5 Fastest Growing Apps Of 2013 Around The World

fastest growing apps 2013

fastest growing apps 2013

Hello guys, In this post you are gonna have some latest information regarding the Fastest Growing Apps of  2013.

1. Vine (403%) : Holding its place at #1 this year

Size : 16M

Android Version Supported : 4.0 and higher.

Description : As we all see nowadays there are many apps that provide you the interface to Chat, Call, Record audio, Videos and many more such features. But now its time to live life in motion, so here comes a trendy and a beautiful app that helps you doing that. You can create short videos to have fun around with your family and friends.


  1. You can create as much videos as you can.
  2. Everything is instant post videos instantly and share it on social media platforms.
  3. You can search, follow and interact with people you are close to.

You can download it from the Play Store : Link

2. Flickr (146%): Holding its place at #2 this year

Size : 13M

Android Version Supported : 2.3.3 and higher.

Description : Flickr is providing you with 1 Terabyte of space to upload your images and directly share it with your friends and your followers. And most importantly, there’s no issue regarding the image resolution so you are free to upload high resolution images.


  1. You will have a photo editor that will help you enhance your image.
  2. They assure you with the privacy so you need not to worry about it.
  3. Join groups, discussions and share photos.

To know more about Flickr you just need to download and install it. Download it from the Play Store : Link

3.  Instagram (130%) : Holding its place at #3 this year

Size : 16M

Android Version Supported : 2.2 and higher.

Description : An app that lets you share your moments through the medium of photos. The following app helps you make your photos more creative.


  1. Social media instant sharing on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and on Foursquare too.
  2. Upload as much photos as you can.
  3. You can interact and comment with you friends. This feature makes it interactive and eco-friendly too.

To know more features about Instagram. Download it from the Play Store here : Link

4. WhatsApp (123%) : Holding its place at #4 this year

Size : 11M

Android Version Supported : 2.1 and higher.

Description : WhatsApp is an instant messenger that helps you connect with your friends everytime. Thats an advantage to you as you are connected everytime you feel updated with your friends.


  1. No sign-ups required.
  2. Send photos, videos and share messages with your friends.
  3. And the latest feature that added the past two months was the audio chat feature.
  4. It just uses your 3G or your wifi connection to get started to chat with your friends and family and groups.
  5. You do not need to get pins or usernames to add your friends.

Download this amazing app for free at Play Store : Link

5. Facebook (115%) : Holding its place at #5 this year

Size : Varies with device

Android Version Supported : Varies with device

Description : Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. It brings all your friends and family all together.


  1. You can Share updates, upload photos.
  2. You can chat, text or discuss in groups too.
  3. Play games and use apps.
  4. Get notified when someone likes or comments on anything that you share.

Download it and have fun around with your friends : Link

I hope you all like my post. And have fun using such apps. 😀

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