iPhone Custom ROM for Sony Xperia LSony Xperia L comes with very good specifications, it gives high performance and ultimate graphics which playing games on it. The 4.3 inches capacitive touchscreen, 8 GB internal, 1GB RM, 8 MP camera, etc., are some other key specifications of Xperia L. As described above, the phone has really very appreciable configuration which makes it a perfect project for Android developers. Many thanks to XDA developer Xenodrome_, who bring this iPhone looking Custom ROM for Sony Xperia L.

This Custom ROM is designed to to look alike iOS, features includes iOS 7 icons, iPhone Lock Screen, Pure Home Screen, iPhone Control panel, Crystal View, Retina display for 2D games, some live wallpapers, iOS 7 styled music player, etc. For internet browsing, Safari browser has been added to it, 4G LTE+ Icons also added on notification bar. Installing this  Rom to Xperia L brings many improvements such as performance and improved batter life.

Completely, it does not look alike iOS but we can say, almost 72% it is. This ROM is not in the form of flash able zip file, instead of that it is a backup done by a developer which will be used under CWM. The ROM works best with “ThunderZap 3.0” kernel, so first we install this kernel and then install this ROM. If you’re wanting to read more about this ROM you must consider to visit the actual thread here.

Before proceeding to installation guide, make sure you read all the pre-requisites listed below,


#This custom ROM is only made for Sony Xperia L C2104 model only, so before going further, make sure to check your device model. Don’t try to install this ROM on any other device, it could lead you to some serious problems.

#Nandroid Backup – Backup your current ROM, if you didn’t like or anything went wrong after installing this ROM then you can revert back to old one. To make backup, reboot recovery mode, the look for “backup and restore” and then “backup”.

#In order to install this ROM, your phone should have CWM installed. If you haven’t installed it then you first visit here and then come back to this guide.

#If you have saved your data in internal memory of the device then make sure to place it save place before proceeding any further. The installation process will erase your all data stored under phone’s memory.

#Enable USB debugging, go to settings-> developers options-> check the USB debugging box there. Enabling USB debugging allows your phones to connect to PC as USB storage device, so you can transfers files to it.

#Make sure that your phone have at least 50% charging. The process may takes up to several minutes, your phone phone must be able to stay on until you done with all steps.

Screen Shots

Iphone ROM Xperia L Screen Shot 8Iphone ROM Xperia L Screen Shot 6

Iphone ROM Xperia L Screen Shot 2 Iphone ROM Xperia L Screen Shot 1

Iphone ROM Xperia L Screen Shot 3 Iphone ROM Xperia L Screen Shot 5

Iphone ROM Xperia L Screen Shot 7 Iphone ROM Xperia L Screen Shot 4

Note: – If in any case your phone gets damaged or bricked then we will not be responsible for that. This tutorial is only meant for education purpose.


  • Download iOS 7 Style Custom ROM here. (iOS 7 Style ROM for XL
  • Download ThunderZap 3.0 kernel zip file here. (ThunderZap_3.0.zip).

How to install iPhone Custom ROM on Sony Xperia L

  1. Firstly download iOS 7 Style Custom ROM file (iOS 7 Style ROM for XL and extract it to folder using 7Zip or Winzip extractor. After that, copy the extracted folder “iOS 7 Style ROM for XL 4.2.2” to SD card of your phone. Remember, just copy it Sd card, don’t put it under any directory.
  2. Now download the ThunderZzp 3.0 kernel zip file “ThunderZap_3.0.zip” and put it to SD card of your device.
  3. Now turn off the device and wait for 5-7 seconds.
  4. Now boot to recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume Down button until purple light glows on Sony Logo. I hope you’ve entered to CWM recovery mode.
  5. Under recovery option, select “install zip from sd card” then “Choose zip from sdcard”. Browse and locate the downloaded “ThunderZap_3.0.zip” file.
  6. Now go to “Mounts and Storage“, mount the following: mount system, mount cache and mount data.
  7. Go back main menu of recovery and then go to “Mounts and Storage“-> Format System and select “Yes” on the next screen to confirm.
  8. Nowselect “Backup and restore” then “Restore” and then select “1970-01-” backup to restore. Wait until it restore this backup.
  9. Then after, perform followings:
    1. Select “Wipe data/Factory reset”, then select “Yes” on the next screen to confirm it.
    2. Select “wipe cache partition“, then select “Yes” on next screen to confirm your selection.
    3. Go back main menu of recovery, again, and go to “Advanced“-> “Wipe Dalvik Cache” and select Yes from the next screen to confirm it.
  10. Now from main menu select “reboot system now”.

All done! You have successfully updated your phone with Custom ROM. If you any problem in install this ROM then let us know.


  1. ANdroidrocker.! Reply

    hey.can u just upload the video..here and all the other apps and games are working???..
    p.s bluetooth,wifi,other tools..?
    and the music player is of xperia or it will also change to iOS same wid albums??

    please reply eagerly waiting..!

    • Deepak Reply

      What do you mean?, try Quick boot tool to get to recovery mode if physical recovery boot method does not work.

  2. it is showing while i am restoring this that no files are found now what to do

  3. Xenodrome_ Reply

    Im the maker of THIS ROM..and why you didn’t as my permission? btw this ROM is for BOTH C2104 and C2105..and it’s quite buggy because it test version 😉 ..and please admin,,i spend my time to make this ROM,,and you should ask my permisson ..really disapointed 🙁

    • Deepak Reply

      Hello Xenodrome_, sorry if i hurt you! But if you look in to the post, I have mentioned your name with many thanks already.

      • Xenodrome_ Reply

        Hehe ,,Sorry dude.,.didn’t noticed that :/ much sorry and a big thanks to you because of this sharing 🙂

  4. my phone was originally c2104 after rooting i installed 4.1.2 of c2105 and in settings my phones model shows c2105,now will it work if install ios7

  5. Deval Chauhan Reply

    I am stuck at last point , i am not getting “1970-01-″ while restoring , i am clicking on restore button but didn’t get this folder, i have extract with 7s unarchiver and i have put it on sdcard (not under any directory). please help me

    • Hi,
      If you’re using CWM (Clockworkmod) then you need to put the 1970 file/folder in the clockwordmod folder which is present in root instead of directly putting it in root. try it. i’m sure it will work 🙂

  6. can you please tell me how to install cwm on xperia l becuase i tried to install via xparts,rom manager and many other ways none of them supported my device,i have already downloaded the ios7 rom but i cannot find cwm for xperia l please give a solution.

  7. Deval Chauhan Reply

    Hello, thanks you so much for your help, i have installed rom in my xperia l and its owesome , thanks buddy ,great work and great quick support 🙂

  8. hey i just installed it to my xperia l C1205 model no..
    but after installation the system UI was just blank Black! so there was nothing in the phone just plain black no menu nothing :/ any suggestions

  9. hi.
    after install my mobile dons not look like ios7 and home no working.

  10. Can’t partition non-vfat: auto
    can’t format unknown volume /emmc

    while installation..:(

  11. Dassassino Reply

    can u reupload the rom….bcoz this doesn’t extracts at all…checksom error while extracting(file is broken)…both from winrar and 7zip…thnx in advance

  12. After restoring the backup what is the use of wipe data/ factory reset it will delete once again.
    And it is restoring the previous ROM

  13. Bro Please make a iPhone Custom ROM for Sony Xperia E3 Dual Sim… its a request please bro…

  14. Vithal Jeeturi Reply

    Hi i want know is it stamina mode is available in this ROM and is it WiFi and Bluetooth is working or not please let me know.

  15. Anshul Dehariya Reply

    How to download thunderzap kernal 3.0 this link not working and bro plz send the video installation

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