Broiling Networking vendors in 2016

In ancient times, we call it that now, networking was a mere mode of communication between the devices, and the three Network structures are: LAN(Local Area Network), MAN(metropolitan Area Network) and WAN(Wide Area Network), But there’s much now in Networking now. If are interested in Networking, you also must be interested in whats latest has been going on in this sector…I, personally likes networking, it was my favorite subject during my graduation!

Here we are gonna discuss about Networking vendors who will be popular this year.

Our technology is growing around us, it’s got an edge with it, but they are being worked on. By the end of 2018, about 10% of enterprises are gonna replace their WAN routing with SD-WAN(software Defined WAN) routing. SD-WAN are particularly better in price as well as in performance,  SD-WAN works better in cloud environment, which is a trending technology and almost a requirement for many small or large enterprise.

Finally, going hand-in-hand with SDN is network function virtualization (NFV) technology, which is also growing adoption at a very rapid pace. IHS forecasts that the NFV market will climb from $2.3 billion last year to $11.6 billion by 2019.

In market, there are various leading companies like Cisco, VMware etc. who are working in this sector, however, there are also some small emerging companies, who will be in the picture for sure.

Here are few vendors, we will take a sneak peek..shall we?

Best Networking Vendors in 2016

1) Brocade

brocade (1)

Brocade is a very well-known company which was established in 1995, and it deals with various networking products like switches, routers, data centre networking market, and Ethernet fabrics. This company also has strategic relationship with industry leaders such as Dell, EMC, HP, IBM, VMware, Lenovo, HDS and Microsoft. Currently it has deployed around 450+ software engineers to focus of SDS and NFV.

“SDN is about programmability of the network and NFV is about virtualization of the Network”, says Benson Schliesser. In particular, service provider, a need for an agility and speed, specially cloud provider, to try to provision thing in minutes, and only way you can do that is through Automation, and if we you can’t provide automation, there’s gonna be some problem. With SDN, it means make it more programmable, which requires more automation.

Last fall, the company released its second generation SDN controller, which was based on the OpenDaylight open source SDN platform. In addition it unveiled two related software tools — Topology Manager and Flow Manager. In the coming year, expect the company to continue supporting open source SDN efforts.

2) Anuta Networks

anuta (1)

Anuta Networks was founded in 2010 by Industry veterans, with deep expertise in Enterprise, Data Center, Virtualization, Network and Systems Management. Anuta Networks’ partnerships with industry leaders such as Cisco Systems, F5 Networks, VMware and many others. This company helps many small, middle and large enterprises to bring agility to their network. They have been working on SDN(Software Defined Network) and Network Functions Virtualization(NFV) which is compatible with their Open source project called Openstack Networking.

 3) Big Switch Networks

big switch (1)

Their Commitment: “Delivering 21st Century SDN for the World’s Most Advanced Datacenters”

Big Switch networks have two main SDN projects: Big Monitoring Fabric, it enables scale-out fabric for enterprise-wide monitoring. Second, Big Cloud Fabric, it enables rapid innovation and ease of management, which makes it ideal for current and next generation data centers.

On January 19, 2016, Big Switch secures $ 48.5M to its total finance to bring hyperscale-inspired networking to data centers worldwide.

On January 26, 2016, Big Switch introduced community edition for its two popular projects. Redefines Data Center Networking With Freemium “Community Edition” — Free Versions of Big Monitoring Fabric and Big Cloud Fabric.

4) Cumulus

cumulus (1)

Cumulus Networks is a software company which is led by networking experts from Cisco and VMware. They consider themselves, the experts in Open Networking.  Cumulus has introduced 3 products: Cumulus Linux Network O.S, it runs on industry standard hardware networks. Cumulus Linux enables faster, easier and more affordable networks; Cumulus RMP(Ramp Management Platform), it is a network operating system solution which enable Out-of-band management switches; and Cumulus VX, which is an open source software that supports virtual appliance through which admins to test their networks.

5) Cloudgenix

cloudg (1)

According to the company, Cloudgenix Software-Defined WAN technology revolutionizes networking. Its product called ION, decreases WAN cost by almost 50% and can increases its throughput by 9%.  They are currently implementing a Hybrid WAN, and they can also improve cloud application performance.

With traditional models, it can take days or weeks to deploy and provision a new branch with connectivity, security, application QoS, and monitoring policies. CloudGenix ION automatically establishes security connectivity and provisions security, application performance and monitoring policies once the device is detected by the cloud controller and claimed by the administrator. This reduces deployment and provisioning time to minutes.

The above was just a brief information about these trending vendors. We can only wish them luck for their future ventures.

Niharika Kaul

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