On January 19, 2016, Whatsapp announced via their Blog that there will no longer be any subscription fees associated with any version of this app, and there will not be any charge for using this service.

It’s quite an amazing news, but it will take some time for some users to come into effect, I am sorry guyz but I have got my confirmation yesterday!!

I know, you all must be concerned that you might get charged through any other mode, as many of you must be assuming that whatsapp is gonna insert some third-party ads. But I am glad to inform you that there won’t be any charges, and this app is completely free.

For many years, whatsapp has been charging some fees after customer’s first year of usage, but from now on this app will be free, and every customer will receive a confirmation message in sometime.

If you are wondering why they are providing subscription-free app and how they are going to hold-up? The answer is that they will test some tools which will allow us to communicate with our business, like banks, as if you want to confirm if any transaction on your bank account is fraudulent or not. Or if you want to contact a Medical centre to confirm if your test reports are ready..pretty interesting!

I hope you all are gonna enjoy this and will wait for above mentioned tools for getting into action.