Ever wonder that you can run your Android phone’s applications on your PC/Computer? If yes, then you may already familiar with Android Emulator software. If not then let me give you a brief about it, Android Emulator is program which is designed to duplicates the Android phones environment and is capable to run almost all Android based applications.  In earlier time, mostly these software is used by developers to test their work and make them stable and perfect as possible without having to buy an Android phone.

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But now these Android Emulator application for PC are gaining huge buzz from ordinary Android phone users too. So, day by day the number of peoples who are using these applications is getting huge. Many Emulators are available on internet but hardly we get one which satisfy us. Some comes with hardware limitations and other are paid. So, I decided to try them all one by one and hunt for the best from them. For me, it took about 1 week to test them all on my Windows 8 based Dell Vostro laptop and finally I have came with this list of best Free Emulator.

So lets start our list:

bluestacks Emulator

1. Bluestacks

Currently, Bluestacks is the most famous and popular Android Emulator out for Windows and Mac based computers. Not only applications, this Android Emulator is able to run Android games smoother than any other software. You’re not limited to any kind of screen size, you can enjoy all your apps and games on full screen. The user interface is designed very user friendly. It comes with in built Play store.

You only need to setup one time configuration and then you’re ready to download apps directly from Google Play and also can run native .apk file directly buy double clicking on them.

This software is available for free and can be downloaded from official Bluestacks site :

Official android emulator

2. Official Android Emulator

Nothing is better than the original. The official Android Emulator is available for ordinary users. The best thing about it is that you can create your own virtual Android machines, you can select from listed devices such as Nexus S, also you can install latest Android operating system. This Emulator is designed for Android developers, so for ordinary users like us, it is little difficult to operate and configure the virtual Android machine.

But once you configured a machine you can try latest applications on latest Android version on a specific handset model. The main advantage is that, you’re not limited to any version of Android operating system and one phone model. You can choose from Android 1.5 to the current latest version.

To install this Android Emulator on your PC, first download the Java setup from here and then download the Android Development SDK kit from here. First install Java and then install the Android SDK Kit. After install SDK kit, run SDK manager and install the recommended files to download the latest Android version.

After it finishes, under “Tool” option select Manage AVDs” and click the New button to create a new virtual device. Configure the new Virtual machine with your needed specification and then launch the machine once you done with configuration.

genymotion emulator

3. GenyMotion 

Another feature rich Android Emulator which can be run on Windows, Mac and Linux based computers. The user interface is very easy to get started to running, testing and improving Android applications(said only for developers). The best about is that, the free version comes with almost all features which an ordinary user needed. Android Verison available are 2.3, 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 and Android 4.4 will be coming very soon. Widgets like battery, GPS and Camera are fully available for free users.

As for the functional testings, many powerful features have been integrated in it like for networking Wifi and GPS are available, Multiscreen and full screen display option, many sensors like Battery, Gyroscope Temperature, Rotation Vector, etc., are fully functional.

Want to try it then visit the official site over here:

jar_of_beans emulator

4. Jar of Beans

As the name suggests, this Google Android Emulator is based on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. Jar of Beans is almost like BlueStacks, we can say its an best alternative to BlueStacks Emulator. This windows based Android Emulator is pretty popular among developers around the world and most of them show their excellence on XDA-Forum. It offers 1280X768 and higher screen resolution to render the application and games. Apart, to make it very simple, many specific buttons have been assigned to specific work such installing .APK file, volumes control and for external storage.

It comes with pre-built Google Play Store, so you can get started with running most of the Android applications and games directly from Play Store.  To improve performance, it comes with hardware acceleration support for Intel based computers.

To download and install this Android Emulator go through this XDA-Developers thread here.

It ends our list of best free Android Emulator for Windows based PC. If you feel that we missed you favorite one then let us know. Share your own experiences and works on these emulators to help our readers to get on best from them.