3 Best Android Timer Apps with Beautiful Custom UI

There is really nothing wrong with using the stock timer app on your Android devices but if you use it quite frequently, your eyes without a doubt will get hurt for the dullness of the timer interface. Luckily, there are quite a few third-party apps that can replace the functionality of your stock Android timer.

Unlike the default app, these apps stand out for their sleek presentation. If youve been on the look for such apps, the following are the best, in our opinion.

Top 3 Android Timer Apps

1. Ovo Timer

Scoring a sky-high 4.7 rating at the Play Store, you can bet that there must be something enchanting behind this simple yet functional app. Despite the impishly brief description of the app, there seem to be abundant praises toward the Ovo Timer. It does not essentially do anything other than timing, but the beautiful UI stands out from the competitors.

It is super easy to use, displays gigantic ticking numbers on your screen, and the best part is that it supports voice commands even for specific minutes and seconds.

OVO timer for android Granted, this Android timer app can be your best companion while in the kitchen and need a practical, responsive time reminder. If you want to go manual, you do not have to type in the numbers either: simply draw an arc around the circular area with red-white band on it, and when you put your fingers off the screen the timer will start according to the time you have set.

Other basic settings are sound choices, vibration, length of sound (it can also be set to turn off only after you dismiss it) and a switch to turn the screen alive or not.

Great reviews are constantly coming also because of the fast responds from the developer team, once there are any bug/crash report posted. If there is a drawback, it must be that the maximum time is 60 minutes countdown.

Of course, having more than 60 minutes will completely shift the way it looks, but looking at quite numerous request on this expansion, there is a big chance that the dev will push such a feature on the next update.

2. StopWatch & Timer

StopWatch & Timer leaves you with nothing to ask, because it lives up to what it is called – besides a timer functionality, you will be able to use it as a stopwatch without switching into another app. Established since 2009, the timer app brings clean, straightforward layout either in its timer or stopwatch mode. Displaying numbers in an obviously notable size, it is definitely helpful and practical, and it also supports landscape mode.

Another good thing about this Android timer is that the elapsed time can be shown on your notification bar, so do not bother opening the app while your time is not up yet. If you often set several regular timers, the app can also remember up to 3 previous settings that can be re-used anytime. Customization? You can change fonts and background color to adjust your mood. Those are quite all that you can find in the free version, but you can get an extensive additional features in the Pro version for $1.05, including up to 99 hours timer and create group timers.

If you want something more functional than just a timer, a stopwatch-like ability might be the additional feature you wish for. And with a clean, intuitive design it delivers, you will hardly be disappointed with this multi-functional app.

3. Countdown Timer

Again, another Android timer app that literally does what the name suggests, Countdown Timer nails merely everything about setting a countdown time. Although it has warned that it is not designed for counting down a specific date (not a solution for a New Year countdown), it performs other features well. Countdown Timer also has a specific 21 widget, too, which is updated every second and displays progress bar (only when the screen is on to save your battery).

It stores previous settings in the history, provides early warning just before the actual alarm rings, helps you to set times with a tactile, jackpot-like wheel roll animation, and provides flexible snooze settings. While what mentioned here are not all its features, Countdown Timer promises users with ergonomic, user-friendly (even it suits for “5-120 ages”, as it describes) interface that keeps everything simple. The cheerful developer is willing to provide this app for free, so try it and see whether it suits your needs or not.

Most of the apps above are available for free but to get some really unnecessary extras, you have to upgrade to the pro version. Again, you really don’t have to install any of these but if you start to feel that the dull stock Android timer hurt your eyes, they can provide you with ease.

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