lava isir 404Q buyers guideHello to readers, this is my first post on my Tech@Gamotech site. In this review, I’m going to give you a clear decision about newly launched Lava iris 504Q smartphone. Does it worth your money? Will it satisfy you completely or not or you should go for other smartphone?

I know you are wondering these kind of question, but after reading this post there will be no more doubt about this phone. In this review i’m not going to tell you about iris 504Q design or looks, in straight forward, i will present the truth about technology used in this phone because looks no longer matter if your phone is design to give performance and good experience. So, my whole review will be concentrate on your it’s technical part.

Lava iris 504Q: Display Screen

Firstly, main part of each smartphone is display screen, Lava iris 504Q has 5-inch HD IPS screen built with OGS Technology. Basically, OGS Technology is line edge smoothing technology which utilize micro lens array to produce better line edge performance and resolution. The screen is IPS, which is cheap as compared to AMOLED screens but offer better color production and better daylight visibility.  In terms of screen, the mobile worth your money.

Lava iris 504Q:  GPU chip

Well, it is the most important feature when it comes to gaming and graphic capability of mobile. Lava iris 504Q is loaded with PowerVR SGX554 GPU which is built to run on cortex A6 and A7 processor model. The graphic chip is good but not so good. May, some time you face the condition when you want to play particular game on your mobile but it not running or running very slow or not installing. The graphic chip is little old but enough to play most of the games. But remember don’t expect much more from this phone.

Lava iris 504Q:  Processor

Here comes the another important feature of any smartphone, Lava iris 404Q is built with ARM Cortex A7 Processor which is clocked to 1.2 Ghz speed having four cores. Well, you may be very happy to see that you are getting quad core 1.2 Ghz processor and thinking that you will be able to play any game and application, If you think so, then please stop thinking that. Don’t look what out written, look what is inside. This is cortex A7 processor which is quite old, even Samsung’s Galaxy S2 was built with Cortex A10, which was released in May 2011.

The newer games and apps are made to run on new architecture of processor like Cortex A11, A12 and other. Now latest processor is Cortex A15, you can just imagine how old Cortex A7 is. Even it is clocked at 1.2 Ghz speed in quad specifications, it won’t  be able to run very huge games. So, again i’m telling you don’t expect too much from this low priced phone.

Only in GPU and Processor, where Lava iris 504Q may seems to be less worthy but over all this is good deal. Surely, this mobile deserve to be in hands of buyers looking to have high end featured mobile in low budget. But you have to compromise with brand name and after sale service.  I hope my first post help you to decide weather buy this mobile or not.

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