Webp, It is new image format which is developed by google and being used in chrome and Google play store. It supports both lossy and lossless impression of images as conserving the transparency of image and also compressing image as well.

Without going in detail lets get to the point. Converting “.webp” image to format like .jpg .png is possible with online converters as well image converter tool.

Converting  .Webp to other (Without Software)

.webp is new web images format which is currently supported by chrome and opera. This are the steps for converting it to your desired format.You can convert webp image to any image format.

  • Double click on ,webp image (It will open in chrome)
  • Right click and click Copy image
  • Open Paint paste and save !

Converitng .Webp to other (Using Software)

Download and install Xnconvert form this link (link)

  • Open or drag image into xnconvert
  • Click on output tab
  • Click on Format and select your format
  • Click on convert button

Converting .Webp to other (Online)

Webp to any :  link (jpg,png,bmp,eps,gif,ico,odd,pdf,ps,psd,svg,tiff)

  • Click and select .webp file
  • select output format
  • click on start conversion
  • Download

Converting other to .Webp (Online)

Now when you want to convert other images to .webp images

Check this link

  • Choose file or enter URL
  • Do setting (optional)
  • Convert and Save.

This was tutorial for converting .webp image to any image format (supported image formats ) and vice versa . This is new image format which is claiming to lossy and lossless impression with compression.Lets see what happens next !

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