Best Apps for Nokia Lumia 925
Nokia Lumia 925

Mostly after purchasing an smart phone we used find apps which are essential and helps to use phone very efficiently. I know very well, we all choose phone which suits us. After taking, it is important to know about the applications which we needed most of the day. Recently my friend purchased a Windows 8 based phone, the selection was Nokia Lumia 925. The phone is actually very good and very awesome, comes with lightening fast dual core processor and Adreno 225 graphic card.

After purchasing it, my friend bring it to me and asked me for recommending most essential apps for it. My friend is a student and used to travel many times in a single month. So according to his needs of daily life including study related work and travel purpose, I’ve recommended following apps for his Nokia Lumia 925.

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Surely there is no doubt that student don’t uses or needed social apps. Now a days, social media apps and sites are playing great roll in taking education to top level. Apart from education purpose, these apps helps us to say connected and updated with our family and friends. I like to tweet, update my FB status and like chat with my friends.  Here are most recommended social apps:

  1. Facebook | Download it form WindowsPhone store here.
  2. Twitter | Download it form WindowsPhone store here.
  3. Whatsapp | Download it form WindowsPhone store here.
  4. Tuenti | Download it form WindowsPhone store here.

Apart from social interaction, mostly all use their phone to do documents writing and reading work. The most popular app to read and edit pdf  files is “Adobe PDF Reader”, no other app is good as Adobe. Moreover we also focused to take care to save our memory storage too, for that we can use Cloud storage apps which offer some good amount of storage for free. Skydirive is one of them, they offer up to 7GB for free space. What could be better, you can save your documents, music, videos any other files without filling your phone memory. So these apps makes a perfect combo.

  1. Adobe PDF Reader | Download it from WindowsPhone store here.
  2. SkyDrive | Download it from WindowsPhone store here.

Another application which is very important for student and for who travels a lot is ‘Bing translator‘, it can translate up to 40 languages all over the world. Very use full app while writing text or listening. It work offline too. Another app which is most recommended for travelers is ‘gMaps‘, one best Windows Phone client for Google Maps, it help you to find locations, tracking current speed, traffic & street layers, includes locals search too. So you can think of these two apps suited best for travelers.

  1. Bing translator | Download it form WindowsPhone store here.
  2. gMaps | Download it from WindowsPhone store here.

Stay updated with current affairs and latest news also recommend. To stay updated news and media, you can use apps such NBC News and ABC News. Both covers international and local news, with video streaming and photos features. There are lots more apps available at apps store but these two are best among them.

  1. NBC News | Downlaod it from WindowsPhone store here.
  2. ABC News | Download it from WindowsPhone store here.

So that’s all. These apps are useful for most of day. Social apps let you stay connected whole day, you can do you document work, load or store your music and other files. Can have hassle free travelling using listed travel apps without having worry about languages and have updated with latest news too.