prime example.

Our smartphones are capable of amazing things and were designed to help us become more organized and productive individuals, in the workplace as well as at home.

Despite that intention, many of the apps we find ourselves using have little or nothing to do with organizing our chaotic lives, and instead tend to distract from the tasks at hand.

While there’s a time and a place to unwind, we’d do well to utilize some of the apps that help us combat the chaos in our lives.

So, in the spirit of getting our act together, here are seven apps that can help you do just that:


It’s essentially a digital wallet that allows you to save everything related to your financial life, including credit card numbers, receipts, passwords and bank login information.

It sounds a little nerve-wracking to have all that sensitive information on an app, but Dashline uses an AES-256 encryption, so that even they don’t know your information. It’s a completely secure method of storing all of your financial data.

If that still worries you, be sure to lock your smartphone with a code that only you know in the event that you lose your phone. For even more protection, and if you have an iPhone, you might want to download the app “Find My iPhone” if you haven’t already.

Using the iCloud, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where your phone is– whether it’s stuffed behind the cushion, in the pantry (hey, it’s happened to me) or left behind at a club or restaurant. If (and for most of us, “when”) your phone gets lost, you can activate the app and lock it from your location, keeping your information safe.

Easily Do

Ever forget that printout of your boarding pass for your vacation? How many birthdays have you had to remember? Tired of arriving too early or too late for an important meeting? With all that time you spend forgetting, Easily Do thought of a way to rescue you!

Easily Do is a digital smart assistant designed to save you time by telling you when you need to leave for your next meeting based on traffic scenarios, send birthday wishes and gifts on-the-fly and even catalog your tickets and boarding passes. There’s also a function that automatically handles your contacts for you.

My Things — Where are they?

Have you ever gotten tired looking for stuff in your home? I’d say that’s pretty much a universal, “absolutely.”

This app allows you to take the guess work out of where stuff is with a visual and easy to use interface that lets you catalog and record where items are in your house– visually. Whether it’s in storage, the kitchen, bedroom, basement or wherever, you can have a digital record of its whereabouts.

So this year, rather than giving up on finding that one container of holiday decorations in your attic, leave it to My Things do the finding for you.


Who really has time to spend hours scanning the newspapers and magazines for coupons? I certainly don’t. Nowadays, it seems worth it to just spare yourself the time and spend the extra dollar or two for the necessities. But I say, no more!

SavingStar helps you save money and stay organized by providing you with a list of coupons and allowing you to use them directly from your device. No clipping or collecting necessary. How easy is that?


How stuffed is your wallet with everything besides money? With so many membership and rewards cards to dig through, it would make sense that there was an easier way to keep track of all of them. And the overflowing key chain with those tiny tags? Please…I can use my own keys as a tamborine.

It’s a simple, but extremely useful concept. KeyRing scans all of those little cards that you keep on your key-chain and allows you to access them from your smartphone. It’s a way to keep your keychain, wallet and purse more organized and minimal.

For those of us who are constantly working (even off the clock):


Ever get tired of emailing documents and files to yourself in order to access them on other computers or devices? It’s not fun and tends to be quite time-consuming. And in between all the spam, I’m lucky if I will ever see that nice family photo I took on vacation ever again.

DropBox is an app that allows you to immediately share documents cross-platform without having to download, upload or email them to yourself. It essentially acts like a cloud drive that sits on whatever device you’re using.

All you have to do is install the application and login with your account.


I can’t tell you how many sticky notes I’ve used to remind myself to get milk, pick up the soccer team on Wednesday or to pay my cell phone bill. It’s likely in the hundreds, yet I only can ever seem to find at most 5 of them. That’s when I discovered Evernote.

Think of Evernote as your own digital notebook that allows you to jot down information, but at the same time keeps it backed up to an online account, while providing a search function and tagging system for sorting.

As far as staying organized goes, Evernote is one of the most valuable apps you can download. Like DropBox, you can access your notes on nearly any platform via an online account.

Using Technology

If we take advantage of the technology available to us, there are ways to do a little life hacking and cut down on the time we spend on certain tasks. Particularly with the use of smartphones, we can use apps to organize our lives and daily schedules, while making everyday activities a little easier and less stressful.

There’s no reason not to take advantage of that.

Today’s guest blogger is Camille McClane, who is honored to have the opportunity to share how these a

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