How to remove Bloatware Apps from Nexus 5

Remove bloatware apps from Nexus 5Nexus 5 is booming all around world, its internal and solid build quality makes Android users to get attracted to it, and of course Google blessed it with new latest Android operating, so that’s taking it apart from rest of the latest Android device. This LG’s manufactured and blessed by Google, device has its own image in Android market. It comes with Android 4.4 KitKat and previously updated to Android 4.4.2 KitKat. The small and common problem will all Android phone is that, they come with original stock firmware which is full of unwanted, useless, and waste apps. Which in turns of memory, grabs huge amount of internal memory, and they are locked too.

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We cannot remove them manually, the same happens with the Nexus 5 too. These apps generally know as bloatware apps (Learn: how to increase internal memory using Link2SD). Now you can remove these unwanted apps from Nexus 5 with in simple way.

If you are looking to remove bloatware apps from Nexus 5 then this guide will help you. Firstly thanks to MoJo, member at XDA Developers, who made possible to remove unwanted apps from Google Nexus 5. He built and distributed a flashable script which removes 24 bloatware apps/unused apps from device in no time. Further, you can own edit this script to make a complete customized apps removal. You can visit the actual thread over XDA here for further information.

List of apps  which will be removed from Nexus 5

  1. BasicDreams
  2. Books
  3. Calculator
  4. Drive
  5. GenieWidget
  6. GoogleEars
  7. GoogleEarth
  8. GoogleHindiIME
  9. GoogleHome (I use Nova Launcher Prime)
  10. GooglePinyinIME
  11. GoogleTTS
  12. HTMLViewer
  13. iWnnIME
  14. iWnnIME_Kbd_White
  15. Keep
  16. KoreanIME
  17. LiveWallpapersPicker
  18. Magazines
  19. Music2
  20. PlayGames
  21. PlusOne
  22. Stk
  23. Street
  24. Videos

Note: –  To customize the script with own selected apps, you need to extract the script .zip file then move to /META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script make your changes, save it and pack it again using 7zip extractor.

What after using this script?

  • Once you apply this script on your device, it will remove the listed apps which will result in free space on your device. So you can easily install your needed application without caring about internal memory any more.
  • Not only it save your device’s memory, it also free some RAM too. Because these bloatware app usually runs in background and they grab some RAM space, so removing them will down the RAM usage and over all improve the device performance.
  • No LG  and Google crap – You’ll be removing all the recommended apps from LG and Google.
  • In order to install this script, your phone must be rooted. So before proceeding to installation process, go for root Nexus 5. We would like to inform you that root will void device warranty, so be sure to proceed.
  • Charge your device to good extent. 50% charging at least is highly recommended for the device. It should be able to stay on until finish with installing this script.

Download the flashable script from here (del_useless_apps_busybox.zip). After download this file, put it under your device.

How to remove Bloatware Apps from Nexus 5

  1. Installing this script is just like flashing kernel, Rom or app on Nexus 5. First download the script and put it to your phone.
  2. Now boot in to recovery mode using a Quick Boot app, this app is completely free to use and let you boot into recovery mode by just pressing a single button. So, use it to boot into recovery. The script work on both, stock and custom recovery, but we recommend to use latest custom recovery like CWM or TWRP instead of stock.
  3. Now at recovery mode, select install zip ->choose zip. Find and locate the downloaded zip file and confirm it for further flashing.
  4. After it completed, select “reboot system now” and you’re device will be rebooting.

Your phone will be booting up and take you to home screen in low time. See the changes under application, and also look under the RAM usage, it will be less then what it was before. Remember,all deleted apps will available in “data/app” folder, so you can easily get them back to working state.

So that’s all about our guide on how to remove unwanted bloatware apps from Google Nexus 5 using a cleaner script. If you have any problem or suggestion then your most welcome to make comments.

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