XOLO Q600 Review – Kick or Pick

XOLO Q600 Review Now quad cores smartphones are becoming available in very low price range, so anyone can enjoy the processing speed and high performance of high-end devices at very less expense. Its again from XOLO, after successful marketing of XOLO Q700 and XOLO Q800, they have launched another quad core smartphone at lower price then it preceding, it is available at Rs. 8,000 or less.

Recently we reviewed the giant smartphone, XOLO Q1000S which is definitely not a good deal but that was due to little high price and specification. But this handset is launched at very low price tag with quad core processor as main feature, from out of box it seems to be very good deal but in this review, we will discuss about inner strength of mobile, like processing power, gaming and graphic capability, question such as Is this phone is good? It worth your money? Good for Gaming? and more will cleared in this review.

Display Screen

Well it is one of most important part of any smartphone, if screen is dull or having very low pixel density then phone will avoided by users even it offer high-end features. Now about XOLO Q600, it comes with 4.5 inch capacitive touchscreen display with 854 x 480 resolution, well screen is non IPS TFT display, this is the major concern, the colors on this one look washed out and contrast is little disappointing.

Currently, all coming phones do offer IPS screen and even some of them offer IPS with OGS Technology screen at low price. Other side, previous XOLO Q700 phone offers QHD Touchscreen display which is far better then XOLO Q600’s non IPS TFT display screen. So, in terms of display screen, it seems to be down and less worthy. Even mu dual core Karbonn A9+ do offer IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, crystal clear and much bright screen.

Gaming and Graphic Performance

Now about graphic capability of this handset, it comes with PowerVR SGX544 graphic chip, well same chip is featured on XOLO Q700 and XOLO Q800. Graphic chip is first one in line up of PowerVRSGX series and offer good and comprehensive visuals and graphic details. Not so good for gaming but enough to play many games such as Asphalt 7, Subway Surfer and many more.

Well definitely its not a gaming mobile, even having quad cores won’t make it good gaming console. There are many factors contribute to gaming capability, as it comes with 512MB RAM, may you face some times crashes while playing games and running applications. The graphic chip can be better, as Karbonn A9+ (Rs 6,500) do offer PowerVR SGX554, which is good as Adreno 205.

So over all we expect for more, as it comes in low price, so in terms of graphic and gaming capability this phone is satisfying.

Processor Performance

Now about title tag feature of this handset, it comes with Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 fixed with MTK 6589 chipset. Nothing new about the processor, it is same as featured on other two XOLO Q700 and XOLO Q800, high performance and power efficient too. One in this price tag we can’t expect for more, the only con about this processor is its architecture, will it Cortex A7, currently A15  is being featured in handset such as Samsung Galaxy S4, but these handset are of very high price.

So, you may face in-compatibility with some games, as these game are made to work with newer architectures like A9, A10 and so on. Yesterday, I little shocked after looking specification of Micromax A89, it comes with dual core Cortex A9 processor but downside is GPU chip. Over all processor performance of XOLO Q600 is good and satisfactory. But preceding models, Q700 and Q800 are fixed with 1GB RAM, which increase there performance in term of processing power.

Conclusion: Kick or Pick

So, in this section we will end up with final verdict, from outside it looks like good deal but in real, it is not fully worthy deal. So our recommendation is Kick this deal. Reasons to kick it are, really screen is very disappointing, even 512 MB RAM is enough but you will face crashes while running games and apps, also I want to mention on thing also, it comes in completely plastic body which shows it low build quality and feels very cheap.

If you’re looking for all rounder in low budget, then our recommendation is to buy XOLO Q700, good for gaming and all other workers and it is available at Rs 8,500. If you have any other concern about this phone further, then ask us via our comment section.

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