emmc pro chipMobile technology is merging with light speed, to be on top you must adapt or develop circuit chips which runs faster than before, small in size and should need less capital. Samsung is on the way, after successfully starting production of high speed and high capacity 3GB RAM for smartphone, now they are started to manufacture the world fastest memory chips.

These chips will be built inside the upcoming smartphones and will be used as internal memory. The new eMMC PRO  memory chips are built and based on 64GB 10nm class NAND flash technology. These memory chips will the first one to support eMMC 5.0 standard, which means these chip are able to transfer data at the rate of 400MB/s. Entirely, it will super boost the speed of smartphone and take mobile technology at next level.

Samsung used to blow their buyers minds, after Producing Exynos 5 octa processor ann 3GB high capacity RAM, they finally, came to the memory section. Sequentially, they are building a extremely fast computer inside our smartphone. May upcoming mobile from Samsung may have all these features and will standout them from reset.

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