How to install Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy Y

Android 4.3 On Samsung Galaxy Y


Finally after very long waiting, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is available for Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5630. The phone which is one of the most sold device from Samsung, popularity of device makes it perfect piece for Android Developers to show their creativity and piece of mind. We all know that Cyanogen Mod is one of best Custom ROMs available for Samsung devices and finally Cyanogen Mod(CyanoCream) based custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y is revamped to version 3 with taste of Android 4.3 and tons to improvements including superb themes, revamped UI, Holo Launcher, Android 4.3 status bar, it’s simply what you ever wanted.

The real thread over XDA Developer forum (view it here) was closed in earlier time. I don’t know why the thread was stopped. May be it is because of proper credits was not given to source ROM developers. The links to this ROM has been removed from the real thread but some how we have manage to find them and thus with perfect tutorial we presenting it to our blog readers.

Apart from powerful features and improvements, this ROM is most stable and smoothest too. I have tried tons of Custom ROM on my Galaxy Y but this ROM is definitely best I would say. From last year, I was using JellyBlast v3 ROM on my device and now this, the performance and stability is increased in all aspects and battery life too.

The  CyanoCream version 3 is the most smoothest yet powerful Rom, basically its an hybrid of JellyBlast with tons of improvements and cool new features. So using this Custom ROM we can have taste of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, so here is guide on how to install this Rom.

Screen shots

What best about this Custom ROM

  • Beat Audio Engine – Hear the most clear and loudest sound ever with CyanoCream Sound Manager.
  • Bravia Engine 3 – It let you click the best life like picture using CyanoCream Camera App.
  • Special built-in Features – Many features including complete CPU controls, chainfire 3-d, terminal emulator , Kernel Free and all apps are modified to look like Android 4.3

Features of Andorid 4.3 Jelly Bean custom ROM.

  • Sleek and Smooth CyanoCream Framework in jellybean flavour.
  • All new transition animations
  • Lovely and sleek Jelly Bean Tabbed Settings.
  • Settings with in built features like : Cpu Frequency Control,Gallery Lock,BenchMark,System app Installer, etc..
  • Cyanogenmod 10 10 File Manager.
  • Android 4.3 Status Bar With Some CyanoCream Touch Ups.
  • Stylish Android 4.3 Icons.
  • Beautiful Android 4.3 Transition Animations.
  • Android 4.3 Desk Clock and Clock Widgets.
  • CyanoCream Transparent Dialer with HD Caller screen Images support.
  • CyanoCream Transparent Ui Contacts with HD Contacts Images.
  • Android 4.3 Calender with Agenda options too.
  • Cool Transparent Android 4.3 Memo.
  • Awesome looking Android 4.3 FM Radio.
  • Fast, Simple Sleek Presenting CyanoCream Camera.
  • All Google Apps updated to Latest Version.
  • Modified Gapps to look like JellyBean Apps
  • Transparent Messaging app with multiple theme support.
  • Jelly Bean Themed Calculator, Task Manager, Google Search, GMail and Email apps.
  • All new CyanoWallpapers app with more than all new 50 wallpapers.

Tweaked and SuperCharged

  • Loopy Smoothness.
  • SysInit.
  • Journaling.
  • Journalism Off.
  • Kick Ass Kernelised
  • Dis_Norm_Sleeper.
  • V6 Super cahrger Script
  • Sqlite_Optimizer.
  • 3g Turbo Boost
  • Wifi After Burner
  • Mobile Bravia Engine 3
  • CyanoCream Sound Manager with Dobly Sound
  • 18 Local.prop Tweaks
  • 20 Build.prop Tweaks(Quick 3G, AdBlocker, Image Clarity Tweaks etc.)

Note: We have personally tried it on our devices and it worked perfectly. No bugs and issues have been found till now. It is completely safe to install it on your device. But if in any case, you’re device get damaged or bricked then we will not be responsible for that. This tutorial is only for knowledge and education purpose.

To install it properly and avoiding any bugs and issues, you must follow the exact procedure and step listed in our guide. It is highly recommended that you read all the pre-requisites listed below very carefully and make sure that your device compile with them.


This Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Custom ROM is only made for Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360 model, it meant nothing for any other device. Don’t try to install it on any other model of Galaxy Y, it could damage it to root level.

This ROM will root your phone, that means your device warranty will void. So be sure to install this ROM. You can un-root your device by install stock ROM using Odin or following the un-rooting guide.

It is recommended to backup your current ROM. If anything goes wrong, then you can easily switch back to your old ROM using this backup. To backup current ROM,  you need to enter into the recovery mode (look in installation steps) , then look for “backup & restore” option. Using these option, you can easily backup your ROM.

The installation process will erase phone’s memory completely. So, if you have any important data on phone’s memory then save it safe place and then move to further guide.

Make sure your phone have at least 50% charging, it is recommended that you charge you phone good battery level. The entire process will take some time, so your phone must be not turned off.

It helps to reduce chances to brick the device while we perform such actions on our devices.


  1. Download the Android 4.3 CyanoCream V3 custom ROM zip file here. (CyanoCream V3 JB-Edition.zip)
  2. Download the White Xp kernel Zip file here. (White1.3.3.zip)
  3. Download the Temp CWM recovery here. (TempCWM.zip)
  4. Download the Wifi drivers for White XP kernel here. (dhd1.0 White Xp.zip)

Note :- If you’ve tried this ROM with this guide and followed the exact steps, but still you’re facing problems then you must first install the Base-ROM on it and then flash this. To flash the Base ROM visit here.

How to install Android 4.3 Jelly Bean to Samsung Galaxy Y

The whole procedure is very simple to understand and apply. But still if have any problem then ask us via commenting.

  1. Firstly download all the four zip files listed in download section and put them to SD card of your device. Don’t put them under any directory or folder, just open SD card and copy them there.
  2. Now turn off the device and wait for 5-7 seconds.
  3. Now hold and press Volume UP + Home + Power button at same time until Samsung logo appears on screen. Now release the buttons and you’ll be entering to recovery mode very soon.
  4. Note: – This step is only for stock recovery users. If you’re already on CWM recovery then skip this step. From recovery mode, select “apply update from sdcard” and then “choose zip from SD card”. Find and locate TempCWM. zip file and select “Yes” on next screen to confirm your selection. Now you’ll be at new recovery mode.
  5. Now go to select “mounts and storage” and then mount the followings: mount mount system,mount data and mount cache.
  6. Now select “install zip from sd card” then “Choose zip from sdcard”. Find and locate the “White1.3.3.zip” file. On next screen select “Yes” to confirm the installation process. This is the kernel file and this is required by this ROM.
  7. Now select “install zip from sd card” then “Choose zip from sdcard”. Find and locate the “dhd1.0 White Xp.zip” file. On next screen select “Yes” to confirm the installation process.
  8. Now go to “advance” and then select “Reboot Recovery”.
  9. Now go to “mounts and storage” and “format” followings: format system, format data and format cache.
  10. Now go to select “mounts and storage” and then mount the followings: mount mount system,mount data and mount cache.
  11. Go back main menu of recovery, again, and go to Advanced-> Wipe Dalvik Cache and select Yes from the next screen to confirm it.
  12. Now its time to flash the ROM file . Select “install zip from sd card” then “Choose zip from sdcard”. Find and locate the “CyanoCream V3 JB-Edition.zip” file. On next screen select “Yes” to confirm the installation process.
  13. After it completes, from menu select “Wipe data/Factory reset”, then select “Yes” on the next screen to confirm it.
  14. Go back to main menu and select “reboot system now”. You’re don with installation process.

So you have installed Android 4.3 Jelly Bean custom ROM on your Galaxy Y. For the first time it will take several minutes, which is normal. Fill your Google Account details to get started with phone and for the high performance, follow the below final touch steps.

Troubleshoot WiFi bug

After installing the Rom if you face the WiFi problem then to solve it follow the below steps:

  1. Reboot to recovery mode, again mount data, system, and cache.
  2. Flash the “dhd1.0 White Xp.zip” file using “install zip from sd card” followed by “choose zip from sd card”.
  3. Then reboot your device.

Final Touch up for Galaxy Y Running Android 4.3

CPU settings

When you done with installing the ROM and configuring the Google Account, you’ll notice that performance is not high, it is average. To make high performance, you need to perform following configuration setting to your device.

Firstly, we will configure the CPU settings. Go to settings then on top of the screen you’ll see multiple tabs, Settings, Parts, Core and About. Select the “Core” tab and then “Performance“. Now you’ll be at Performance control, there select CPU Control then, tap on “Governor” option and select the “performance” radio button.

After it, Tap on I/O scheduler and then select “sio” radio button. Now check the Apply on button box and then tap the apply button placed at down left side. Now you’ve done with CPU setting, you’ll see a huge difference in performance just applying settings.

Now, from your menu look for the “Seeder” named app. Launch it turned it on and check all boxes listed there. From “RNG services performance profile” select “Light“.  This app will help your phone to launch, switch and run apps as quick as possible, it over all play good roll in improving phone performance.

For more Android Jelly Bean features and apps on your Galaxy Y or any other Android device visit here.

Gift for Samsung Galaxy Y users Running Android 4.3 ROM

If you like games, then I guess you also like the Subway surfers too. After installing this custom ROM, to check its gaming capability download and install Subway surfers from here. Many thanks to Xback (XDA developer), who modded and distributed this game. The game overall runs good and on any other ROM, this game runs very slow and with many lags. This simply governs how good is this ROM. I hope you like my small gift. Show your appreciation by sharing this post to your friends and family.

So, you have done with the recommended setting. If you have problem or trouble while applying this update then let us know.

Deepak Gupta

Deepak Gupta is a tech geek and founder of GamoTech, a technology blog.  Join him on →Google Plus. Sign-up for the →email newsletter and get daily updates from this blog.


    • Hello Sam,
      For Arabic Language use Set Locale and Language app. Download and install it from Google Play store here.

      • Hi. how many minutes did it usually take when it’s first time to install this ROM? thank you! <3

          • yeah the wifi doesn’t work in my installation …

          • I re-install it already and its still not working? help me pls

          • where can i find the kernel and wifi driver??

          • Hello EEVOJ, look under “Downloads” section to get kernel and wifi driver files.

          • Hello, I follow all the steps but my phone is always boot up.
            I have try to reflash white XP and dhd 1.0 but it’s dont’t work.
            Please, help me !!!

          • I agree wth ryan my wifi doesn’t work after re installing the driver

      • Hi Deepak,
        when i open play store this error will occour-the application goole services framework(process com.google.process.gapps)has stopped unexpectedly.please try again.

      • sir i want to install jelly bean 4.3 but my set is hang on half procedure …..now it stand on logo not go to start menu and also not showing the recovery menu….volume up+home+power not worked….plz help me sir

      • sir i want to install jelly bean 4.3 but my set is hang on half procedure …..now it stand on logo not go to start menu and also not showing the recovery menu….volume up+home+power not worked….plz help me sir

      • hi.thanks a lot. i follow all your steps and it was succesfull,im using this rom now and shared to my friends. but i got one question. do you know clas of clan game app? i cant play or install it even f my andriod ver. is 4.3.

    • thanks..my 1st try ..success…but the wifi doesnt work..:) but i reinstall the kernel and wifi it works..thanks a lot 🙂

  1. I really wanted to know how to install this on galaxy way so let me say thank you for sharing this. It helped me a lot and I’m going to share this to my friends as well.

    • hello, sam.

      To get ride of this error, please mount the all under the recovery and perform wipe out!

  2. After installation of all the zip files my mobile is stuck at boot up. Its not working.

    • Well that means kernels are not installed correctly, go recovery mode, perform the step no. 5 listed in installation guide. Now after that again flash the White Xp Kernel file and dhd1.0 White Xp.zip file. After it, Select “Wipe data/Factory reset” and perform it. Then restart your phone. This time you’re phone will work correctly.

  3. awesome! it works great.
    can you update galaxy y to kit-kat version also?.. 😛

  4. tmp cmw is not downloading then i download it from another site bt mount prosses is not comp.ing

    • Hello Vishal, CMW Links have been fixed. If you’re getting mounting problems, then best solution is to use Odin to flash stock ROM then install this ROM!

    • Hello Verdy, firstly try to install Kernels again, then perfrom Wipe data/Factory reset. See if this work, if not then look the post again, i’ve updated it.

  5. I know how to resoft my Samsung y.
    The problem is: this rom NOT WORK.
    I tried many times…
    Boot loops after instal….

    • Hello Laur, try it again. I’ve updated the complete post with new steps.

    • Hello Amol,
      The problem is rising due to base rom installed on your phone. You need to install kernel free base ROM. To solve this problem, you can visit here. When you done with repairing your phone, then you can install this ROM. I’ve updated the installation steps too.

  6. Hey i have a doubt…
    does it going to work for Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5360…??????
    does it make any difference with S5630
    and in screen shots the model no mentioned is 5360..

    • For sure it will work with Galaxy Y GT S5360, I will update the post with model name of Galaxy Y!


    • Hello Tim, try installing kernel and wifi drivers again using Step no. 5 to 7. Then reboot your phone and see if it works!

    • Congrats on that! But what do you mean by update!! There is not update out for this ROM because the actual developer has leaved this project!

    • This ROM is almost free of any bug and issue. I’ve tried it more than 3 times, and it found to be working perfect every time. You can try factory reset your phone or install this ROM again.

      • my wifi is not working too. we know that u have tried it.. give us solution?? Pleaseee

        • I don’t know why some people are facing wifi problem, try re-installing Wifi drivers for White XP kernel again. To make it more clear, I’ll be posting installation video very soon!

          • my wifi is also not working…..
            how to fix it…..?
            please help!!

          • Re-install the Kernel and wifi driver’s again!

  8. can i installing 4.3 jellybean apps+games on( Galaxy Y GT 5360) or impossible ,,,,,
    i wanna never see this message “error parsing the package”
    i don’t believe its 4.3 version .I’m sure it kidding

    • Hello sam,
      I want to tell you one thing more, the apps and games are built for phone are based on their hardware and OS. Galaxy Y has pretty old Cortex A5 processor and its architecture is quite old. Even if in future, Android 4.4 KitKat is out for it and then still it won’t be able to support and play many apps and game! Many thanks to developer who bring this ROM to us but for some reason he discontinued and moved away from this project, so no can predict whether it is real one or just kidding!

      • I loved your style in talking and your respect I’m girl not Buoy and I’m student . so my friend please guide me to phone that have always updating from cyanogenmod , my friend “Sally” has Cyanogenmod 10.2 and work perfectly plus she has installed all jellybean apps on galaxy S2 please advice me!. I’m puzzled i wanna have phone has always cyanogenmod to update i don’t know which choose
        1- galaxy S1
        2-Galaxy S2
        3-Galaxy S3
        i understand your explain on limitation hardware ,but at the end we can for example installing 4.2 science dictionary on galaxy S2 after updated by Cyanogenmod 10.2

        • Listed two phones, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy 3 don’t have any problem regarding with any current and future update. There is not doubt that, Galaxy S3 is best among all three. Go for Galaxy S3! You can update it to current Android 4.4 version and it will be having update it future too.

  9. i tried it .. when i reached the first mount process ..
    here’s the text
    mount data
    unmount system
    mount cache

    how do i mount system ?

    • Hello there, if system is not mounting then, under “mount and storage”, perform “format system” and then try mounting it. It will work perfectly.

      • thanks a lot .i really did it .
        now my phone looks like yours .

        is there a free internet after all of this ?

  10. my wifi is not working.. i already did resetting and reinstalling the ROM bu still my wifi is not working.. just a waste of time :((t

    • Hello Shienna,
      Everything is working almost fine, try installing kernel and Wifi drivers for White XP kernel, it will work!

      • hey when i start my phone nothing happens only that screen comes and some thing revolves around 3 and when i tilt mie phone 1/4 screen appeares

  11. Hi, caught this mistake on the title.
    actually it is Samsung Galaxy GT- S5360 not Samsung Galaxy Y GT S5630.

  12. Awesome work guys(Deepak)…it have upgraded sucessfully…thanks a lot..
    but i still cant install games(Subway Surfer…Temple Run…) 🙁

    and i too got the problm with wifi but its get solved by the solution provided by
    Deepak : try installing kernel and wifi drivers again using Step no. 5 to 7.

    • Thank you all… I’m asked the developer about this ROM (real 4.3 or kidding) ,he told me that this ROM is based on galaxy y Gingerbread and unable to install 4.3 apps+ game unfortunately ….. >:( >:(

  13. Hai, i installed cyanocream successfully, but the only problem is with the wifi. i cannot connect my phone to a wifi router, pls help

    • Now after reinstalling the kernel and drivers my wifi is working.
      Can you tell me the steps to install the ota update..pls

      • Sorry mate, but there won’t be any further update for this OS because developer has discontinued this project for some reasons!

  14. hey.. after success in installing this version i have one problem.. my wifi cant detect any available networks.. please HELP..

  15. sir i am not able to switch on my mobile
    after switching on only galaxy y appears on mobile

  16. Thank you Vicky for your appreciations. I’ll update you when there is update for your this ROM.

  17. i need a help! i have updated my phone to android 4.3 but i cant find any wifi connection! it just stuck at ‘scanning’ and is there anyways to solve it?

    • Hello Leon, if you look on to comments, you’ll see some users also face the same wifi problem which is fixed by install Wifi driver and kernel again! Try it!

    • Hello Amit, to install the wifi and kernel again, just repeat the steps 5 to 7 and then restart your phone!

  18. Hello JasonDiano, just go back to recovery mode and install Kernel and wifi-driver again!

  19. hello

    I’ve already rooted my phone, but still I’m using stock ROM & Kernel

    so is there any change in steps or I have to follow the above steps?

  20. what if i want to uninstall this rom .
    how am i going to change it back to its original version ?

  21. Sir,
    nice method to follow,but after step 8,my phone shows reboot now,what should i do now? my phone is stuck showing the logo samsung..will you please reply me qickly?

  22. Hi
    Really appreciate your quick response.I installed it perfectly and everything work fine and great, except two problems. I cannot receive calls (missed call is showing),I can’t exit the windows with OK button, instead repeatedly pressing back arrow button.Will you help me please? IT IS A REALLY WORKING ROM WITHOUT ANY BUGS! INSTALL IT

  23. Now I reset eveything and installed the original “CyanoCream V3 JB-Edition” without appying update 3.1 … and nothing: Telephone Broken!

    Also, I can`t revert to the original ROM or follow the “repair process”, because I lost all USB connectivity and cant’t copy new files (and ROMs) to the phone/SDcard.


    I got only ONE MORE TIME to the recoverymenu, reboot to “Recovery Mode” via Menu was not working. Manual boot to recoverymenu is not working anymore – just showing the black-white Samsung logo plus model number…. everything f***** up!

    MAYBE it should be mentioned, that this MOD is not working for most people and even crashing the phone, although it worked for the autor.

  24. Finally running after hours of bootlogo and restoring standard ROMs… no idea why now, sorry, can’t reproduce:
    30 sites, 20 broken downloadlinks (hotfile is shut down^^), 4 installations, f** Kies, 10 zips, rars, tars and 20 folders – pffff…

    WORKING NOW, superfast, with WiFi^^
    Thank you!

    !! I have Win8 64: Kies is not working yet (known problem), Odin does’t find the (official Samsung Driver Pck) drivers here … so I used a Win7 64 PC, everything fine there !!

  25. My mobile is struck at “Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360” logo after performing step 8..!!
    Admin Please Help…!!!
    Its terrific situation for me!!!

    • Hello Shoaib, if you look on comments you’ll see that, after install kernels and wifi drivers again, all problem get solved! So, try it!

  26. for those who had wifi problem, after you had follow complete step of installation above, please redo step 5 till 7 and just select ‘reboot system now’ instead of continuing the other steps.. it works for me.. this is the greatest custom rom for Samsung y so far.. smooth and steady.. thank to Deepak.. good job bro~!

  27. S5360_DDLK2_ODDLK1_DDLK1_wipe_by_SplitFUS2.zip
    This file is corrupt…!!

    Give me another link atleast!!

    • I’ve checked it again! It can’t be corrupt. This it the actual file I’ve updated my phone with! So try to download and install it again!

  28. Hi Deepak for my galaxy y is succes to installation n wifi can connect..
    But how to apply jelly bean logo launch in setting on android version 4.3?now is cyanocream 3 I wantedvto change it to jelly bean logo

  29. HELLO DEEPAK.. I install this rom… everything is working fine.. but i cant see new notification on my notification bar..

    • Hello Yash, it takes some time to get notification on notification bar. Just swipe down and wait for few seconds and notifications will be there!

  30. hi wify not connecting even after installing kernal n driver twice(5 to 7 steps) plz help…

  31. btw hope my wify is ok.. guyZ hw about the backup??? does it consume less battery power or more??

    • hey wy is it shows connection timeout always when i use google playstore??? whats wrong with playstore??

      • Hey Sanu, try to clear updates of Google Play Store under application management.

  32. Amazing work………!!

    only Following things are not working properly : –

    1. Swipe to close application (in task manager)
    2. Numeric keypad.

    also some apps that use to run smoothly on stock gingerbread are not working….!!!!

  33. just perfect rom…
    no bugs…
    only thing is that problem with wifi,but it can be fixed through reinstalling kernel and wifi drivers….
    thanks alot 🙂

  34. something went wrong and the phone is stuck, it does not start and i am not able to go to recovery mode anymore .. anyone knows how to at lest get it to go to recovery mode? any help very much appreciated.

    • Just simply repair your device using this guide here and then try installing this rom again!

  35. i installed it but didt work????
    and now my phone is not working ???? HELP ME,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Hello Jackson, first install DDLK2 based Rom here and then install this Rom using the guide above.

  36. Hi Deepak, This ROM is amazing . I experience a bug while closing the open apps in task manager by sliding apps.Kindly report is this a bug or installation problem.

    Seeking your response soon.

    • Hello Yogesh, As I’m not the actual developer of this Rom,he has been discontinued this project with no further support. So we cannot make changes to it.

  37. why the cyanocream logo stuck when it start up? anyone help me.. i can see the homepage. the logo block the homepage.

    • Hello Hazq, i got the same problem for the very first time, but after installing kernel file again it don’t happened again!

  38. my wifi is not working i have installed kernal and wifi drivers 2 times

    • Then first try to install DDLK2 base band firmware and then try it again. DDLK2 base band firmware link is given in post.

  39. now i finish steps and phone open but there are senses cyanocream plz help me my phone is galacsy 5360

  40. plz my phone now stop on samsung logo and didnt go to boot
    plz help me

  41. Hai deepak! I need ur help.. I have successfully installed jelly bean and it works perfect.. If i ever want to reinstall the origional which i have already backed up, what are the steps that i need follow and one more thing.. i have installed jelly bean and taken back up, how to restore the back up of jelly bean when i wiped up the phone..
    please help me…

    • one more doubt, i had rooted my device and partitioned memory card by sd2, it worked perfect on android 2.3.6 but after having installed jelly bean, memory card is not mounted in “Link2sd” and shows error message… pls fix it with ur guide..

    • Hello Chandru, if you want to install the official firmware which you have backed up, then just boot to recovery mode then look for backup and restore and then restore. Then select the backup to restore. When you wipe the phone, only user settings and apps installed by user will delete, so you don’t need to restore the Jelly Bean OS.

  42. plzz plzzzzz help me i am not able to switch on my cell only the logo appears
    but its not starting plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz help me

    • Install Kernel and wifi driver file again in CWM and it will resolve your problem.

  43. Instalei a ROM, a tela que carrega escrita CYANOCREAM não sai da tela, e quando viro o celular de lado mostra as coisa pra configurar, mas essa tela de carregamento não some.

    • Just re-install White XP 1.3 Kernel and Wifi driver file again using CWM recovery.

  44. this ROM is AWESOME BRO!!
    GREAT! 🙂
    i have problem with my wifi, but when i’am re instal the white 1.3 and re instal the white xp..
    it FIXED 🙂
    thanks for your information too 🙂

  45. Problem solved! Great ROM and very helpful tutorial. Thanks guys!

  46. for those who have problem with there Wifi, finally i found the solution try to mount the system then instal the white xp kernel then the wifi driver.good luck

  47. hey
    after following all the above mentioned steps..my phone is stuck at the booting stage..CYNOCREAM is being shown again and again..can you please help with the same.

    • If you look at other comments, you’ll see that re-install Kernel and wifi driver seems to be resolving this problem.

  48. hey there, is it possible.to use any other kernel instead of whitexp?? plz name if..

    • You can try CM 7.2 Rom kernet, if you try then let us know if it works of not!

  49. hey buddy
    nice work but on step 8 :Now go to “advance” and then select “Reboot Recovery”. after this step my phone switched off and it start itself and its stuck in samsung galaxy y gts5360 screen itself help me buddy

  50. i press volume down+power key+home key it asked adding custom rom damage ur system do u want to conti if i go for yes it will show odin mode and shows downloading if i go for no it show the start screen and hanging there am i bricked my phone
    help me

    • i also have problem like that. and i dont know what to do. 🙁

  51. hi yes the phone’s brickd…u need to download the stock rom which is nt a kernel dependent…and then flash it via odin 307 the latest….ive done that several times…and then try installing the rom again! as deepak said u need to.install kernel.first then the rom…and wipe tha data reset one aftr that…do it …it works!

  52. hi there, may i ask u something? i’ve already using custom rom Jellyblast V3 or Jellybean 4.1 and i want to use this Cyanocream rom, what i must to do? flash the Cyanocream rom or flash it via Odin first?

    • Jelly Blast V3 works on stock kernel, and this Rom works on White Xp kernel. Just install it as according to guide given above.

  53. this rom installing on galaxy y s5360. How to backup my imei number

  54. sir please give a other link. Download the cyanoCream
    V3 JB-Edition.zip link and Wi-Fi links.

    • All links are working perfectly. For our convenience we will include some mirror link very soon.

  55. hi, when I click for TempCWM.zip, google docs bieng where many files are there, which one should I donwload…

    • hello Siraj Alam, Google Docs is able to display the files stored under the Zip file. That means, google docs is showing unzipped file. To download zip file, look on top, you’ll find “File” Menu then click on that and on the below of menu list you’ll “Download” button. Just hit it to download the file.

  56. OTA Updater >>> do i have to update it? .. because it is available ..
    sorry for my english ..

    • If update is available then you can try it and let me know about your experience after it.

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    Try the following:
    Refresh page: Search for the page again by clicking the Refresh button. The timeout may have occurred due to Internet congestion.
    Check spelling: Check that you typed the Web page address correctly. The address may have been mistyped.
    Access from a link: If there is a link to the page you are looking for, try accessing the page from that link.
    If you are still not able to view the requested page, try contacting your administrator or Helpdesk.

    Technical Information (for support personnel)
    Error Code: 502 Proxy Error. The ISA Server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL). (12202)

    Error during open the link of XP kernal zip

  58. Hi, I’ve installed it and it is awesome, bt now I want to get back my samsung galaxy y ROM, but I havn’t done backup for it, is there any way to get back my old ROM?

    • For sure, look for the DDLK 2 firmware link present in above post. It is official Samsung Firmware with official OTA support.

  59. Hey i have installed this rom its working perfectly just a single issue
    that while calling after few minutes call receiver is not able to listen my voice
    please give me any suggestion otherwise i have to remove this rom….

  60. I have small problem in installation process. CyanoCream was loading and background run os 4.3.CyanoCream3 was not fully closed

  61. hi thanks for ur instructions and upload. its been succesfully installed in my phone, but the problem it is not detecting and connecting to any wifi network.. pls do reply as soon as possible

  62. Thanks guys. My phone is up and running. How can I make my Wifi MAC Address be activated or made available. I cannot connect to my wifi here at home. thanks

    • oh never mind. I got the solution from Hakimos above. mount system, install kernel xp (White1.3.3.zip) then White XP kernel here. (dhd1.0 White Xp.zip).

      Got my MAC address as well..

      BTW, can I have a clean link on how to restore to Samsung factory settings (just in case something goes wrong with this update) Thanks Pal.

  63. THERE IS A BUG!!!!
    when i try to open messaging from the status bar tile, the status bar force closes and to open it a reboot is required…
    PLz FIX IT…

  64. my phone can’t start up..hang at Samsung after installation.Pls help!!!

  65. my phone can’t start up..hang at Samsung after installation.Pls help!!!
    ……………………………GALAXY Y

  66. Help. My phone could not detect any wifi network. I had reinstalled kernel and wifi drivers, but still the problem was not solved.

    • try install white xp and wifi driver again and dont forget to mount system.

  67. Something is wrong with the Cyanogen thing… I chosed yes after that it says bad and it aborted the download.. now i am stuck in my boot logo, Please help and respond faster 🙂

    • Hello kean, go back to CWM recovery, there flash Kernel and Wifi Driver again.

  68. i update my phone to v3.5 and i installed white x again but my phone is stuck at boot logo it cant go back to recovery again. after go to reboot recovery. plz help thnx.

  69. i installed this application today. but after i installed it there is a problem in WiFi connection. it’s not identifying and WiFi connection. Please look into this issue and i hope you will come-up with a solution.


    • Thanks admin i follow the steps,, the WiFi is working now

    • I already discussed the solution and most of the people got success with it. Just install Kernel and Wifi drivers again. It will possibly solve your problem.

  70. My gets 5360 in update android jelly bean 4.1.1 successful and download temple run and subway surfer game does not install why ?

  71. is it necessary to fill the google account ? or will the ROM wont start if you diidnt fill in the google acount first? what if you dont have an internet connection will the ROM wont respond?

  72. sir, i have finished the installing.. but it didn’t work .. it is stock in SAMSUNG GALAXY Y HOME SCREEN ..

  73. sir … please help me ! when i finished the install .. its hang in samsung galaxy … please respond !!!!!

    • I had the same problem before. Just repair with BASED ROM first and try again, it’w work for me.

  74. Thans, it’s working.It’s better to repair to BASED ROM first before upgrading.
    Is there any way to get magnification gesture feature on this ROM. I need that feature so much. Thanks for your helpo 🙂

  75. Hello guys.
    I have installed the base ROM before trying any of this, then I followed the tutorial setp by step but my cellphone now is stuck at the “samsung galaxy y” screen.. I tried re-installing the kernel as stated on several comments but it still doesn’t start.
    What can be causing it?

    • Ah well I did the whole process again and it seems it worked.
      If anything happens i’ll post again, but I think it’s fine now.

  76. i’d already installed 4.3, only to fix the wifi bug but it stuck on boot now what should i do now i cant go back to CWM recovery… help me plz

    • He Jhen’z, you can try unbrick your device, link is provided in post.

      • THANK’S FOR LEARNING TO UNBRICK… but how to install again jelly bean 4.3? i’ll already tried many times but stuck only on Samsung logo and i’ll never see again the CyanoCream logo,,, i have a back up files when i restore again and checked the software at settings found White1.3.3.zip and dhd1.0 White Xp.zip kernel version was already installed… but there’s no jelly bean… can you help… ? ty.

        • ok now i see the cyanocream logo but still blocking my screen when i turned slide shown the half screenshot of jelly bean menu. whats should i do next… ty.. 🙂

          • Try to install Kernel and wifi driver again! This is what every one is doing and getting success in installing this Rom!

  77. May now what to do ..
    Go and get the software update for the Samsung CARE

  78. Hello deepak,
    it works and connected to the Withings Pulse step tracker over Bluetooth LE/Smart -> great thanks.
    Tonight it waked me up to do an update CyanoCream 3-> 3.2. There was written it will start automatically the update. But in ClockwordMod nothing happened. I choose to install from sdcard manually but the SGY shows still CyanoCream 3. (Only once there was an animated boot screen).
    What should i do?

  79. hello my phone is stuck at Samsung galaxy y boot logo for 1 hr I have reinstated kernel but it dosent start

    • not only Kernel, install WiFi driver at the end of process. Or just try install Wifi driver alone.

  80. sir i easily installed it,but during switched on my phone does not proceed,and my recovery page is also not open,please help me out

    • Hello Vikas, if you can’t boot to recover or either to home screen then, one way to get it solved, is to apply the stock firmware on it and then try it again.

      • i have done all the required steps but i can’t able to connect my phone to odin . odin doesn’t work properly.when i connect the device with odin then the light doesn’t turn blue to green. and also i installed usb driver,but it also not works..help me

        • sir i overcome all problems,but in reinstalling
          my phone doesn’t go in clockmade mode,what can i do sir…….

  81. i complete all setps bt my phone stuck on cyanocream 3 logo plzzzzzzzzz help me

    • Hello Prakash, just go back to recovery mode, then only install Wifi driver (White Xp wifi driver) then perform wipe data/ factory reset and then reboot your phone.

  82. Hiii bro !
    I download all 4 zip files in my sd card..
    and when i want to do the prepration after pressing & holding power+volume up+ home key & then applying frm sdcard my phone says E: can’t mount sdcard,
    E: there is no app such like this..

    Help me plz..

    • Its easy to solve, just go to mount and storage option under recovery mode, then perform “format system”.

  83. Please help me Mr. Deepak. I cannot receive text and calls. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!

  84. Bro My Mobile is stuck on samsung galaxy y boot logo and when i of my mobile and turning on with vol menu and suich on button the recovery mode cant opening it just showing samsung galaxy boot logo help me please i will very thankful to u

  85. Hi Sir, I wonder if this version can really works on Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 that bought from Philippines? Thank you for your answer. That would be help.

  86. Hi Sir, What will happen if I Install android gingerbread apps and games on successfully Installed Cyanocream? Thanks for answering.

  87. i have installed rom successfully but games such as temple run, are not able to install.what to do

    • Try to search Armv6 games. Galaxy Y is based on ARMV6 architecture, so search for compatible versions.

  88. Tired of bricking phones
    Crappy roms
    Loss of imei
    Better stick to 2.3.6 or get a Canvas series phone
    The developers do nothing but fool people

    • No, they actually give better way to use your phone. Just only, installing them wrongly turn your phones to crap.!

  89. Its a common sense that formatting the system is sure to erase your imei!!

    • How to mount ? Wich button press to mount ? And hw we know mount is successful ?

  90. Hi Mr.Deepak, when I tried to install the origional ROM that i have already backed up using CWM recovery before installing cyanocream 4, it is displayed that MD5 does not match. I formatted eveything and tried installing the backed up rom, I get the error msg again. I have original ROM backed up, Pls help me install the origion ROM of galaxy y that i have already backed up.

  91. This rom was last one I ever tried.
    Now I know that there is no custom rom which doesn’t corrupt your imei.
    Looks like I have to spend my whole life on gingerbread…

  92. On wifi settings its scanning but not detecting anything
    try this

    – Please boot into recovery again then mount the system partition…

    – Back into recovery again, select wipe cache & Wipe data / factory reset then Back to step 6 and 7 then reboot your phone. (Make sure to backup before you try this)

  93. my galaxy y is not starting it stucks on samsung galaxy y young when it switching on

  94. hi there…
    i just want to ask to you..
    i want to install app via play store.. but it’s not running just loading..

  95. mr. Deepak , i download all require , then after the procedures and reboot , why it is stuck in samsung galaxy y ? pls help me ..

  96. i have re-install the kernel and wifi drivers a few time but the wifi problem is not solved…Then i tried to install this ROM again but the problem still do not solved…What happen??

  97. Thank you it Works! But where i can change the language? And my Wi-Fi cant find networks. Pls Help.

  98. Dude could pls tell me how can i install the google play service in this rom. Your rom is so good just need to setup the google play service.

  99. hey bud ,after going to seeder option “ENABLE SEEDER LAG REDUCTION” it should be off or on

  100. please hepl me!! its sayin instalation aborted while installing the main custom rom .. what to do nw..???

  101. thank you works perfectly had to do the wifi bit again but other than that perfect

  102. Hi thank you for your work , worked fine , wifi is not working but i will update drivers hopefully . before i had installed iOS7 now my son wants to swap phones he does not like iOS7 my phone was unlocked with iOS7 but looking for network code , no longer unlocked 🙁 . Any advice please ? Thank you .

  103. hello sir, after reboot recovery my mobile are not open and they not work so, plz hlp me and say what are doing after that by my mobile are open and install jlly beam 4.3 in my mobile galaxy y…. plz hlp me

  104. i installed this rom.. my wifi isnt working.. i tried to install the wifi drivers again and again and again.. i did that about 9 to 10 times but still its not working.. i started the whole procedure from beginning and yet its not working.. i tried to remove this rom and flash a new one.. you know the worst part? this rom doesnt want to leave my phone.. :@ gimme a solution..

  105. I can’t connect my phone to pc for internet connection. tethering is not working

  106. Sir why does my pocket data or mobile data is not working??

    any help will much appreciate… Thanks in advance

  107. Good job deepak…
    Working fine on my galaxy y…
    tip : follow steps correctly

  108. I have an issue on available updates… I was trying to apply cyanocream 3.2 via this menu and it says: had been an error downloading or something like that! Could you somebody help me with this??

  109. i am unable update the rom everytime it is saying there was an error in downloading how to update

  110. My phone is not charging after installing this custom rom. Nothing happens when I connect the charger to the phone.

  111. hey when i start my phone nothing happens only that screen comes and some thing revolves around 3 and when i tilt mie phone 1/4 screen appeares

  112. I’m having problem right now with my phone. It never opened up. It stayed for just CYANOCREAM 🙁 What to do?

  113. Thanks a lot for this ROM info.
    Installed it successfully!
    Cheers! 🙂

  114. Hi. Update mod in samsung galaxy young not working . What i need make ?

  115. ahm.. can you please post a vid. 🙂 i tried this but i failed 5 times it always end up stucked in boot(LOL).. and the update .. always say bad .. abort installation 🙂

  116. After step 8, my phone’s stuck at logo and i had already done factory/reset in previous option, so its not going anywhere. what should i doo now?

  117. just wanted to give feed back

    phone : galaxy y s5360
    android : 2.3
    upgraded to : android 4.3 cyanocream
    location : malaysia

    review :
    successfully installed on first try.just followed the instructions carefully,and PATIENCE is the key because it may take time at boot after installation done.

    problems throughout process(solved by following instructions carefully too) :
    a bug problem about wifi not able to detect any open wifi,,,problem also leads to portable hotspot also not functioning at all…but followed the next instructions,,,everything is perfectly fine and i checked it all already

    conclusion : galaxy running android 2.3 was successfully upgraded with 100% no problems 🙂 thx gamotech!

    • Thank you rasyid for your beautiful and helpful review!! Much appreciated.

  118. admi, after the process i reboot de phone nd its suck on samsung galaxy y young, help please

  119. Thank A lot bro it’s working like a Charm……bt i need 2 know dat can we use link2sd with it…..many say dat it can break ur delta so i’m a little bit worried now lease help me……..!! Thank u once again .

    and for those who are facing Wifi Problem they should reinstall dhd1.0 White Xp driver and Wipe data reset and wipe dalvic cache….. dat’s it . it solved mine.

  120. You have done a hell of a job, man ! Thanks to you, dev team, related everyone.

    Advice to others: Just follow the steps correctly

  121. when i open play store this error will occour -the application goole services framework(process com.google.process.gapps)has stopped unexpectedly.please try again.

  122. you’ve got a.nice job here Deepak.. im interested to apply it.. my phone is not rooted does this guide is only for rooted phones? or it will root my dvice throughout the process.. im a newbie when it comes to this so pls enlghtend me. help!!

  123. i am done all things… but my mobile have screen with cyanocream ant also it blinking.
    But in landscape it will work behind that screen.. give me some solution to me

  124. I almost never create comments, however I browsed through
    some remarks here How to install Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on Samsung
    Galaxy Y. I do have 2 questions for you if it’s allright.
    Could it be simply me or does it look like like some of the comments come across like they are written by brain dead visitors?
    😛 And, if you are posting on other online sites, I’d like to keep
    up with everything fresh you have to post. Could you post a list of every one of your public sites
    like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  125. Hi Deepak. Just asking I manage to install the rom. How ever my fm radio don’t function. It seem cannot detecting my phone jack. do you have encounter this problem?

  126. it says that the cyanogen cream that i downloaded was bad, and i’m afraid of rebooting it cause it might not wake up again. what shall i do?

  127. help…..I am installed cyanocream v3 on my galaxy y s5360 first. but some reason now i install stock rom of my galaxy y which i backed up before. but no network available right now, only shows emergency call only. i do factory reset but no solve it.. how can i fix it.. help me.

  128. hello ..
    i did it to my phone .. it works perfectly ,
    but i have a question ..
    i’ve changed my wallpaper and use the creamwallpaper here in my phone , but when i open my menu my wallpaper gets black .. i saw your menu screenshots , you can see your wallpaper in menu but my phones not .. i can only see my wallpaper in lockscreen like the lockscreen screeschots here in your thread ..
    help plzzz.
    advance much appreciated 🙂

  129. hello admin.i have already try Cyanocream 4.4 but i want to fix Cut arabic.sow i tray fixet by trying arabic_script_0.907 but my device stuck on samsung galaxy young.When i search i found this rom i tryed Yesterday and find it very Clear so I decided to keep it and I hope not find any problems.;tnks admin
    but pleaz i Face the same problem with cut arabic i don’t find the link.
    and how fix receiving message When running the device
    and link to update i have MD5 error
    By the way your step is the exact steps
    and for to make wifi work,re-installing the kernel and wifi driver. 😉 😉

  130. hello admin.i have already try Cyanocream 4.4 but i want to fix Cut arabic.sow i tray fixet by trying arabic_script_0.907 but my device stuck on samsung galaxy young.When i search i found this rom i tryed Yesterday and find it very Clear so I decided to keep it and I hope not find any problems.;tnks admin
    but pleaz i Face the same problem with cut arabic i don’t find the link.
    and fix receiving message When running the device
    and link to update i have MD5 error
    By the way the your step is the exact steps
    and for to make wifi work,re-installing the kernel and wifi driver. 😉 😉

  131. Cannot update with OTA updater. It always shows an error “MD5”

  132. the rom was installed completely but it stuck on the logo. what should i do sir?

  133. hey Mr.Deepak, my data connection has been affected by this installation. but other than that it went good..

  134. proceed up to step 8. but after that recovery mode is not coming. screen is showing just the logo. how could i go further??

  135. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have
    put in writing this site. I really hope to view the same high-grade blog posts from you in the future as well.
    In truth, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my very own site now 😉

  136. i press the home button then it shows the app that is running. the problem is i want ti swipe it so that it close but it wont. so please reply ASAP

  137. sir i followed your instructions but it seems i’ve made a mistake and now i can’t even go to recovery menu…what should i do?…thnks in advance for your reply.

  138. sir I have reboot my Samsung galaxy for three time it takes 3hours BT cannot work. plz hlp

  139. itzz not get rebooted from very hours sirrrr what I hve to do reply me fast sir

  140. Dear Deepak,

    I have tried to install it in my Samsung Galaxy Y GT S6102, but, after following all the procedure my device is just showing me only “Samsung Galaxy Y GT S6102” after trying the same for several times. it is not even opening my recovery. what should I do? required a suggestion…

  141. am i able to play temple run,rail rush, on my gt s5360 after update

  142. am i avle to play temple run 2 rail rush sybway surb……after update plz reply

  143. i have installed this on my galaxy y its awesome but i a getting an md5 error while updating the rom please fix that alone and also it will b very useful if u provide links for all the apps that can be used by this rom… thank you

  144. Hi,i installed rom successfully.but the problem is google play services is not installing.I’ve tried many ways to instal it but its not installing.

  145. Installed & Its working good but play is not working..please help bro.

  146. I just reached step 7 but it says installing update… Installation aborted. what do i do next pls?thanks

  147. after flashing this rom, 3G data not working. only 2g data works . i have galaxy y phone
    all the internet setting are correct. but 3G not working

  148. 1 more prblm.. the voice note send by frnds on wtsap… not playing.. this rom doesn’t suported that kind of audio

  149. I install the rom but not working with Bluetooth and not installing candy crush and tempel run please help me

  150. After installing all file,, I m waiting still my device shows cynocream not operate.

  151. Really helpful …thanks bro for such a great tutorial …i owe you

  152. Hey cell phone gives error like status bar does not working . I am not able to see notification
    What can i do?

  153. how to downlad cyoncream v3 this link was not responding and not downloaded

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