How to reset Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020 resetNokia Lumia 1020 is another powerful smartphone in Nokia Pureview collection, it has uni-body so it is not possible to remove battery from mobile in state when it got hang or for soft reset. So, there are some other way to reset this and other uni-body Nokia phones. Nokia phone are very popular for their hanging problems and then they need to be reset to make them work properly. Here is simple guide on how to reset Nokia Lumia 1020 in easy way. You can reset it in two ways, one is soft reset and other is hard reset.

Soft reset

Soft Reset is ideal in case of hanging and freezing problems in your phone. I will wipe you all personal setting and make it default.  To perform soft reset follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold Power and Volume button (for 15 seconds) at same time until your phone vibrates 3 times.
  2. After that phone will restart and logo will appear on the screen and all done.

Hard reset

Hard reset is recommendation when your phone is on very low performance and behaving unnaturally. It is recommended to make a backup of your all data such as SMS, MMS, contacts and application data before having hard reset on Nokia Lumia 1020. To perform hard reset follow these steps:

  • Go to : Turn on your phone, go to setting>About> Reset your Phone.

This will reset your phone to default configuration and if after reset, phone operating system won’t load up the follow these steps:

  1. Switch off your phone
  2. Press Volume Down, Camera and Power buttons at same time and hold until the phone vibrates the release button.
  3. Now hold Volume Down and Camera buttons for Further five seconds.

Your Nokia Lumia 1020 is reset to default configuration.

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  1. Never really had to do all these on my iPhone!! Yeah sure, it is not perfect and there were times I would need to reset the phone by simply holding the home button and the power button, but Nokia is really dead in the water if they have to complicate stuff, and to top it all off with crummy and buggy software and apps that hang and crash and in effect, necessitating such arcane reset codes and commands!!

    But thanks for the post, any way!! But I am taking my Nokia back to the shop. I misss my iPhone. I can’t even create a playlist on this damned thing!! And who still uses the ugly headphones that came with their Nokia handsets?? I say their best bet is to manufacture low cost feature phones for the Indian market, or something. No offense.

    • You are right somewhere, Nokia to manufacture only low cost feature phones for indian market, but problem is that they cannot left midrange market, as in low cost segment, Indian market is full of other brands who offers high-end devices at very low cost, such as Mircormax, Karbonn, Spice etc., That’s way they offer mobiles in mid range and low cost.

  2. My Nokia Lumia 1020 had stopped updating apps and live tiles. After trying some other things like deleting and reinstalling the effected apss without success I did a reset. It is going on 20hrs and the reset won’t complete. Just left with gears spinning. I also tried your button combination above and the phone hasn’t reset itself. I got it plugged in and will leave it for today but as of 1PM Central it will be 24hrs. Any other things to try here?

    • Hello there, waiting for time may not be the proper solution to this error. Actually your phone has been bricked and needed expert attention. There is one proper solution is to take your mobile to nearest Nokia Care center. As it needed re-installation of Firmware. If i have another solution for you problem, then i’ll be posting soon.

      • I found this fix and did it in this sequence. I rebooted the phone by holding Volume Down + Power. Then, when it was at the Nokia screen I pressed in this sequence Volume Up, Volume Down, Power Key and then Volume Down. The Gears spun for about 5 minutes and then it rebooted to the “new phone” startup screen. The timing of the sequence of button pushes had to be just right and thus took several tries till I was successful. But it worked and I am restoring my 1020!!! Woooo!!!!!

        • Oh! that’s great. Taking some action by your own self and repair mobile by own, its an appreciable and thanks for sharing your method to us

        • do you know any reason why the phone might randomly shut itself off

          • Hello Ronald,
            Most of the lumia phone including 920, 925 and 1020 unfortunately suffers from randomly rebooting and shut off problems. Well cures are little disappointing and worked for some user and didn’t worked for some users. Here are some tips to handle that problems:

            • – Try using Back key to exit apps.
            • – Some users said, turning off auto running apps such as SkyDrive and Turning off NFC helps them a lot.
            • – Try soft reset. If it didn’t work then try hard one.
            • – Check your phone is up to date. Check it via Settings -> phone update > check for updates.
          • If these don’t works, then take your phone to nearest Nokia card center.

          • I have also suspected the Glance and DoubleTap features causing issues. I did not have the phone shutting off, though have had several screen freezes which happened going from the Glance screen. Shutting off Glance and DoubleTap eliminated the issue. If you don’t use NFC then shut it off too. Good Luck.

        • Do know any reason why the phone might randomly shut itself off.

  3. To Andy: I had the same exact problem and your solution worked for me also. Awesome! Thank you!!!!

  4. I can’t believe it, after 4 hours of “gear spinning” i called ATT, on hold, hung up, called my local Window store, they couldn’t helped, tried solution from “Addy” and wahla… within 5 minutes, my phone is resetting to manufacture… Crazy eh? Thank you very much for all the suggestions from this thread.

    This worked: From Addy “I rebooted the phone by holding Volume Down + Power. Then, when it was at the Nokia screen I pressed in this sequence Volume Up, Volume Down, Power Key and then Volume Down”

  5. Hi ,Will i loose my pictures,photos and videos when i reset my phone,the phone suddenly started malfunctioning by the camera going off repeatedly when it is on power charging

  6. Hii just need a little more info on soft reset. Will it make me sign in into every single app i ever signed up with, like emails, Facebook, whatsapp etc.

    i don’t have a huge issue but sometimes the lock screen image goes blurred, then i lock screen it goes back to the normal image of the lock screen.

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