We are back with new post on one of trendy keyword now a days, which is movie streaming sites. As, watching movies is one of most common hobbies of almost every 3rd youth of universe. So guys, in this post we will be discussing 10 best sites to watch free movies online without downloading. So guys, let’s move on to some details before discussing sites to watch free movies online.

The work and the work makes you feel tired. The mind will not be in a free-state and this will result in the stress. But you need the cash, the actual scenario push you to work more. So that you gain more. But in most extreme cases the mind needs to have some break and relaxation time. The major and most efficient way to be in a cool state is only done by hearing some energetic music on those days. I know you guys are eagerly waiting for free movie websites to watch movies online free without downloading anything.

Apart from the music, in these days people directly prefer Movies to make their busy and unsteady career into a magical wind. The most reliable way to watch the movie may be of several types. The readymade and new trending movies can be watched via online using the free movie streaming sites. Recently, we have also shared top torrent sites.

The movie streaming sites can simply make the life to be smoother and entertainable one in everyone life on the go. If you are an internet surfer and an internet lover, I strongly recommend you to watch hassle free movies in the free time to enhance the way of life in every case.
The popular website named NetFlix is being a top movie streaming website in this era is actually need to pay for the subscription to view the resources exclusively. The free and fast movie streaming websites also exist, but choosing the right one is still a tough game in this part.

The notable problems while watching the movie online are as follows.

  • Low-quality movies
  • Full of advertisements
  • Distraction pop-up advts.
  • Huge data bandwidth deduction
  • Non-updated movie list
  • Poor design and User Interface.

We proudly presents you the best out of best in watching the movies online. So, we are disclosing some of best sites to watch free movies online without downloading.

The shortlist will be elaborated in brief to show you the review and functional actions in the best free movie streaming sites that we have grouped for your convenience.

  • VkFlix
  • JustMoviez
  • Vumoo
  • LosMovies
  • My Download Tube
  • Put Locker
  • Free Movies Linker
  • Crackle
  • MoviesWatcher
  • Movie Tube Online

The brief friendly review and the special functions in each of the site will be showcased exclusively for the blog subscribers.

10 Best sites to watch free movies online without downloading:

1. VkFlix

VkFlix is one of the favourite free movie streaming website that was listed in the top 5 section of RsTricks provides you various entertainment on the go. It shows original movies in a far genuine way and creates some uniqueness in front of its competitor.

The handy application is also officially available for every Android and I-Phone users via their market store for free. This keeps the users to watch the hassle free movies in every situation. The main benefit in this website is that it never shows any Pop-Up advertisements while streaming the movies. Also, the users can easily watch the movies without any registration process.

The English subtitles make the non-English native person grasp the movie theme without any problem and it keeps the users to learn the languages via the entertaining process. The VkFlix website fully supports the flash player functions easily. The site is fully designed well and the user-friendly support adds meaning to the appealing web pages.

2. JustMoviez

JustMoviez ranked as the second most recommended and trustable free movie streaming website in this blog post via the Gamotech.com!

This website is totally a stress-free website to enjoy watching the movies with a list of the various host of top movies every time. It doesn’t promote any Pop-Up advertisements and irrelevant advertisements. The category and the list is updated regularly and are grouped in a minimalist way.

The regional movies also available in this website and the scenes behind the screen is also telecasted in JustMoviez website. The trailers and the teasers are always an art piece in this website. The most notable interviews and events can be watched in during the free hour during your work hour.


Vumoo is the most searched by the movie lovers on the internet and it is also called as a “poor man’s NetFlix”. The people with no mind to spend money for watching the HD movies would prefer Vumoo and so the top rated NetFlix is more often compared with this site. The design actually grabs the audience and the UI is excellent with a pretty score.

The quality of the pictures adds some more attractive features in the streaming arena and it doesn’t Pop-Up the advertisements during the engagement of the user in the website. The advertisements are rare in this site that makes the audience smile with care. The Vumoo actually rocks with the great rank.

4. LosMovies

LosMovies is not the cheap rated website as you may think it is mentioned at the last in this blog post. The actual mark and rank for this website is given under the Top 3 section, but for the user’s readability condition the websites are sequenced in the increasing order. All the websites mentioned in RsTricks is worth checking and you may feel the exact status while viewing the websites at any time.

LosMovies offers plenty of HD movies to the users and also provides a good quality picture in every movie. All the premium movies are showcased mostly in LosMovies. It really suits every country people as it is more user-friendly and contains most of the regional movies as well. You don’t need to worry about login into the account, the users may use it without any registration process.

The official application for this movie streaming site is exclusively available for the Android, I-Phone, and Windows mobile users.

5. My Download Tube

My Download Tube is one of best site to watch free movies online without downloading. On this site, you will find new collection of movies daily. This site provides high quality movies streaming link on which you can watch HD movies online for free. You can check out featured movies, recently added movies and most popular movies on Homepage of My Download Tube. Recently, this site has added some popular games on this site as well.

Design of My Download Tube is pretty good as well which you will love for sure. I am damn sure that you will love this online movie streaming site. I personally check my favourite movies on this site before going to any other site to watch movies online.

6. Put Locker

Put Locker is new site to watch movies online free. It is one of free movie website of which I was not aware of this movie streaming site but thanks to one of my reader who had mailed me to make me aware of this free movie streaming site. I am damn sure that you will love this movie streaming site after visiting it once. On Homepage of Put Locker, you will find a search bar. From this search bar, you can search for your favourite movies which you want to watch for free.

You can also find some of best movies to watch from navigation bar. From menu bar, you can check out Featured movies, New movies, TV Shows, Genres, Years and A-Z list. I have used this movie streaming site two-three times only, but I fall in love with this movie streaming site totally.

7. Free Movie Linker

Free Movie Linker is one of best site to watch free movies online without downloading. On this site, you can watch free cinema movies online. On homepage of this site, you can check out some of new movies with their album art. You can sort your favourite movies on the basis of years filters like 2015, 2014, 2013. Moreover, you can find your favourite movies to watch from search option.

It is very easy to watch movies on this movie streaming site. Just click on album art image of any movie which you want to watch and Click on Play button on video popup on the screen. (Don’t click on Play full movie).

8. Crackle

Crackle is best movie streaming site with Eye loving UI. On Crackle, you watch free movies, TV shows and original online series. To watch movies online on this site, simply click on register link. Now, Complete signup process by either your email activation or by Facebook login process. (I had personally used Facebook login though to speed up whole process). Once, you have successfully completed registration on Crackle, simply watch any movie online which you want to watch without any limitation. So, you can enjoy free movies online without downloading now on Crackle.

9. MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher is one of free movie website to watch free full length movies online without downloading. It is best movie site to watch free movies online for free. On this free movie site, you can find your favourite movies on the basis of Genres. Moreover, this free movie website also provides streaming of TV shows. Moreover, design of this movie streaming site is pretty modern and cool which is eye candy.

According to me, it is best movie site to watch free new movies online with few ads. I have tried this movie streaming site and movie watching experience was quite smooth and good without any kind of lag.

10. Movie Tube Online

It is another free movie website to watch free movies online. You can check multiple sections of this site like Cinema movies, A-Z movies, New Movies, TV series or you can sort free movies from their year of release as well. So guys, it is last free movie website of this list on which you can watch free movies without downloading anything.

Thus, the best and pretty free movie streaming sites are discussed and exposed in this blog post with confidence via GamoTech.com!