How to Install Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 [Updated: Stable]

Install Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy Ace

After heard about release of Android 4.3 Jelly Beans, you may wondering that soon it will officially announced for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830, but Samsung has not such ETA to update this device. So, you won’t be getting update for your mobile, so you need to install it manually. This Android 4.3 Jelly Beans has many new and upgraded features such as improved security, Bluetooth LE, improved stability, improved keyboard, supports OpenGL ES 3.0, camera focal app and many more. Here is very simple guide on how to Install Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

Disclaimer: Since this is not an officially released from Samsung, developed by CyanogenMod team, it requires root access to install. So, update process requires  rooted device.

Update[12-11-2013]: Now new version of CyanomodGen 10.2 Custom ROM Zip is available. Now you don’t need to flash Google Apps zip file. This Version is very stable and almost all bugs are fixed.


  • Rooted Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
  • Mobile must be 50% charged
  • USB Debugging must be enabled in Setting> Applications> Development and tick the “Enable USB Debugging”
  • Computer or Laptop with Internet connectivity
  • It is higly recommended to make a backup of your data such as SMS, MMS, Contacts and application.


  • Download Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update here. [Updated to New Stable Version. Now, no need to flash Google Apps package]

How to Install Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

  1. Firstly, download the update file and copy it to SD card of device, remember put it directly to root of SD Card not in any folder.
  2. Now turn off your device and go to recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume up+ home+power button until phone start in recovery mode.
  3. Now, firstly you need to  wipe out cache to avoid hang in boot animation otherwise ignore this step.  Select wipe cache partition and wipe data/factory reset and perform them. In Advanced option and clear & wipe the Dalvik cache present in your phone.
  4. Go to “Mounts and Storage“, mount the following: mount system, mount cache and mount data.
  5. Again go to Mounts and Storage-> Format System and select “Yes” on the next screen to confirm.
  6. Get back to recovery mode again and then select  install zip from sd card->choose zip from sd card and confirm the Jellybean 4.3 zip and wait for completion of installation process.
  7. After completion of process select “reboot system now” and all done.

Apps crashing Fix for Samsung Galaxy Ace

[Update: 17-11-2013] – Some users reported that, Google apps and other apps are crashing again again. If you’re facing the same problem after installing this ROM then to solve it, follow the below steps:

  • Go to settings-> Backup & reset
  • Select Factory data reset and perform it.
  • When it completes, restart your phone.

It seems to be working fine.

You have successfully installed Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830. If you have problem while following this tutorial then share with us via comments.

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      • after applying the files the phone continued to reboot after about 10 seconds
        into the system…tried several times to install but same result each time.

        • To solve this problem you have to install this rom again, start from Step 1 to 5 and when you complete all installation process, don’t go for step 6, before reboot go to Select wipe cache partition and wipe data/factory reset. After this select reboot system now. I hope this solve your problem.

  1. if i installed jelly bean 4.3 and google apps after rebooted only google play store is showing in phone.gTALK,maps,navigation ec not showing in phone.so give me solution

    • Try to install them again. But as you said Google Play store is installed, that simply means Gapps package is flashed correctly. You can try to download each of App from google play store other wise try to install them again.

  2. When i pressed reeboot the phone just stuck on Galaxy Ace the screen that you get at the beginning where it says HT s5830 what should i do?

    • Ok I tried us doing the odin thing and put 2 3 6 Gingerbread in the downoad mode shoud i try putting Jellybean back again

    • Hello there, go back to recovery mode, there perform wipe data and wipe factory and then go to advance option and then perform davlik cache wipe. Then after reboot you’re device and you’re done!

    • Hello drew, thanks you so much for letting know us about that problem. Sometime it happens that stock recovery does not offers all options to their user. To solve it, download the CWM for Galaxy Ace here, then put it on your SD card and Flash it through recovery mode. Then you’ll be at new recover mode there you’ll find “Advance options”. I hope it solve your problem.

    • Hello Atharv,
      There is no package error, i’ve already checked it and hundred of users are already using this ROM from this post. None of them has reported about this bug. You should try downloading it again and then flash it. I hope this time it works good for you. If problem exist then let us know and let see what we can do for that.

      • hi i tried again downloading and installing same error in installation package , ” zip cant be open 7 status.

        • hi exactly saw this error E: Error in /storage/sdcard0/cm-10.2-20131003-UNOFFICIAL-cooper.zip (status 7) Installation aborted”
          please i think my phone is dead.

  3. It always says “Error: Invalid OTA package Update.zip is not correct. Installation aborted.” I don’t get it. I already followed all the instructions above. Please explain and what should I do? Is this really work? Please response. 🙁

  4. Hello Admin,
    would like to ask you Can I update my S 5830i to the Jellybean version following your steps given above without any issues in device after installation?

    Thanks in advance

  5. home button not function. unable to import contact from simcard. when i click storage, it show me “unfortunately, Settings has stopped. Please fix.

      • Hello Macallister,
        I’ve updated the post with newer version of ROM which is very very stable and most of the bugs have been removed from it. Now try it and then let me know i problem exist in your phone again!

  6. Firstly, copy the two files Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update, remember put it directly to root of SD Card not in any folder.

    What are the 2 files you are talking about? Please Explain.

    • Hello Ashu, sorry after updating the post last time with new version of ROM, i forget to make changes to installation guide. I’ve updated the post. Now have it!

  7. Hi
    After flasing this ROM, I am getting frequent error message “unfortunately, goole play service has stopped”. This problem exists even when reinstalled. And also sometimes applications crashes frequently..

    • Hello Hemasunder,
      Your problem of Google Play store will be fixed using this method.To make it work perfectly, follow the given steps:

      1. – Go to settings
      2. – then look for “Apps” and select it
      3. – Now look for “Google Play store” and select it
      4. – Now select “Uninstall updates” and on next screen confirm your selection.
      • i tried to fix the problem with this method. but the error message still appear. even google maps and few apps that need location services can not working. please help me.

        • I also tried your offered solution but I’m still getting error: Unfortunately google play services has stopped. How to fix that?

          • In my phone too happen this problem, then I unistal this goole play service and the problem is gone, I don’t know if this is a better solution but works ;D

            Until the fix is a option.

          • The problem is that the applications like Foursquare won’t work without Google play services!

  8. Dear Deepak I agree with RJ phone is working absolutely fine and we thank you for that but I am little more greedy please help me to increase the internal storage of S5830 also with same ROM which i have upgraded

    • Hello Govind, thank you for your appreciation!
      To increase the internal storage of S5830, download and install these two softwares, Link2SD and NoBloat. These two apps are very powerful, Link2SD is beast of apps. Use these two apps to remove un-used apps from your device, using Link2SD settings, set all installation to External memory. It will saves you lot of internal memory.

  9. Camera won’t record video at all.. It breaks and nothing is stored in memory..

    Is there any fix for this?

    I notice as well the GPS settings have disappeared. How can I activate GPS with this ROM?

    • Well your the only one who reported this kind of problem. To solve it, try to factory reset your device. Go to settings, then look of backup and reset and then select “factory reset”. I will solve your all kinds of problems!

  10. hey ! made it working . all cool and stuff but there are couple bugs . can u fix the youtube ? i cant connect via my user ? and when i record video it just make my phone crash
    THx !

  11. All apps are installing in phone memory .. please help .. how can i install max no. of apps in memory card..??

    • Download and install Link2SD app here. It is very powerful, it will  help you set default installs to SD card not the phone memory. There are many other features you can use to reduce the phone’s memory.

  12. guys u didnt respond to my comment . the youtube isnt workin . i mean it is but u cant sign in with ur account
    and when i record with camera phone shut down .
    evrything else cool waht shud i do ?

  13. sir iam just tried to update jellybean 4.3 in my handset but my handset is switched off and its not working so please help me

  14. sir im just tried to install jelly bean 4.3 but it not installing it shows installation aborted

    • Hello prasad,
      The perfect solution to problem is that, you should flash stock ROM using Odin and then try this one!

  15. Hello guy,
    I am using S-5830M and is this rom work on 5830M?
    If not work, can you guide me where can i get stable rom for S-5830M?

  16. thanks for sharing this ROM. Have install it today and it is working fine. email app is missing in this. please share if possible.

  17. I installed 4.2 ver jelly bean on my samsung galaxy ace s5830 but i couldnt install temple run and subway surfers like 4.2 version compatible games what is the way out install such apps please reply soon

  18. Dear Deepak,

    Thanks a Ton for your continuous effort. Please guide me how to use Link2sd & Nobloat on the same rim has been upgraded from your forum.

    • Hello Tayaib,
      To solve this problem, first download and install the ROM Manager from here or you can search it under Google Play Store app in your phone. Then RUN this app and install latest recovery on your phone. After you done with install latest recovery on your phone, boot into the recovery and install this ROM using given guide. This method will definitely help you to install this ROM!

  19. Almost all apps are already fitted inside the Rom Zip file. Well, on about phone section, there you’ll see it says it is Android 4.3 but no one can predict it correctly as developer has discontinued this project!

  20. Hi Deepak, I got this rom installed in my Ace but when rebooted it stays on the screen with rotating circle with “CyanogenMod” in the middle of it, and it has not been progressing for >30 mins. Need your advice please, thanks

    • That means you’ve stuck on booting. Go to CWM mode, then perform “Wipe data/factory reset”, under “mounts and storage” format followings: format data and format cache.

  21. if we install this anroid version 4.2 jelly bean on samsung galaxy ace s 5830 then any harm done to the phone or not?

    • Now there won’t be any damage to your device. For future safety, you can first make backup of your current ROM and then install it. If anything goes wrong, then you can switch back to old ROM at any time.

  22. hey.. I installed jelly beam which you given in above details..but i want again my gingerbread update .. can you say what to do.. plz..plz…plz…
    tel me the process and i forgotten to backup my files while doing jelly beam to my galaxy ace. plz help me

    • Hello Rohit, to get back to Ginger bread OS, you can use DDLK 2 firmware present in post. See the post again to check it out!

  23. one of the best stable ROMS so far….minor crashes occur from time to time..hoping it would be fix…

    • Hello Omar, sometime it happens that .zip file does not shown up in recovery. To solve it, first make sure to store zip file to SD card directly not under any folder or directory. Secondly, try to free some spaces under your SD card. Delete un-used files to get some free space!

  24. help me please to me is just reboot system now, apply update from sdcard, wipe date / factory reset / wipe cache partition, what should I do?

  25. I have installed this ROM and its great.
    But there are no google apps except play store and I am not being able to download Google Search/Now from Play Store.
    And the ROM is denying all root access.There is no Superuser in my ROM.
    please help

  26. i did all the steps without usb debugging and while selecting “choose zip from SDcard” it replies no file found.
    what to do? reply urgently.

  27. hey friends there is some bugs….

    when I tried to on my hotspot it says error….and the WiFi is also not working perfectly..so I can’t use flash transfer..

    pls solve it..

    • Hey debajyoti, just re-flash the kerner and wifi driver file again. I works for all and will work for you too.

  28. Thanks; Installed it successfully on the Galaxy Ace GT S5380.

    How should Samsung Kies be used to import the contacts details from Contacts001.spb file in to the device now?


  29. i need help please my phone is stuck in the welcome screen i tried every thing i removed the battery and opened it still stuck need help fast

  30. Wi-Fi (most likely will be exactly the same as the Ouya , but
    with no ethernet port). Here’s the must have best Android apps for
    your Android phone. I downloaded this game because the graphics looked great and with great graphics, you often
    get great game play.

  31. Hallo! 🙂 I’ve installed everything correctly and my phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830) now is working with Jelly Bean 4.3 (Cyanogen Mod 10.3). Also, I’ve updated it by downloading Gapps-jb-20130813. The problem is that I can’t find Google play store app on my device (it is showing that it is installed in “Settings->Applications”, but I can’t find the icon to start it). The only app that is seeable, after installing Gapps is Gmail. Please help me! Thank you, in advance! 🙂

  32. dear admin.
    how i root my divice . ? is their link for roottin my galaxy ace….? plz help me

  33. Thanks a lot ; Installed it successfully on the Galaxy Ace GT S5380 . gerate

    so. how i repair the bugs in this ..? .

  34. Mobile internet doesn’t work and the file transfer(sending using bluetooth as well as the live wallpaper does not work properly

  35. Sir maine is install kr lita fir uske baad mere galaxy Ace s5830i me Temple Run 2 jaise high definition game install or chalne lagenge plz reply

  36. unable upgrade samsung ace
    error in/sd card/cm-10.2-20131003-Unofficial-cooper.zip(status 7)

    • Ketan I had the same problem.I tried to reboot it but it got stuck “SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE S5380” every time i reboot it.so i downloaded the following things :

      1) odin multi downloader from ‘https://app.box.com/shared/d5079c71c6bbc94bfd10′
      2) cwm recovery mod from “http://d-h.st/Sid”
      3) cooper v. 1.0 from”http://www.mediafire.com/download/syrscyl39i5asou/Cooper_v1.0.ops”

      Then i did the following :
      1) Switch off the mobile
      2) Press and Hold volume down key,power and home button,”downloading’ will been showing in the screen or warning will be shown, press volume up key(only if its shown warning)
      3) connect the mobile to laptop or computer via usb cable
      4)Open odin multi downloader
      5)click ops and select cooper v. 1.0
      6)tick the option one package and click one package and select cwm recovery mod
      7)When u connect the phone it will show detected and click start
      8)it will automatically reboot and don’t remove usb till the ‘PASS’ in the left upper hand corner
      9) remove it
      10)Press and hold the power and home button to enter recovery mode and install cm 10.2

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