How to use Runkeeper Android App on PC

runkeeper on pc

Runkeeper android application is one of the most desirable applications of the runners, bikers, hikers and other athletes. It can be easily downloaded on your mobile devices and this application is mainly dependent on GPRS system. The GPRS features are already built in your Smartphone devices to keep a track record of your training route.

runkeeper android applicationRunkeeper android application history and personalization features help you to compare your daily workout routine and also share it with your friends. Runkeeper allows you to record your time, distance, pace, calories on a daily basis. Runkeeper can be used as a substitute for the personal trainer.

The application requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and many other mobile devices. It provides the record of your fitness activities in real time.

Amazing features of Android Runkeeper:

  • Runkeeper is not just a road mapping application, but also provides you detailed logs of your personal training.
  • Runkeeper help you calculate your fast and average speed rates, your pace in real time along with your average distance covered and time.
  • RunKeeper’s route tracking and history features let you compare your progress on an apple’s to apples basis, adjusting your times to distance changes automatically.
  • It helps to choose your route ad view your chosen route so that you get familiar with your route. This is particularly useful when the route is unknown.
  • You can easily measure your progress and track your running, walking, riding etc.
  • You can achieve your training goals and calculate your weight loss. You can also keep records of your cardio workouts and you can synchronize with Bluetooth devices to calculate your heart rate easily.
  • Runkeeper helps you to display a map of your route and you can connect with your music player to enjoy your ride.
  • You can highlight weight loss plans and synchronize with other fitness applications.
  • You can easily share your workout experience with your friends, family, etc on social media. This helps to motivate your fellows to work out better than you. You can also get audio updates during your training.

Runkeeper android application is a great way to maintain a track record of all your workouts. It is easy to download and use and facilitate you in a number of training situations. You can also benefit from it while tracking in the wilderness or marathon training in unknown territories.

The Runkeeper android application requires a clear sky to work properly as it based on GPRS devices. So, there are no chances that your application will function properly when you are in thick forests or the sky is covered with cloud sheet.

How to use Runkeeper on PC

If you want to use the Runkeeper on your PC, you will need to download and install the Android emulator on your PC.

  • Download any of Android emulator listed →here.
  • Once you downloaded it, you need to install it.
  • Then after installation on your PC, run that emulator
  • In the search menu emulator, trying to enter Runkeeper .
  • Next, click on the set button.

That’s all.

Of course, you can’t use the search engine in the emulator, and download the AKP. file from the Internet and to open it. If you have already installed BlueStacks or other Android emuator, the file will be opened automatically in the emulator.

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