Xiaomi Mi Flash Unlock Tool Bootloader Unlock [The Definite Guide]

Xiaomi Mi Flash Unlock Tool Bootloader Unlock Guide

This is Easy guide to unlock Bootloader of any XIAOMI Phone. Which has the locked BootLoader. In past of time, Xiaomi has grown its smartphone business so much and becoming Popular Brand in Market. So Xiaomi has started locking of Bootloader in Phones to make more secure system.

The reason why Xiaomi started locking Bootloader? After phones lost or stolen the person who gets it may easily flash ROM and makes it almost impossible to users get their phones back, That’s why Xiaomi locked their phone’s BL to secure data and safety of the user.

But sometimes we need to unlock Bootloader of the device for various reasons like. Root, Flash ROM, Flash custom Recovery and many more. So next we discuss bootloader unlock procedure step by step:

Part 1:  Apply For Unlock

  1. Apply For Unlock Here http://en.miui.com/unlock/
  2. Click Unlock Now and you will see login page in the Chinese language don’t panic, you can change the language into English from the bottom. You Have to log in to this page using your Mi account if you don’t have one you have to create it.
  3. Once you have logged in you will see Unlock Application Permissions page like this, fill all the information required
  4. After Submit OTP click next
  5. Now you have successfully applied for bootloader unlock it takes up to 10 days for approval.

After 10 days or earlier, you’ll get a confirmation message about your application, sometimes SMS doesn’t arrive so you have to keep checking application status HERE, log in with your account and if you see download MiFlash Unlock Tool button it means your application has been approved.

Your application may approve before 10 days but don’t unlock your device before 10 days you may stuck at 50% it’s my personal experience I got permission before 10 days but got stuck at 50%, so I waited and 11th day i tried and unlocked my device without any problem.

Part 2: Unlock Xiaomi Device

Note: This method works on all Xiaomi ROMs China or Global you don’t need to change the ROM to developer ROM or Chinese ROM e.t.c. just wait 10 days even your application is approved already.


  • Mi Account with approved unlock permission
  • Windows Laptop/Desktop
  • Download MiFlash Unlock Tool HERE
  • Backup your data

Now follow next steps to unlock BootLoader on MI phones

  1. Turn on the device.
  2. Login same Mi account which has unlock permission on the device
  3. Turn On USB Debugging in Developer Options
  4. Turn On OEM Unlocking in Developer Options
  5. In Mi Unlock Status add Mi account sometimes it show error you may skip it (optional)
  6. Put your device in Fastboot Mode by pressing Power and Volume Down keys at the same time
    On Laptop/Desktop. Note: If you have Windows 10 installed then please Disable Driver Signature verification before you proceed further.
  7. Open MiFlash Unlock Tool and click Agree when asked
  8. Login same Mi Account you have Unlock permission and added to the device
  9. After login it will check for Unlock permission on an account and ask for Connect Phone, Now Connect your phone.
  10. When your phone is connected, Unlock Button will be activated and then click on it, Unlock process will be started it may take some seconds to complete
  11. After Unlocked Successfully Message Click Reboot Phone and Enjoy Unlocked Bootloader on your Xiaomi Device, You are now free to Root, Flash custom recovery, Flash Custom ROMs E.T.C, You can check on device Under Developer Options > Mi Unlock Status it will say Unlocked

Please Note:

One Mi account could only unlock one device within 30 days.

Your Device warranty may be void or nulled as said on Agree page in MiFlash Unlock Tool

Xiaomi Devices Which have locked BootLoader?

Devices Released After Redmi Note 3 including Redmi Note 3, Mi Max, Mi 5, Redmi Note 4, Redmi 3s, Redmi 3s+, Redmi 3s Pro,

Enjoy Unlocking Bootloader and tell us your experience in Comments and if you have any problem in unlocking comment here or contact us, We will happy to help you.

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