Download & Install iOS7 Custom ROM on Galaxy Y GT-S5360

iphone rom for Galaxy ySamsung Galaxy Y is one of most popular low budget android phone with decent specification and high build quality. This mobile is very popular among Android Developers too, many ROM’s are made for this and all worked very well. Now, you can have iOS 7 interface and feel on you phone too by installing iOS7 Custom ROM on Galaxy Y GT-S5360 smartphone. This Custom ROM features almost same looks, feels and features as original iPhone does.

Features of  iOS7 Custom ROM
  • Very stale ROM based on latest precy cm7.2
  • Themed like IOS
  • IOS7 alike ControlCentre
  • Modified Popup menu,text fields,volume up and down and others to look like IOS
  • Apps  are resized to fiexed to fit in Galaxy y screen
  • and much more
  • Flash ROM  and explore yourself
  • Make sure you phone is charged more than 30%
  • Make sure you have backup your mobile data such as application(if needed), SMS, MMS, Contacts saved on mobile and other personal data.
  • Enable the USB Debugging in your mobile by following these steps, Go to setting> application> development and check USB debugging box.
  • You must install mobile drivers using kies, download it here: Kies
  • iOS7 Custom ROM download it here (HM-IOSV1.1-totoro-cm7based20130807.zip)
  • GT-S5360_CWM.zip download it here (TempCWM.zip)
  • CyanogenMod#2.zip  download it here (CyanogenMod#2.zip)

*Remember, to download from Google Drive, click on “File” and then look for “Download”.

Screen Shots

screenshot-1385710678098 screenshot-1385711554103 screenshot-1385711761981

screenshot-1385711793426 screenshot-1385711844748 screenshot-1385711820382

screenshot-1385711867862 screenshot-1385711828578 screenshot-1385711812708

Updated on 29-11-2013

Hello friends, after working very hard now I’ve renewed the complete installation guide to perfect one. Now this ROM is almost 99% stable, almost every thing is working without any crashes and errors. Now no networks problem also has been removed and you can use any SIM. Wi-fi and Bluetooth problems also have been fixed.

The only problem which is still resides under this ROM is that you can’t accept file from others using Bluetooth. You can send them but you can’t accept from any one. Well this not so big problem. I’m still working to fix it and very soon i’ll post the perfect solution to fix that one also.

Now you don’t need to install “Precy cm7.2 kernel.tar” any more instead of that, we will use CyanogenMod#2.zip kernel which can install using CWM recovery. So lets start with the new and very clean installation.

To install this ROM without any network, WiFi etc., firstly you need to install DDLK 2 firmware. While I was working to make it more stable and bugs free, I noticed that this ROM only works with DDLK2 Base-band. If you don’t install DDLK2 firmware on your device, then again you’ll face network and WiFi problems.

So, first visit here and install DDLK 2 firmware on your Galaxy Y and then follow the below procedure.

How to Install iOS7 Custom ROM on Galaxy Y GT-S5360

  1. Firstly download all the files listed in Download section and put them to SD card of your device.
  2. Now, turn off your device and wait for 5-7 seconds.
  3. Now press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power buttons at same time until Samsung Logo appears on screen. Release the buttons and you’ll be entering to recovery mode very soon.
  4. From recovery options select  “install zip from SD card“, and select TempCWM.zip and select “Yes” on next screen to confirm your selection. Now you’ll be at new CWM Recovery. If you’ve already installed CWM recovery on your phone then skip this step.
  5. Now go to select “mounts and storage” and then mount the followings: mount mount system,mount data and mount cache.
  6. Now go back to main menu, select “install zip from sdcard” and then “choose zip from sdcard”. Find and locate CyanogenMod#2.zip file and select “Yes” on next screen to confirm the installation.
  7. Go to “advance” and then select “Reboot Recovery”.
  8. Now go to “mounts and storage” and “format” followings: format system, format data and format cache.
  9. Now go to select “mounts and storage” and then mount the followings: mount mount system,mount data and mount cache.
  10. Now go back to main menu, select “install zip from sdcard” and then “choose zip from sdcard”. Find and locate HM-IOSV1.1-totoro-cm7based20130807.zip file and select “Yes” on next screen to confirm the installation.
  11. It will take some time to complete, so wait until it finishes.
  12. After it completes, from menu select “Wipe data/Factory reset”, then select “Yes” on the next screen to confirm it.
  13. Then select “reboot system now”.

All done, for the first time, it will takes some time to start, when it starts then select iLauncher as default launcher and have fun with this ROM. The complete video of installation will be live very soon.

You have successfully installed iOS7 Custom ROM on Galaxy Y GT-S5360. If you have any problem while installing this custom ROM on you phone then let us know via comments.

Deepak Gupta

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  1. Hello there, I found your site by the use of Google while looking for a comparable topic, your web site came up, it seems to be great. I’ve bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  2. the kernal.tar file is not showing in the memory card..please help me

    • hello Billy, Solution is very easy, Kernal.tar file is always used with Odin program, you can’t flash .tar files in recovery mode. You need .zip file to flash through recovery mode. I hope it solved your problem.

          • i have also install kernal.tar file by odin…still it is not working

          • Hello, billy to successfully installation, firstly your phone must be rooted, then install kernel via odin and then flash the custom rom using CWM recovery. I’ve update the entire post. So please check it again!

      • hey dude 😀 how to fix my galaxy y s5360. i installed ios 7 on my mobile. but cant receive msgs and calls. plss help me :(((

      • dude I have prblm with phone I not get any messeges phone calls etc plz help me solve thiss

        • My name Rigved Khandekar I’m teacher in some hacking classes call me on this no -9967203162

      • Mr.T, there is no Kernel.tar file, only CyanogenMod#2.zip kernel file is there which to be flashed in CWM recovery!

    • @alive, see the post again, I’ve updated it with kernel installation procedure and little more changes.!

      • i have installed it but there r two bugs not one
        one is that we cannot receive any file from bluetooth and one more is that tethering hotspot is not working and rest all is working properly
        i appreciate you for making such awesome a rom for galaxy y which look same as the iphone 5 if changed d outer body of sgy
        thanks for making it
        awesomerome i liked it very much fastest rom i have ever seen on my galaxy y

        let me know when you will get a solution for it please

        • one more thing i cant import my contacts from sd card

          please give me a solution

          • can i replace the bluetooth.apk with the other bluetooth.apk from other working rom then can the bluetooth problem be solved through this?

          • Hello Mihir, i tried it but it not worked! You can try it, first back the original file and then replace it with new one and tell us if it works for you!

          • your welcome
            i have also tried it but still not working
            my freind is a software engineir he is also working on it
            he said that there is no problem in the bluetooth apk
            there is a broblem in the written scripts
            if he gets a solution he will say me and i will forward it to you all

    • hello ashish, these errors are normal wh en you use clockworkmod recovery on stock samsung firmware. Since clockworkmod not fully compatible with stock ROM, you’ll get these errors. Simply flashing a any other custom rom on your galaxy y handset removes this messages from clockworkmod recovery. And then try to install iOS 7 Custom ROM again.

  3. i have installed cwm and wiped the data/reset fact. and after going to mounts and storage system is not mounting…. it shows an error…. my phone is rooted too…. help me please….

    • As clockworkmod not fully compatible with stock ROM, you’ll get these errors. You need to first install any other custom ROM to get rid of this error. The other way to install this iOS 7 Custom ROM to your phone is flashing it via Odin program. It will overwrite the installed CWM recovery and removes all errors too.

  4. Hello admin.. I follow all the procedure but still my rom is not upgraded.. My phone is not switching on, it repeats its logo again and again. Pls help.

    • hello there, it appears that cache memory is not properly cleaned. Ok here is the solution, fist boot to recovery mode and follow the step no. 7 to clear “wipe data cache” and select “wipe data/factory reset”.
      Now its time to install the ROM again. Now Follows the Steps 4 to 6 and on go for step 7. Instead of that, after step 6 reboot your phone and see whether it booting (For first boot, it can take some time so be panic). Most probably it will work other wise follow step 7 again. Definitely it will work.

      • i tried doing it but after doing step 5 and 6 it showed an error saying can’t recover cache log. what shall i do next.

        Thanks for relpying to my previous comment.

      • and after flashing Precy cm7.2 kernel.tar through odin, phone does not switch on (it will be stuch near logo)and i can only open download mode and i cannot open in recovery mode.

        • Ok. To solve this problem try install Stock ROM suing Odin software. It will solve this problem.

  5. Sir please can you give me a video of fixing a wifi ?? because its hard to undersstand your post about fixing wifi 🙁 please ?

    • Hello Joveni, I’ve updated the post and posted a new post how to fix Wifi problem with pictures. Hope it will help you!

  6. Error mounting /cache!
    Error mounting /data!
    Error mounting /system!

    can’t use my phone

    • Hello Vesaliu, I think your phone is bricked. The perfect solution to solve this problem is to install Stock ROM using Oding program. It will work 100%. It worked many times for me!

  7. after flashing stock rom with odin you should go into stock recovery and do data and cache wipe or ur phone will not work….i tried flashing this rom but after flashing kernel with odin it bricks my phone any suggestions….unbricking my phone is not a problem is just want to get this rom to work.

  8. i succesfully installed ths rom after reali trying everythng…nothing on ths page helped much so i just did wat made sense ….a had a problem with my network bt i fixed it by dlting the etc folder and replacing it with a folder from a rom wich had network…after all ths i got my network …bt nw im stuck wit new problem i cnt recieve texts and phone calls….all i can do is use 3g ….if u can help me pls do…bt im trying to sort it out as we speak…tanx 4 the beautiful rom…it made me learn alot

    • No, this ROM is made only for Galaxy Y! But will be soon available for Galaxy Pocket too!

  9. Hello Admin…
    i install the rom in my galaxy y…
    but when i swiched on my mobile…there is no signals in my mob.
    mean no service..
    plz help me

    • Hello Faizan Khan, sorry for late reply.
      The solution of this problem is little complex. Basically you need to find “etc” folder from your phone and replace it with another working ROM “etc” folder.
      Step 1. Download and install Root Explorer from Google play.
      Step 2. Using Root explorer find and locate “etc” folder. Now you’ve got what to replace.
      Step 3. Now download this etc.zip from here. Extract it to safe place and copy it to SD card of your device.
      Step 4. Now Go back to Root Explorer where you located “Etc” delete that one and copy the new downloaded folder from your SD card.

      All done! Now all features will work correctly.

      • can u please explain me clearly…i am also facing the same problem..no service,but,i am not able to delete etc folder it is showing it is only readable..
        please explain me step by step with patience..pls

        • Hello surya,
          We have updated our post with Network problem fixes. Try it and report back whether it works for you or not!

      • hello , i just doing this step by step but when i reboot my phone stuck .

        Please show me by image .

        • Hello adlin,
          Check the installation guide again, i’ve updated the guide so no more problems will be there.

  10. hye admin what to do in my case, my phone galaxy y s5360’s recovery doe’t nt open and its rom is bricked so how to install using odin i am confused. can u fully explaoned

    • Hello there, You can use recovery manager app (Download it here ), it allows to boot into recovery mode or otherwise you need to update your mobile using Samsung Kies or flash another ROM using Odin because this custom is currently not available in Odin flash able format.

  11. Hey admin,
    Will my memory card be formatted after doing the above process and how can i backup contacts ?
    I have also partitioned my memory card so will it be deleted and i have to do it again or it will remain ?

    • Hello Joel,
      Don’t worry your memory card won’t be formatted while installation process. Memory card is only use to take OS file and then flash it. Now, to make backup of contact you use free application such as Mybackup (free version download here ). Again, don’t worry it don’t effect your memory card in any way. So, its going to effect partitions of Memory card!

      • Thanks deepak for your help ! shukriya !
        mere to sab apps partition me hai…
        sad 🙁

    • Hello Anish,
      Currently my Galaxy Y is away from me. I’ll be posting screenshots very soon.

      • Ok Deepak,
        Occuring Big Problem when iam mounting Cache It Could not be Mount & the Screen Back Comes to Cwm mode

  12. Admin, can I install ios7 custom rom for Samsung galaxy s duos
    please reply..

    • Hello Samuel, you can’t install this iOS 7 rom on Galaxy S duos. But if in future developer bring it, then we will be featuring that one also. To stay connected you can subscribe us.

  13. hello admin, i wanna to ask. is it support of all app n game? bcoz i already have this rom but i cant do too mush such as i got before.. i cant istall app n game i like. need your advise please.

  14. i could not use it it just showed samsung logo for hours tried everything from formatting to intalling via odin

    • M.B, try to clean and wipe cache memory by booting to recovery mode and there you need to perform “wipe cache/factory reset” and see if your problem solved.

  15. i installed it works superbly but only thing is it does not show any incoming call i even changed the etc .zip folder still no incoming call only outgoing call but when i call from other phn it s ringing but nothing showing in ios pls help

  16. no incoming call onl;y outgoing .. ring is going in other phone but not showin in ios

    • Hello there, just working to fix that problem! But most of the people don’t have this kind of problem!
      I will try to give solution by tomorrow!

    • Its working fine in odin! can elaborate little more? Tell me the exact problem you’re facing.

  17. Bro, its working on me. but the wifi is not working. i already follow the steps in the upper link! But when i try to permission my Wifi folder in root. it says cannot acces because read only. what will i do?

    • Hello Amelryn,
      Are you using root explorer or not? Check whether your phone is rooted or not? We have updated our post wit network fix, try it first then check it back whether your Wifi is working or not!

  18. When I reboot for finally It says only “Samsun GALAXY Y DUOS GT-S6102” nothing else.What can I do? 🙁

  19. it’s awesome and look like same as an iPhone.
    but i faced an problem with network.
    admin please help me early. i can’t change it anymore………..???????????????

  20. Hello sir….
    After installing this iphone7 rom in my galaxy y..am i also able to download iphone softwares and games in my phone or not…
    I mean can i install the iphone softwares in my galaxy y after installing this rom

    • Hello zaid,
      Thank you for asking very cute question. Sorry but you can’t install iphone apps or games. This iOS7 custom Rom is modded and developed to give iOS7 looks, features and feel, it is based on Android OS not on iOS. So, simply you can’t install iphone softwares over it.

      • ya but you can make more changes in it by using root explorer
        you can change boot animations
        samsung logo
        system apps
        and in this rom in the status bar in swich side use 3g not 2g or 3g
        with the 3g one u will get an enhanced speed in your regular internet speed
        pages will load fast , photos and video uploads are also very fast
        and googleplay also download and run faster as compared to other roms
        if any problem the install netforks it will improve your signal strength and also will increase your internet speed

    • there is a app named as control center u can make changes in that as you want

  21. hey.. it works but it dosn’t have the applebootanimation .. why?

    • Sorry but i don’t know. I’m not the developer of this ROM, i’m representing work of great developer with final touch!

      • it is not possible that the apple bootanimation is not there
        it only happens when you replace the bootanimation with another which has more screen resolution

  22. YEAHHH !!!! its work its work . thanks buddy cuz share… its work smooth for my galaxy y 🙂 im follow step by step on this blog.

    • Hey ikhwan,
      Definitely, this is the most beautiful ROM ever made for Samsung Galaxy Y. Also, it is most stable and smooth too. In ideal, around 81MB RAM is used by ROM and mostly all remains free all the time, which makes it smoother than any other ROM.

  23. in 7th step, it says ”select “wipe data cache” and select “wipe data/factory reset” and then reboot system now.”

    In recovery mode there is no such option as WIPE DATA CACHE. What to do now?
    I am stuck with SAMSUNG GT-S5360 logo!!

    • Well it should be there, it is not supposed to happen to any recovery. If nothing work then you should install stock Using Odin! You can find it by google it or you can wait for 1-2 day, i’ll be posting it very soon.

  24. Hello Admin,
    I have a samsung galaxy y and dont like its stock rom thus had installed this custom rom it got installed perfectly with everything working, but i discovered a huge bug in the custom rom that when you call someone the call screen appears but when somebody call you that person hears the ring but there is no call screen appearing on galaxy y. Can you please try and fix the bug as i am very much interested in this custom rom and want it as my system please do reply…..

    • Hello gunjan,
      This ROM is most beautiful ROM ever made for Samsung Galaxy Y. I now about this bug and just working to fix it, i’ll try to provide the excellent solution to this problem by tomorrow. Till wait and be patience!

      • Thank you very much Deepak I hope you are successful at doing it very eager and haapy that you replied

        • And if you fix the bug just reply me on the comment only so that i can download the rom and install waiting for your reply….. Thank You

          • Hey Deepak,
            I am waiting for your reply…. please reply Dude…
            I have a very big urge for this rom with no bugs please do repair it and inform me fast…. Waiting for your reply….. Comment fast and also fix the rom fast……

          • Hey Gunjan,
            Almost all problem has been fixed, now again try this ROM with bases ROM listed in the post!

  25. The rom is just working fine but the phone isn’t receiving network so i am unable to call…
    Plz hlp…

  26. Dear Deepak,
    Thank you for your commitment and hard work i am sure now the rom will work perfectly. And by chance if it doesn’t work i will inform you

    • Hey Deepak one last favour from you….
      Can you please try to install beats audio manager used in cyanocream rom on this rom as i found that the volume of this rom is very low and i am a music freak….

  27. Have first install DDLK2 firmware before install this iphone ROM on Galaxy Y?

  28. again my question which the version of this ROM and if it kidding or real
    Thank you

    • No, the looks and features have been ported from iOS not the source code and libraries. So, mac application will be treated at unknown files!

  29. ya can’t recive file from other bluetooth device. add more extra features also in setting plz….. sir immediately solve all the problem and update that…..

    • Hello vivek, i’ve tried my best to solve this problem but had no success with. Still i’m trying to fix it.

  30. Want Samsung Stock Keyboard Back I Dont Like qwerty keyboard Please Upload It I Need It Badly

    • This keyboard is almost same as of Stock version,only colour and performance changes have been done! If you’re wanting 2.3 GB stock keyboard then you can download it from Google Playstore here

  31. hai addmin.I just installed it successfuly.thanks for this rom. .lts pretty smooth. but how can I fix the problems of Bluetooth and wifi tethering. please respond for these issue.

    • Hello Akshayraj, firstly wifi only works with DDLK2 Baseband which is mentioned already in post. So, first try that and then install this ROM!

  32. Bugs fixed::
    while before installing kernel…just switch on wifi ;Bluetooth(make it discoverable); mobile data…thn flash the kernel…then install ios rom…Nw u are able to receive files from Bluetooth …..thanks…if u any queries…contact my mail….manimaranskyrider@gmail.com….ios rom works fine and stable in my sgy

  33. hi i have install everything step by step
    but it is not working after the last reboot my phone stuck on the “Samsung galaxy Y ” screen
    maybe because when I do the step 7 reboot my phone does not start in cwm but in normal recovery mode
    I hope u understand my question because my English is not very good


    • Hey aazor, CWM recovery present it the post is not the permanent, it is temporary recovery. You can flash it again through SD card!

      • oke butt than i still cant do the installation because
        at the last reboot my phone get stuck on the white samsung galaxy y screen
        and in your explanation you say it will takes some time to start
        butt i wait fore 15 minutes still nothing any ideas

  34. hai manimaran i do the same step but its not working, iam not able to recive file from other bluetooth what can i do?

  35. hai deepak its very nice but in setting plz add some extra features plz… and mpeg, mp4 videos or not supported… what can i do….

    • Sorry for that, you can try playing unsupported videos with different media play such as Moboplayer!

  36. hai aazor now i explain how to instal ios rom perfectly… 1st download 3file like rom, clockwork mode, and cynogenmode#2.zip…..
    reboot in recocery mode first wipe data and chace, then instal clorkworkmode.zip file then mound all….. then only instal the ios rom after completing all step wipe data and cache then boot now its working perfectly…….if have any doubt contact my email id (vivekbasvivek@gmail.com) i will response immediately…..

  37. hai deepak plz repair the Bluetooth problem its only problem in this try to solve quickly plz………… add extra features also…… iam i big lover of ios……
    i love that style, look and everything………..

  38. hello deepak…when u try the step 7..reboot recovery…your phone sticks in Samsung galaxy y….nothing to worry…just pull out battery..then go to recovery mode as normal….you will see. the recovery mode….now you continue step 8…and so on…now u successfully install ios rom…….just wait after installing rom…it will takes a time to boot…..thankzz..

  39. hi sir… i have a problem with this ios7 Rom.. the wifi and data network are not functioning. what should i do?? please help me

      • what should i do to re install cyanogenmod kernel? should i use again ODIN? or i just go to recovery? please respond asap. thank you

    • Hello vivek, I’m still trying to figure out the error. I’ll present the solution as soon as possible!

  40. HI deepak , why my phone was keep rebooting when i moved the application to sd card ?

  41. Hi Deepak!! Great ROM!!!… But where can i find my sim Toolkit… i can’t find it…. ican’t check my load balance since i can’t find the Sim Toolkit…. can you help me??? Thank you in advance

  42. the wifi and bluetooth is ok now… but the data network is not yet respond. what should i do then?

  43. its a nice and wonderful ROM but try to fix first the bug… specially for data network… its not responding..

  44. Hello admin,
    I am confused with this ROM, i’ve tried many ROM on my SGY (samsung s5360), but still not satisfied with any of them, can this be the ROM which satisfy me ?
    Or you can suggest any other ROM for my SGY…
    please reply…
    currently I am downloading this iOS7 ROM…
    thank you…

    • Nitesh, firstly there is no doubt that this Rom is most beautiful and highly performance driven. The only bug is that, you can’t receive the file from other using Bluetooth. Or you can use CyanoCream v3 Rom on your device. You must give it try first and then decide it again!

  45. Wow….. i got the rom installed….. very beautiful guyz…. awesome work, keep it up… plz fix the bluetooth problem soon… all the best…

  46. I successfully installed ios 7 rom to galaxy y.but i can’t open radio and share fill in bluetooth. plz help me to fix this problem…….

  47. still the data is not working.. what should i do now?? i like this room but i could install bec of data problem.. i hope that u will fix the bug and if u fix that i will surely install again.. thank you for the nice ios7 rom

  48. Hi sir,
    I had installed ios successfully but temple run,subway surfers were shown installed but not playing and main problem is CAMERA is also not working and telling the same unexpectedly closed. can u give any solution for this plsss.

    • Hello Manasseh, download the subway suffers from here and Temple Run from here. Try these two, they are modified to work on Galaxy Y.

      • Thanks Mr.Deepak your link is very usefull.. can u give me links for more games like temple run 2 and ios games and android 4 version games to support in my s5360..

  49. hi got as far as doing the 3 mounts and install CyanogenMod#2.zip then went to reload recovery phone switched of wont turn back on plz advise thanks..

    • Pull battery out and then press three buttons to get back to recovery mode to perform rest of the steps.

  50. I’m gonna do the process and I wanted To know that will it Format My memory card and will I be able to download from Playstore and install android files if so can The bluetooth problem be solve with using FlashTransfer Instead of BlueTooth

    • Its a great idea but it will work with only with those phone which have FlashTranser installed.

    • hi ive tried another battery the only life in the phone is when I connect to odin volume up home and power buttons but even then theres nothing showing on the screen..

  51. hello Vivek. ….overclocking your sgy to 1.2GHZ may harm ur phone….i tried and cant found any improvement in performance….if u want….just try merruk kernel…

  52. hello eclipse……before installing the cynogenmod kernel…..just u switch on Bluetooth(make it visible) wifi GPS mobile data etc…..thn u install the kernel…then u install rom….no bugs after u install the rom……thanks…

  53. ok big question lol is my phone bricked it doesn’t matter what buttons I press or battery I use the only thing I can do is get odin to recognise it when I press all the buttons while battery is in and usb pluged in. this all happened after doing the 3 mounts went to click reboot into recovery and it never turned back on again…. any ideas anyone??????????????????

  54. Bro If Something goes wrong or if I’m wishing to change it to its older gingerbread , can it be possible and please explain how could I Backup all. also will this rom affect my tegethering..

  55. not installed.i have also lost backup. now what can i do …anybody..help

  56. i had installed tis rom but i can’t get the signal..plz fix tis one.

  57. when i install it it says
    finding update package …
    opening update package …
    installing update package…

    install from sd card complete…

    and when i reboot my sgy it stuck on samsung galaxy y logo…

    iam in trouble plzz help meeee

  58. Hiii. My problem is that network error when I try to call from another phone its ring but cant see in my SGY mobile… Plzzzz help

  59. my laptop is connect with its portable hotspot but doesn’t have internet access so plz tell me what I have to do…???

  60. hello …..
    i have updated this rom successfully but i m not able to restore my contacts .vcf format file……
    i have almost 900 contacts but its restoring only 90 contacts……pls give me a solution for this as i need my contacts for the business purpose….
    pls give the solution as soon as possible…

  61. Hello Deepak,
    Could the SGY and this kernel work with Bluetooth LE (SMART = 4.0) ? I want to connect to the Withings Pulse step tracker over LE.
    Thank You

  62. i have a big problem with this rom . no internet connection 3g or 2g . only wifi working . pls help me

    • Hello Ahmed, if you look again into the post, you will see that, only DDLK2 firmware will allow you to get this Rom bug free. So look for DDLK2 firmware within post, install it first then install this iOS Rom.

  63. hey plzz help me …I do these process well and i am successed in it but my SIM card is not working…give me reply plz

  64. i flash this rom on my galaxy y i was working fine no wifi and network problem but when i try to flash other room through cvm i just came back on this rom. plz hlp i dnt wanna use this rom and when i restore my backup i reboot it, it get stuck on galaxy y logo. hlp plz

  65. I installed this rom.. but its stucks at apple boot loading … please help me.. 🙁

  66. I install the os success. but i have a problem. i switch off the phone ofter i plug on the chager. but my phone doesn’t charge. pleace help me

  67. Hello! my phone just stuck on apple ios logo and a circle under it just loads and nothing happens please me?

  68. how could you work on ROM like these………where did you learn to debug ROM
    and what software do you use to do so…..i too want to learn on custom roms
    any suggestions???????????
    thanks in advance!!!!!

  69. Hello Admin.
    I have been downloaded files but I don’t know How to downlod the cernel?

  70. Hello.
    Can you help me..
    There is no link download on Caynogen bla bla ??

  71. I successfully installed android 4.3 on my S5360. I would now like to install IOS7.
    Would you recommend it or should I first do a factory reset?

  72. network is not showing in my galaxy y after installing this ios rom please give me solution for this bug
    thanx in advance i hope you will solve my problem 🙂

  73. I have installed the rom.its really good.but usb is not detecting in my computer.
    please help me

  74. hi bro I can finished installation completely bat the problem is my phone not detecting network mins calls sms…………..
    what can I do to start this service properly……..
    eather vice your ROM is completely successful……
    plz help me…….

  75. How many minutes do I have to wait after finishing all this steps before I see the result??….

  76. I followed all the steps properly but its stuck on SAmsung Galaxy Y screen
    plz help

  77. hi everyone
    i installed this rom sucessfully 🙂 and i hope i am the first one to install ios 7 on galaxy y without any kind of issues like network,bluetooth,wifi,no incoming call screen etc..
    i can operate my wifi send and receive files from bluetooth ,send and receive calls and message ,toggle to 2g/3g networks and many more .. actually this rom is the best custom rom on galaxy y that i have tested.

    thank you admin for posting such an aweshome rom …

  78. greenbaron..dude i neend ur help..i have uploaded the old versn of this rom n i jst love it but it have incoming calls and msges prblm…
    so just tell me does it happens in the new vrsn too ?
    ASAP! help me

    • hello!
      This is for all fellows who have failed to flashed ios7 on shy without bugs…

      This is what I did..>>>
      1.flashed DDLK2 firmware
      2.I was about to use amarullz script for internal memory increase that’s why I flashed Hells FUSION#50 kernal ( but no need of flashing this kernal but DDLK 2 is a must)
      3.Plz Plz Plz follow each and every steps mentioned in above post by deepak no matter what errors you get may b when mounting system you will get error …but don’t worry keep proceedings forward.
      5. IMPORTANT >> you should turn on your wifi, turn on Bluetooth and make it visible ,turn on 3g network and mobile packet data BEFORE FLASHING PERCY’ CM2 KERNAL….
      6.step 1 and step 5 of my comment is must ….and follow each step mentioned in the post you’ll surely get success.

      Good day!

  79. hello!
    This is for all fellows who have failed to flashed ios7 on shy without bugs…

    This is what I did..>>>
    1.flashed DDLK2 firmware
    2.I was about to use amarullz script for internal memory increase that’s why I flashed Hells FUSION#50 kernal ( but no need of flashing this kernal but DDLK 2 is a must)
    3.Plz Plz Plz follow each and every steps mentioned in above post by deepak no matter what errors you get may b when mounting system you will get error …but don’t worry keep proceedings forward.
    5. IMPORTANT >> you should turn on your wifi, turn on Bluetooth and make it visible ,turn on 3g network and mobile packet data BEFORE FLASHING PERCY’ CM2 KERNAL….
    6.step 1 and step 5 of my comment is must ….and follow each step mentioned in the post you’ll surely get success.

    Good day!

  80. hello!
    This is for all fellows who have failed to flashed ios7 on shy without bugs…

    This is what I did..>>>
    1.flashed DDLK2 firmware
    2.I was about to use amarullz script for internal memory increase that’s why I flashed Hells FUSION#50 kernal ( but no need of flashing this kernal but DDLK 2 is a must)
    3.Plz Plz Plz follow each and every steps mentioned in above post by deepak no matter what errors you get may b when mounting system you will get error …but don’t worry keep proceedings forward.
    5. IMPORTANT >> you should turn on your wifi, turn on Bluetooth and make it visible ,turn on 3g network and mobile packet data BEFORE FLASHING PERCY’ CM2 KERNAL….
    6.step 1 and step 5 of my comment is must ….and follow each step mentioned in the post you’ll surely get success.

    Good day!

  81. the application camera(process.com.android.camera) has stopped unexpectedly. What to do to fix this

  82. Thank u Admin…… i install successfully. A small help i need,I have WIFI in my home, but wifi is not connecting to my mobile. what i have to do? please tell me.

  83. Bro give me ur no I cant under stand . If u give ur no. So that I can call u and ask.

  84. Hey i have a problem with this rom…
    It says No Service.. And i cant receive any Messages or Calls…
    Can u Fix my problem??

    Email me wewsa12323@gmail.com
    Tweet me @ExplosiveTorch

  85. Hi I was trying to install cynogen rom on my galaxy Y gts5360. It was successful, I tried to install Ios on rom on it again, what happened to it I dont know but its showing the startup screen and stucks there till the battery runs out. Can you help me in this….

  86. hola
    disculpa instala al pie de la letra la rom de ios pero mi problema es q no tengo señal soy de Ecuador y no lee mi sim claro

  87. i have followed all the steps but after selecting reboot system now its stuck at galaxy y screen..

  88. hey buddy i followed your steps but it is strucked at galaxy y gt s5360

  89. Hi admin last week i install the io7 the io7 was very nice but when my phone was ringing no vibrating ? can u lease help me

  90. Its not getting installed on my phone (GT-S5360)
    Its going back to recovery mode as soon as i complete installing the iOS ROM on my phone!! 🙁

  91. Its not getting installed on my phone (GT-S5360)
    Its going back to recovery mode as soon as i complete installing the iOS ROM on my phone!! 🙁
    Probably something is wrong!!

  92. I applied all your processes step by step but at the end when I select ‘reboot system no’ it again coming to the clockword recovery mod screen instead of booting to the ios. I am afraid to say that I have galaxy young (gt-6312). Please help.

  93. i am having 2 major problems which are wifi not working and i cant login to play store

  94. 1]i installed succesfully but when i send file from computer via bluetooth to my phone it not come to my phone
    2]when i connect mobile to computer by USB and when i turn on USB storage no change will takes place


  95. Help me!!! I really like this ROM bus it not accept my simcard, i’m from VietNam.
    Plz show me how to fix it….
    Thanks !

  96. i am using samsung galaxy GTs6102 ,I did all the step u have given, But stuck on ios7 booting(long booting)…………..
    never ends booting…
    pls help ………

  97. my galaxy y5360 status bar not working after install cynocream 4.3jb

  98. hi I install it already after i turn it off or shutdown,.then i turn on i can see my batery logo only, how can i turn this on! sr. pls reply asap!!

  99. Hi! The ROM is the most stable rom that i ever installed. Great work! But the only bug is network. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is allright but mobile 3g network need fix. So I tried to install the rom on DDLK 2 base-hand as you said but it not worked. You said that if the “etc” folder is deleted and changed with that => https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1C3pmveNgtJdXlVYmt3QWxxSmM/edit 3g will work but there is problem here. The etc folder cannot be deleted its only readable. Explain yourself do you know how to delete etc folder? IF anybody know please answer. 🙂 I’ll never get back my stock ROM if the network of this ROM works. PLEASE help me to fix it! 🙂

  100. pls any boy hellp me listen i have downloded the cwm zip file and i am trying by many more time he rom but no install custom rom in my galaxy y pls who broother hellp me and give me your mobiel no plz plz help me

  101. my phone is not going back in recoverry mode after ios is installed.Pls help me!

  102. Sir I can’t install it again. it fails. I installed it once then i tried to go into my stock rom. Then I tried to install ios again but it won’t install. What should I do? It always go to bootloop phase.

  103. I can’t install my phone it shows its logo again and again..
    What to do..
    I have done all step clearly
    As you said

  104. My phone is not starting after completation my installation.
    It shows only apple logo and not starting after waiting half an hour

  105. i installed the custom ios for my gts5360. but incoming call is not showing, network not showing on start up. network is coming after turning on and off the flight mod.
    incoming call is not showing, neither ringing, but call is ringing in the other end..
    please help me…

  106. bhai i phone custm to install kr kiya pr netwok not working help me plz

  107. sir in my handset in down there is an bar if we touch some other links alway coming up it was so irritating me there is any way to remove that.

  108. I am installing this but phone is don’t on only first image is come.First image means it showing only Samsung Galaxy Y gt-s5360 in black. what whould i do.

  109. Installed the Ios7 for Samsung GT-5360, the installation was successful, but I am still getting the old menu itself. Please advise what is wrong with the installation.

    • hi pradeep,
      if possible attach the snapshot of the screen so we can help you out!

  110. hai deepak….
    tanx…it worked well…though i bricked sgy 2 times 🙂
    and again tanx 2 ur recovery method…:)
    im little annoyed with the status bar at d bottom…
    pls tell me how to remove it…
    also why does d pattern screen lock look so conjusted while unlocking??!!!!

  111. I Only Want to Know that is this Custom rom Actually an IOS or only look-a-like (Just Android OS withe iphone Theme )

  112. Is it Actually an IOS or just look-a-like. and also wana know that if this is actualy an IOS so can i install it on my Sony Arc S too or not

  113. I installed successfully but while connecting my headset the song is playing both in headset and in speaker.

    Pls can anyone give solution for my problem…

  114. dtata is not mounting its showing error mounting data tell me what to do now ?

  115. Sir I dont find the CyanogenMod#2.zip file can u please help me

  116. hello sir can u please help me sir my phone not on i am installed done my phone is not reboot can uplease help me

  117. Mobile data is not working and when i enable wifi hotspt others mobiles not getting connected to my wifi hotspot……!!
    Please give me solution…!!

  118. sir please help me my is stucked in logo showing samsung galaxy duos young
    please give me a replie for i dont have any other phone to use

  119. can we perform the same process with samsung galaxy s dous

  120. Ser my phone galaxy y is update to jellybean.can update this ios7 rom to my phone

  121. Works for me, i like even though lcd does not rotate, Very very few garbage apps, wait, Zero garbage apps; compass wow! – background apps so minimal, i like, Awesome Deepak Gupta, thank you!

  122. Bro I have undergo Odin process Bt the thing is, its showing USB not recognized n ID:Com s not changing its colour….
    Plse help me bro

  123. hi can i use the same software and steps for installing in samsung s3 i9305

  124. Dear admin.. i tried it…but in the middle my phone got turned off.. and now it not working…. please help me…
    After completing step 7.[Go to “advance” and then select “Reboot Recovery”.]..its not working further… it now dosent even turn on..

  125. There is no network.
    Cant receve any calls or messages.

  126. sir iam not able to find CyanogenMod #2 it is showing by another name ios7
    plz help me out of this and how to install CyanogenMod#2

  127. Hello Mr. Admin can I get ios custom rom for Samsung Galaxy y duos s6102??

  128. I installed successfully iOS on my Samsung gt s5360 and using it from 8months. Now I want to switch back to original Samsung gt s5360. How to do it please help.

  129. hi bro , can v instal this ios version for gts5302 samsung galaxy y dous lite




  131. sir i am install ios 7 are success full but not work google play store error

  132. I have a problem with Bluetooth .. i can dont play my music on my Bluetooth box…

  133. It’s been an hour after installing this just like you write but it’s stuck on Samsung galaxy y logo

  134. My prosess is finally complet but my son is not working please help me fast

  135. In my galaxy y there are 4 recovery options 1reboot 2update from sd card 3wipe cache partition 4wipe data…….so what i am supposed to do

  136. I want to install ios 7 on my spice stellar 449 3G phone can anyone help me

  137. I have a problem
    when I click to CyanogenMod#2.zip file link then “iso7 “is open
    What I Do

  138. Hi, i have problem while as following install step 7, after select Reboot Recovery, but my phone is reboot to first page of Recovery, it like to follow step 3.

    Can you help me?

  139. thanks admin…work fine with mine..follow all the step given

  140. OMG!!!!! what how cooooooooooool is this very very niceeeeeeeee……

  141. Hey admin yar I did the process bt when I rebooted phone only startup logo is on screen please please tell me the solution

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