Phone fell in Water? 6 best tips to follow to save it!

phone fell in water cures

Having your precious phone getting damaged by water is quite unpleasant but if you act fast you might be able to save it!

Here are some tips from us which can help you if your phone was dropped in water:

How to Save a Wet Cell Phone: 6 Steps

1# Contact with water: The first thing you should do if your device fell in water is to turn it off completely.  Even if it seems to be working fine because water can get enter in your phone easily from areas like the headphone jack and the USB port so keeping the device running will damage it more.

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2# Remove any accessories: Once you turn off your device you should remove any accessories like a cover and any removable objects like SIM Cards, Memory Card and if possible the Battery.

3# Dry the device: Once all the accessories are out you should gently shake the device on your palm to remove any water that could be stuck in the gaps of your phone’s body.

Then take a dry cloth and start to wipe the device fully and also dry the accessories as well. Another thing you could do before attempting to turn on your device would be to keep it inside a bag of uncooked rice for 12-24 hours, Rice is good at absorbing moisture and it will help to dry your device.

4# Final Inspection: You must carefully check your device again for any water that could be still stuck. You may try to gently shake your device again on your palm and see if any water drops fall on your palm and if they do then you should try things from Tip No.3.

5# Turn it on: Only insert the battery in your phone now and try to turn it on. If it does then let the device run like that for about 15-20 minutes and then insert your accessories.

6# If it doesn’t turn on: If your device doesn’t turn on after putting a battery then try to leave it plugged to a charger for 15-20minutes and see if it shows any signs of life. If it doesn’t show any indication at all then it means the water damaged some important component of the device and you must take it to a certified repair center and explain them about how your phone came in contact with water as that will help them repair your device.

So, these were some tips from us about what you can do if your device gets wet. But like the saying goes, Prevention is always better then cure. You should be careful if you are using your device near water and if possible use one of those water proof bags to store your devices if you are going to a pool or a beach.

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