13 Free Online Sync And Backup Services

free online backup sync services

I have a blog post for online sharing and storage sites and now this post is about online syncing. Some of sites let you sync your computer documents online, and you can have full online backup of your important data. Purpose of this post is to backup your important data online. Method is simple if you upload your data online form your computer that is not syncing but if this process is done by itself or automatically that is syncing.

I write mostly about free services but in this post most of services are not free but have a free option:

(1) SkyDrive
Skydrive is a service from Microsoft, you get 25GB of free space. You can sync folders. You need a Windows Live ID.

(2) Spideroak
Spideroak provides easy and secure backup and sync for your data, you can share and access it. You can configure multi programs to synchronize. You get 2GB space free, $10 for per 100 GB, upports all the operating systems.

(3) Dropbox
Dropbox also provides 2GB free space. You can use it as long as you like. You can sync any file type. It supports windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

(4) Box.net
Share and manage and access all your business content online. You can easily sync your desktop files to box. You get 1GB free space.

(5) Drivehq
drivehq provides drag and drop, encryption, sharing backup and FTP hosting services. You can do automatic backup of your files. IGB is free.

(6) Opendrive
You get 5GB space free in basic plan. You can easily synchronize your files with Opendrive.

(7) Zumodrive
You get 2GB free. You can download Zumo application for windows, after installing it; it will create a drive in your computer.

(8) Mozy
Mozy is a popular service for online automatic backup. You get 2GB free space, your data is encrypted so it is secure.

(9) Filesanywhere
You can share and access your files anytime anywhere. You get 1GB free space. There can be some limitation for free accounts.

(10) Humyo
You get 10GB free, 5GB for media files and 5GB for non media files. You can access only via web.

(11) Myotherdrive
You get 2GB space free, you can use this service for file sharing, photo sharing and data backup.

(12) Syncplicity
2GB free for two computers, this mean you can use their application for two computer with free plan. It is an automated sync and collaboration tool.

(13) Powerfolder
You can use powerfolder for sync files, share files, backup files, access files online or local. It is safe and secure. You get 1GB free.

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