With the growing popularity of the iPhone, iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus has a growing number of fans, it has become increasingly important tool for iPhone. As for me, we should have some professional iPhone tool to help us deal data. If we would like to copy music from iPhone to computer, we can use these iPhone tool move iPhone music to pc directly. It is very convenient to export data from iPhone. What’s more, you can copy songs between iPhone and pc easily and quickly. It can help you save a lot of time.

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MobiKin Assistant for iOS is a professional iPhone tool to transfer data from iPhone to computer, including music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks, books, ringtones, playlists, voice memos, camera roll, etc. You can backup and sync them from iPhone to pc easily. Besides, it can support many iOS devices, like the newest iPhone 6 Plus/6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPad 4/3/2, iPad air, iPad mini, iPod, iTouch, etc. Just via a click. Follow these steps to save music from iPhone to computer.

Step 1: Connect iPhone with computer and run the program

First, you need download iTunes to your computer, and connect iPhone to computer through USB data cable. Then install and run the program on PC. The program will automatically detect your iPhone device. And scan your iPhone data, Wait a moment.


Step 2: Preview and choose music of you need

You can preview your iPhone data, like music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks, books, ringtones, playlists, voice memos, etc. Click “Music” to view your iPhone music. You can preview genres, artists, albums. Select them. If you would like to export all music, click “File” à “Export All Music”.

iphone music

Step 3: Export music from iPhone to computer

Click “Export” button to export and save music from iPhone to computer. Choose a patch, you can save music to your computer desktop.

Wait a while, all is finished!

It always been hard to find all-in-one music software which allows you to create new and fresh music from scratch. Mostly, we all suffers from save condition of complaining about music apps which offers many features but your preferred ones are missing. To make it easier for you, we’ve came with a list of some best software’s to create fresh and new music with ease and if you’re very professional then these are ideal for you.

FL Studio
FL Studio

#1 FL Studio 

After 14 years of hard work and continuous improvements, the Image-Line Software developer has created FL Studio, it offers almost all features to create music. You can do tons of music related jobs like mixing, recording, composing, music editing and mastering. It create the best environment for music creation jobs. You can use keyboard, keys to make adjustments, it overall make it easy to use. The software is also available for Android and iOS operating system.

For more information visit here.

Logic Studio
Logic Studio

#2 Logic Studio

Looking for advance tool to handle your music job then Logic Pro is an ideal choice for you. Whether you’re simple or advance user, the easy to use interface let your complete your job in less time. The user interface is designed to both, newbie and advance users. Tools are very popular in terms of their usability and productivity. Combined with many visuals tools instead of only editing the sound. That means you have complete set of music tools which are fun to use them.

For more information visit here.


#3 Cubase

Simply its a bundle of bunch of music related tools to enhance the productivity and suits to almost every task related to music creation. Power full features such as MixConsole, complete drag and drop support, channel zones, Integrated Control Room, Noise Gate, 3 top-end compressor models, tape & tube saturation, 4-band StudioEQ etc., The processing power and capacity of each included tools is far beyond the advance users level, its a little complex but it makes simple to create high quality music.

For more information visit here.

Hydrogen Music
Hydrogen Music

#4 Hydrogen

Its an very advance drum machine which aim to provide you the best environment to create professional and intuitive music pattern based drum rhythms. Using it you can easily create pattern based drumming beats with tweaks, so they can be fit to your other music perfectly.

This programming based creation, make the whole process very intuitive, so using it is like having job done with some fun. This is an open source project, so if you’re developer the you might just improved to better version. It is completely free to download and use. Just visit the vendor site and download it then install to start the fun.

For more information visit here.

TuxGuitar Music

#5 TaxGuitar

Another open source project to amazing and clear guitar sounds. Use it easily create music using features Tablature editor, score viewer, multitrack display, various effects, tempo management and many more.

You can connect and record your guitar music and further customize to particular level. Very easy to use interface let you complete the job in lesser time and its completely free to download and use. It is one of most easy to use guitar program. It offer track and multi-track editor to start editing, to preview the music there is a professional yes simple player.

For more information visit here.

Mixxx Music Software
Mixxx Music

#6 Mixxx

Last but definitely not the least. The design and user interface looks little confiscating for the first time but after some time you will get used to of that. The software is perfect for multiple music mixing jobs, you’re wannabe be DJ in your group then you going to love this app very much. Its going to make your sound mixing job very easier then ever before.

For more information visit here.

Here are list ends. If you have some suggestion to improve our list then let us know via your comments. Enjoy the list.