How to Fix WiFi Problem in Samsung Galaxy Y

WiFi Problem  Galaxy Y FixedMostly all custom ROM Developer try their best to create new ROMs without any bugs but some minor bugs are still captured by user after installation. Some users reported that after installing Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y, the Wi-Fi stop working and they are not able to use it. And people complain  Wi-Fi not working or getting off any time and not responding.

To solve Wi-Fi problem here is an simple guide on how to fix WiFi problem in Samsung Galaxy Y. The problem is just caused by permission settings of Wifi folder and some files.

So, to fix this problem we need an file explorer, the best of them is Root Explorer. Download it here.

How to Fix WiFi Problem in Samsung Galaxy Y

1. Download and install Root Explorer.

Launch Root Explorer

2. Run the root Explorer

Navigate to system folder
3. Find and Navigate to system/

Navigate to etc folder

4. Find and Navigate to etc/

Navigate to Wifi folder

5. Find and Navigate to Wifi folder and tap on it.

Select permission

7. Select the Permission and tick the exact boxes given below in image.

Check the boxes

6. Now open Wifi folder and find wpa_supplicant.conf and tap on it

Tap on wpa_supplicant.conf file
7. Now select Permission and tick the exact boxes given in image

Check the boxes

After doing that go to wifi settings and open wifi and reboot your phone without turning off wifi. After booting complete it is done. So you have fixed your Wi-Fi problem on your Samsung Galaxy Y.


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