Top 5 Photo Editing Websites – Crop, Compress and do more!


Whether you are ordinary user or a web developer, many times we need some tools to modify, and edit our photographs for particular use. Photo editing is not a rocket science, but it becomes easy only when editing tools are easy to use. The best picture editing software like Adobe Photo Shop, GIMP, etc., are most powerful they aren’t easy to operate. Simple guy like me, can not use it edit my photos. So to make it simple, yet fast and completely free photo editing, we have prepared a list of sites which offer good tools to edit picturesin no time.

If you’re website developers, then you already know how image optimization plays very important role in making good and fast loading website. The photo editing websites listed here offers many advance options such as, cropping, picture re-size, image compression (most important for web developers), add texts, art pictures and much more. We hope that you’ll enjoy our list best photo editing websites.

1. Picresize.com – Best for Compress & Re-size images

List of best Photo Editing Websites

Pic Resize

This site is best for compressing and re-sizing the images to reduce to storage size. If research well, probably will find many sotwares which offers loss less compression or simply high compression but all you get is nothing what they promised. Thanks to this site, it is better than those software, they do not offer loss less compression but offer high compression. We highly recommend this site who want to shrink pictures very quickly.

2. PicMonkey.com – Create New Pictures with Tons of Addons or simply Edit



The PicMonkey site offer hundreds of options to create or edit pictures. Use this website to give awesome touch to pictures. The user interface very easy to use, in just few clicks you can edit pictures, choose and apply from tons of image effects, set a unique and good looking frame to your pictures, add text with custom text fonts, set different textures and much more. The only problem with PicMonkey is that, few tools have been marked as Royal, which can only be used by upgrading to paid member ship.

3. Pixlr.com/editor – Advance Photo Editing Tool

pixlr editor


Have you ever used a Adobe Photoshop? If answer is yes, then definitely you will this photo editing tool. It looks very similar to Adobe Photoshop 7.0, it offers very advance features to edit photos. Wand tool, Lasso tool, Pencil, Brush, Dodge tools, colorpicker tool, layer support, many filters and much more. It can be think of as a substitute of Photoshop. Some times it is not possible access advance photo editor like Photoshop, at that time you can use Pixlr editor. You can access it from anywhere and on almost any device.

4. PhotoFunia.com –  Funny, cool, and impress your friends



Do you like converting your simple captured images to portfolios and some impressive one? If you do, then probably already know about PhotoFunia. You can easily turn simple images to very special ones, beautiful collages and portrait. Place your self in cover of magazines, huge buildings, advertising billboards of Times Square, in sky, under the deep water, museum and much more. Best for creating images for Facebook profiles, covers, Google Plus and much more. Start impressing your friends and grab all the intention.

5. Pizap.com – Create Collages, Twitter header and Facebook Timeline Cover



Pizap is another great website which offers many photo editing tools. The site is good for creating pictures collages very easily, also you can easily create Facebook Timeline covers and Twitter header covers. Choose from pre loaded collages shapes, just upload your images, apply the effects, text and download it. It saves you lot of time, the site fits best on tablets, desktops and laptops.

All the above listed websites are completely free to use and also none of them put any kind of their water mark. So, no one can know how did you edited your photo so beautifully. I hope you guys like our list of best photo editing websites for ordinary and advance usage.

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